Architecture, we will start with this. Someone complained to me, it does not address what is our profession and he did not want to be in our group. His mistake. This is what we are doing and we will do in the future is very closely related to our professions. I have here the people representing different professions. All of these professions will I need and more. Therefore, I need you more. We have the architecture typical for the jungle. Broken shapes disease, unclean. This is what we like. Our minds are also sick, unclean. So they teach us in schools. 7-e1469793433469Universities are sick and teachers are sick. It’s all in our minds encoded and it has an impact on our lives and everything we do and what we mean. I’ll explain later. You will be protesting, because your minds can not otherwise accept. Finally, the following stage protest – Norwegian go into the streets and shooting at everything. Can you understand it or still can not understand. Speaking shortcuts, but it is enough if you just walk out the streets and you look around. You will begin to understand. Having your minds polluted by the jungle you have further problems in your personal life. All we can accept, has to have the shape and meaning of the jungle. That’s why I’m here. Cleaning. Psychologists can not do anything because they are glutted with the disease. Anyway this is not so easy. We have to solve the general problem. Global problem or call it as you want. Dirty animals will not go outside the Earth. This is sure! 53.jpgGate is closed. Disease and infection rife everywhere. Jungle will never manage it and never will change anything. The worst part is, and it you can more easily understand that you’re not safe. The jungle can not assure you safety. It is a total mess – a crisis, unemployment, corruption, homosexuality, and so on, a lot of bad things. Almost everything is bad. Yes, I know you can not accept it, but it is true. This the situation. Why your God is sending some people like Norwegian or Hitler. This is planned in the history. And now I am to solve this everything, but you can not understand as long as your minds are not clean. And your minds will not be clean if I will not start and this is tragic closed circle, without exit. I can write you will read and no results will be. OK! In Warsaw, we will build this great building, to which I referred. 578_001.jpgThis is a symbol of a new era and a place where we will shortly speaking, clean minds and change everything bad. My job is to turn the jungle in the garden. The jungle conquered the minds of everyone, without exception. My job is to clean everything. Once again we return to the architecture. Look at this how it is all sick, bent, broken – disability, illness. What I am doing is something interesting and I will need Canada in the next future as well. When God is going to open the next door for me it know only Secret Service. I do not know. I will need to write some more and this is why I have still the door closed. And I am trying to write new articles with new details and explanations. I am sure it will start soon. Columbus will be not important.1912-2.jpg But Canada will be very important for America just like Russia for Europe. You can believe it or not. You will see it soon. Greenland will be used as well I expect. So Denmark and the Queen Margrethe II. Our minds are dirty because of this area where we are inside. Jungle make our minds dirty. Dirty contracts, dirty projects. Everything not clean. Corruption, homosexuality and other dirty things. Like animals in the jungle we love fighting, killing and shooting in computer games. Should be everything different. Like Greece, Olympic games, clean sport rules. This is what we should love. 2248_20150729_3900.jpgFilms like for example Cobra (Sylvester Stallone) , Terminator(Arnold Schwarzenegger) and others. This is what we like and this is tragic situation. This is who we are. We are dirty. We like crime stories. We like everything what is similar to jungle and with jungle rules . We design everything in this style. So we have cities and architecture in jungle style. We have abnormally twisted structures and passageways. This style infect our live. We are looking for something similar. In families, in sex in the work. We are looking for drugs, cigarettes and alcohol just to enter in jungle and be closer to this what we love. We are sick. We are lost. Because you are always lost in jungle. And we love to be lost, to be in jungle. I can explain for you that it is wrong but I can do nothing. What we have to do is this huge construction in Warsaw first and then I will have possibility to explain it. We have to start first from prisons people and then we will take care about other sick. Only this way we can show for the world this great idea and it will be working. Knights of Crest and Sword. Then computer databases with dates for everybody. Beginning with prisons and then next – sick people outside the prison, testing and treating in purgatory building – Warsaw.Enter of new clean religion. What we have now is religion of jungle, completely mixed theories, confusion, seeking interpretation of the Bible, mess. After this if will be possible connecting Europe with Russia. New clean architecture, new cities in center of Russia – Siberia. In the same time we can start in Canada and Greenland.