We will have at our disposal computer programs that will use accurate, detailed characteristics individuals. Will create various kinds of groups working in cooperation or separately, depending on the designed tasks. Nothing will be accidental, as in the jungle. In the jungle the hiring is carried out by designated for this purpose employee. One idiot takes on to work some other idiot, because they just like each other. You see yourself that something is not right. Assessment of someone is not a simple thing. It can not do any idiot. How can you allow something like this to happen in your company? Rhetorical question, do not you have to wonder on the answer. Thanks to the computer program will select within a few minutes the band, even music with the necessary skills and voices and beauty. No people will be looking for work; we will be looking for people. We will not be waiting on when some fucking businessman wants to open some manufacture. People waiting on the street, and he thinks what to do with his money. He is the master, the biggest, he replaces God, and people are dying of hunger, commit suicide, they break up the families, but he has everything in his great swine ass. This pig thinks only of himself and its own pig meal! Pig with a big belly looks at you with his piggy eyes. It allows him everything, his piggy low, laid down in the jungle. You can talk to him a many months, as I am doing now. It will not working. This pig will nothing realize until its throat will be pierced with long knife and will start to drain the blood from it. This is the jungle and all are animals. Not all are pigs. Some are dogs, other snakes, cats, cows, and so on. In the jungle everything is chosen at random. You buy shoes that are not matched. You’re waiting for it to match. You are tired. You go slowly, unhappy. That’s how it all works now, in the jungle. Yes, but you think it is the best possible system in the world. Nothing better was invented. Nobody thought, no one was allowed to think, because it was called communism, stupid pigs! And that is why it is bad. Animals think about yourself. Fucking pig’s freedom of thought. You may think, but only about what we you allow. Having Kingdom of Europe and Russia we will all problems solve collectively in all areas. We will be able to choose the teams, which will consist of different nationalities but will be the best in the world to do the task. Everything will go very quickly forward. The world will be surprised at what we here will begin create. I told about the exchange of all sciences. Here will be place for new psychology, organization of work, management, many other sciences. It all need to connect. It will not be like this in the world of animals – all random. Freedom of jungle growth. Everything stops, from time to time, as at this moment – a crisis. You never know. But you consider this system as the best system known in the history. Nothing has changed since the Middle Ages. How do you want to fly to other planets. You are delayed a thousand years. As long as you will be animals you will not fly to other planets. God will not allow animals to fly beyond Earth. Animal sciences at the universities will be thrown into the garbage. We will start with new, quite other sciences, created by humans. Man is not connected with the earth as a tree or is not as dog tied to a doghouse. We will have programs, which in a few minutes will allow us to determine the best solutions for new jobs or displacement of people in other parts of the kingdom. They will have everything prepared for life. Everything will be prepared in details. No more jungle and uncertainty. We will move different ethnic, social groups in various regions of the Kingdom. We will analyze. Enough randomness. It is an amazing mess what we have now. Having detailed characteristics of all individuals, we will find the best solutions for them in a few minutes. Will provide all the joy of life on Earth. It’s all so messed up. Typical jungle. Germany have problems. Similarly, France and other countries. No one knows how to deal with it. I will solve it all for you in the Kingdom in Europe and Russia. Prepare my throne in Warsaw before the winter. Jungle turned people into animals that are looking for food. Animals are looking for so called work. They take what they can get caught in the jungle. They are engineers, doctors and generally people with higher education. They learned and believed in God and in their state. Their country and their Catholic Church deceived them. They are working, because have to. Otherwise would die of starvation. They are unhappy with their lives and with everything that surrounds them. They do not feel any connection with religion and with God. They think that God does not exist. And it’s just religion is evil. God is, but not in this religion. God does not want such a religion. God does not want Catholic priests. We introduce the new religion so that God will accept. My religion. God will accept me and the new religion. God will help Kingdom of God!!!! If we will use the methods of the jungle we never leave the Earth. Detained in the development in the Middle Ages. Pigs do not need anything longer. Accept you to work without applying any analysis. This is their comfort. They are not interested in the country, or others who do not have what to eat. You do not need to know how to do. You do not to have any education. This whole thing has so low level that there are not needed engineers. Business owners are morons without any education. You can see it in Poland, if you do not believe me. Engineers go abroad. Who will pay for their teaching at Polish universities. One told me – I can I close this company, I have money. Everything is already complete. Jungle reached his maximum level of development. It stopped. Jungle suffers. Untreated patient finally dies. And you have to live. You have children. You are interested in the future. You’re an animal but even animal care for the children. Brought them up not to make them unhappy. Do not want him to die from drugs which he will take, because will not see the value of life, will want to be in another world. You do not want him to be a gay. You want him to be happy and not to be an animal, like you’re in the moment. I want it all cure. Changing the jungle in the reserves. I want to give people a chance to live humanly. But I see that you still do not understand this. Nothing comes to your animal heads. Do you want to be still further animals. Animals are do not think. These sated pigs do not want any changes. They want to lie in your pigsty. Is pig able to think about you? Pig does not care whether you eaten today. Pigs inhibit my project. They want to put it up endlessly. Not understand sense of history. Swine have their history faculties, but there will not say what I’m speaking to you about. Pig will never understand the historical moment in which we are and that I explain. Pig is a pig and will only. Pig will not never believe in God and something like this, that God has sent someone like an angel to Earth for clean up here. On the wall of in the church, near the center for refugees in Moldova saw a drawing of an angel with a sword – Michael. Long hair, like mine now. This is not the case. With my arms Cross and Sword with the Star of David in the center. We will do this regardless of whether pigs want to or not. We will not live in a pigsty! We will create accurate computer characteristics of all individuals. Will be carefully assessed value of everyone. Contribution of the energy invested in science at the university (different universities different contribution). Skills acquired working in different companies. Not experience! Skills! So what if someone worked for ten years as an idiot doing the same things. He’s not suitable for anything! The value everyone will be evaluated in points. Just as the price of a player. It we will be looking for people to work. And it really will be able to be called work. Characteristics will be complemented by other elements. Not only education and skills. Also the physical structure, appearance, beauty, voice, and other items. Strength. Mental state. Health. Work which will execute the man will be also assessed with values of expenditure of physical and mental energy, degree of complexity, and more. The money will depend on the computed value of work and the value of employee. Everybody will receive an offer of work. Here will not be mutual adoration society, which will be half a year wondering, for meetings with the participation of many people, how to solve the problem. This problem will be solved in a few minutes with the participation of computers and databases. Those who do not accept the job offer will get different proposals. It will be freedom of choice. Freedom of choice of life, places of work, love, drugs, alcohol. But it will not be gay, anti-Semitism, hatred, murder, theft, corruption, lies, bad behavior, beating children, etc. Computer programs will be evaluated, for example, a way bringing up a child. Within a few minutes will show errors and deficiencies in the education of the parents. I know you will be protested against what here I want to enter. You learned that freedom is something precious. Freedom to choose the type of death. Freedom of choice of living on the street or in jail. Freedom to go out on the street with weapon and jail after that. You are looking for a better place to live. Refugees from different countries are looking for a country where they will be better. Finally, the best are drugs, alcohol – to relocate to another world and not to look at what surrounds you. You are surrounded by gays, anti-Semites, beggars, cripples, old people, confused and waiting for death, unhappy, without love, prostitutes, lie, chin, misery, etc.It will be monitoring everything. No one will die from the drugs, and no one will come out on the street with a gun. Patients will be subjected to prior treatment. Within a few minutes it will be shown the danger. Nobody is going to die like Amy Weinhouse at the age of 27 years. Next, I am sure that God will give me all, what before was blocked for animals. He will open all the gates to people, which I request that will be available. You have to believe me. Because I am his son like!!! He has sent me to help you. After Jesus and Mohammad I am here to help everybody and all people on the Earth. I am the Archangel sent by God to make the End of the World and start New Era – Kingdom of God – Kingdom of Europa and Russia. With my Knights of Crest and Sword with Star of David I will do it. Just start to believe me! As I believe in it.