Sixties years and protest! Against what? No freedom! 
Against the jungle, which speaks of freedom but that freedom does not exist. It’s a lie! Protest against the lie. I want to enter the real freedom. You can do what you want in the country actually free. You can choose who you want to be where you want to work the way you want to rest. You are and you feel safe. No obligations to anyone. So looks like – Paradise. There are no patients who can infect you who compel you to do something. There are no patients who steal, lie and insidiously can do something against you. Everything is open and you are open. Any secrets. No one uses anything or anyone against you! Full protection of the family. You do not want to live with your wife, no one and nothing is forcing you to be with her and with your children. Do you want to learn, improve your skills. You learn and you are not paying for it. You improve yourself and going through consecutive tests that give you a promotion at work. The work is everywhere, there is no unemployment. It’s not what it was under communism. At the forefront the working class and peasants, and liars, who believe that they can do what they want, because they do not are controlled and there is no God. Patients are treated, not killed. There is nothing to be scared. You are safe and get help, no cash fees. Everything is done in an open manner. But there are no discussions at party meetings and evaluations of people. Control over everything have the Knights of the Cross and the Sword, who oversee all in accordance with the laws of God. Only the law of God are important. Any rights established by the people and penalties by the people. Those who transgress the laws of God are directed to treatment. Clearing all and the entire output of the Middle Ages and the outdated rules of life. Protection for all people. This is not the ensure of security, what we have now! When will kill you – a criminal is punished. Closer to God and new religion and far from animal kind of life. No more lies in the Jungle. The control technology and everything, creating new jobs, the use of all people and stimulate the rapid development of the world. Contrary to what we have now. Jungle! Someone wants to setting up a business or not. And so we have a vast amount of unemployment and stop the of development of the world. We need to take control of everything. Population growth is forcing us to do so. You can not artificially stop the growth of the population – it is against the laws of God. We need to use the population of India and other countries. This is the right direction and the right management of the world. We have to manage everything – control everything, change everything to feel like people not like animals, that can make nothing besides eating and guzzling collection for sizes ridiculous and obscene. So behave animals, not people. You have to show for those who have money, where to invest. Investors also need to be safe and get complete help. They can not be deceived. Those who want to grow, will grow faster than they can it now imagine. There will be no barriers – it will be help for those who want to work and grow their businesses. This the style of life. The Garden – Garden of God. This is the true! Not the Jungle, what we have now and the lie – we are free. We are sick – we can not be free in this situation! Are you agree with me? Engineers and other educated people without the work. It is crazy and shameful. Where are those, who want to be on the top off governments and on the top of this fucking Jungle called the Earth. It should be called – the Hell and they just are devils. Let us say the true, finally! When we start to be people and stop to be animals? When you gonna agree with me and open the door for me to help yourself and help me this way to open the main gate for people, to travel outside this dying planet?
What we going to do it is to open so many as possible manufactures and other additional to it necessary things in places where are the big number of people. In this places like India and other Asia countries we will have the bigger number of production then in other less populated countries. This way we will stop migration to Europe. This way we will use what God is giving us. We will manage it, not lose it. I have explained but I am going to repeat it again. We will have all needed characteristics of every member of population in the area. This way we will can to design manufactures and everything with this. It is time to put everything in the computer and to make databases. We will know everything and we will control everything. It is not what i have imagined. It is just God who arranged for us this situation. He allowed us to have what we have now and press us to use it in this way, what i want to explain for you now! What more I need to know. Maybe you can help me? This is the great changing in the world. This is not all what i try to say. This is just only a beginning of new era. My portrait in red – blood color. This is just blood what is in your bodies. Communists had knew this color as well but they did not know why. They were not educated us you are. they would never understand what I am telling to you. We had a history but we should forget it and do not make some comparison. It is just how you call it God ( you are in middle ages and you can not understand other name then God – let it be God), who prepared this situation in our fucking Earth! Fucking Earth, because we need to go everything having so big loses and working so hard. But maybe it is necessary before we will go outside the planet.
I have asked Africa to help me with my friend problems, but they still do not care about what I am doing. There is a huge migration people from Africa to Europe. KERKG will stop it and having databases in every African countries will be possible to design manufactures and places of work for everybody. Will be possible solve this migration problem. They will be in Europe and Russia only those who will be needed to contact with business in Africa. There are a lot of not educated, no skilled people. In their countries should be prepared schools. It will be necessary take full control of these countries. Europe is responsible for old colonies and will have to help them. Will be possible to send emigrants back to their countries, directly to manufactures and to the other work places. Jungle can not manage this problem now. We can see, what is going on in Europe with this not wanted migration. There is no control in jungle and this is the reason why is so bad in this area as well. Full control and transformation in the Garden – this is only way to manage all problems. We have computers and internet and it is easy to control everything. It is time to start this project. We have everything what is necessary to start new era – new style of life for everybody.