Jungle has developed, a number of items at universities. Among other things, the history. It is historical architecture, which falling apart in rubble, but we, at all costs want to keep it.We love all that old. We love family. We love our grandmothers. We collect antiques. If, in the city there is no an old historic architecture that is no longer interesting.I am proposing that all leave in the past and move on to a new one. For a man of the jungle, it is not acceptable, in his well-educated system. Already stated repeatedly that we not came out, from the medieval period. We make one step forward but immediately after we try to keep the past. We’re sorry. The more you can not get away, the more we stand in place. And finally we come to the crisis, which is a consequence of stopping development.The revolution in France made changes. These changes were later seen even in architecture – a style of Napoleon. The next revolution in Russia, gave back the changes in architecture. Revolutions were directed against history, and it was manifested primarily in architecture. We can not destroy the everything. We can not kill people, as was done in earlier revolutions. Russian car very wisely invented send people to Siberia! Lenin supported by other helpers rather walked in the direction of killing. He cut the tall trees in the jungle. Remained weeds, which came to the mountains, to the sun. These people did not have the permission of God. Gained access to the sky, thanks to Lenin, who was the chosen one of God. Lenin was executable in the history his role and was appointed by God. In the jungle you can not do anything. The jungle has to be changed in the garden. In the garden you can apply planned development. Lenin had cuted all the trees whom God had permitted to reach the sun. Then he wanted to go ahead with the weeds. Otherwise he could not act at that time. I am trying different and you can see that it did not work out. Jungle lives its own life and does not want to get it cleaned and exchanged into the garden. This confirms the opinion that without revolution, without a war, you can not make any changes. Only cutting down heads can do something. Society of jungle is a society of morons. Some members of this society are trying to do something. Doing something but so as if they had bullets in the legs. Some larger others smaller. They are slaves, prisoners of jungle. They go very hard with everything. With this ball and chain and the head placed in a metal helmet can not add anything new to design. Let’s look what has changed since the Middle Ages. Nothing. Houses are such as were in the Middle Ages. Four walls. Nobody invented nothing. Medieval man is a man, whom we have today. Pole Dzerzhinsky cut out, not only tall trees. Cut out all that opposed to the introduction of new order in Russia. In this way, cut out in the jungle all that it could have been the engine of development. But the development of what? New jungle. Communist jungle?