I’m telling you, because I myself already feel a little bit different. This was not capitalism that made you animals. Capitalism was just a form which had been accepted by the animals. When Vladimir Lenin introduced communism, American theorists have found that it’s all for a short period of time and that it would soon collapse. They were right, everything collapsed, because communism could not be for the animals. Lenin had built it on the basis of fear. In communist meetings analyzed the behavior of members of the party. Rejected faith in God. Thus, only decided what you know about your companions from the party. You could do everything, but other companions should not know. God did not existed for them. God has permitted at this stage. Stalin came to the Berlin and it was what had to be done. Communism was no longer needed. I was born on January 21. Anniversary of Lenin’s death. Germany’s renaissance – year 1949 . Gomulka released from prison has to calm down the situation in Poland. His nickname from the time of the occupation – Wieslaw. Churches opened again, but that was not helping. Communists have been said that there is no God, and to God they could not go back. The Catholic church was not able to help them. Communists seek errors and could not find it. The basic mistake was to reject God. Taking from people what God has given them. Killing people.

We will not deprive people of something what they earned,

which God has given them, even if they got it from theft. Only God can evaluate them and judge. If these people are sick and not able to act in the new system will be then intercepted and sent to Russia for treatment. I worked in a Polish company CEZET where I built streets. A man completely committed to the process to do the great business. Polish law has created him possibilities and he took advantage of it. If stolen, it’s not just to eat, like pigs. You must distinguish pigs from idealists, and that everything will be evaluated. If thanks to his action were created jobs for the people it must be properly evaluated in the face of divine rights. Such people we can not loose. We have to use them in future. God will asses them if they have done something bad. I have to finish it, because I do not know how to reconcile it with the matter of corruption. Generally, nobody should judge people apart of God. I’m interested only in what way some of them could disturb in that, what I want to create. Some people we will release from prison, if they are healthy – they do not create hazards. For me, it does not matter, what it was before. All we will start from the beginning. In contrast to Vladimir Lenin I will not kill nobody or depriving them of what God gave them. Deportation those who are not yet in prison, and must be treated. I understand Polish spontaneous business, but that’s not what we want. There are not enough jobs and that is the problem, which I have to solve. I do not want to be polish President. I want to be the King of Europe and Russia. If not, I will gone. This is your choice!!!! Just think about it good people and bad animals.