In the jungle is tight. The only way this development, the elimination of other units. You have to pierce, to the top, and you have to do it walking down over dead bodies because there is no space. It is the same in architecture and other disciplines. The jungle is everywhere. In science, in the family, in the minds of people.Tightly in all disciplines of life, tightly in home, tightly in train, tightly in the bus. Tightly in the head. You can not think freely. You are not free. You feel that something bothers you. You come out into the streets and shoot everyone. In this crowd, it is just a place for thinking, which created a jungle. And so you can not understand my theory. Jungle and the method does not allow cross the borders of the mind. The method of the jungle, is a method of showing how to get to the sun. The sun is hidden by those who came before, before you, and they are on top. For you, there is no room. In order to get there, you have to destroy them. What ways? Ways of the jungle. They teach you this in their schools, or you learn it yourself.Watching how others are doing. Absolutely not looking what you tread on. You tread on over dead bodies of other people. But you’re not human. You’re the beast of the jungle. Bloodthirsty, savage beast, a businessman, the best. Others, like cows, they work for you. You use these cows every day. They are working for you twelve hours. There is no room for the law. Here is a wild nature. If you want to live, you have to drudge like a slave. Only a few individuals manage to walk to the sun, pushing others out of this place. It’s not education to decide. In Poland, these people do not have any education. These fools understand only the law of jungle and possible methods for use in the battle for the sun. At the same time you can not believe in God, because it will not let you get to the sun. You must be a wild beast, which does not believe in anything. And you have to learn, how to kill. This is where led, adaptation of capitalism in the former Eastern Bloc countries. There is no place in the jungle. There is no freedom. The jungle has to grow on a small space. No one can invent anything else. The jungle is the best way of development. You can not explain anything new. Blockade intellectual abilities. Total stupidity. Animals. The method, which relies on the destruction of others is called competition. In this struggle, the animals are transformed into various other forms of aggressive and sick. Jungle creates homosexuals. Jungle allows them to marry. American president supports the development of the jungle in this direction. This jungle wants to absorb Russia. It is not enough that Russia is already infected with the disease. You have to absorb it completely. In addition to many other diseases homosexuals. Nobody around this can not give advice. Everything tends to destroy the jungle and start nuclear wars. This will destroy a large part of the globe. I believe that Russia will remain in all of this. So far God save Russia. In the jungle is no room for humanity. Man needs a lot more. Now is a historic moment. We all need to understand.You have to free the jungle from evil plants, and change in garden. Will do it Knights of the Cross and the Sword. With shields of David, will create Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God. You just have to start to believe that before it’s too late.