I need to start from the Poland where there is going to be Center of Europa. European Commission has to be sent to that country and start to check all what I am writing about and I will write in time when you will make the reports. It is all about how to change almost everything. It is the big work and European commissions will be very busy. First of all we will need to clean. We need cleaner areas to be construct outside the Center of Kingdom Europa and Russia. It is impossible to make this project having everything mixed in the same place. Do not you need to clean the drink water? They give it clean to your house and you can drink. Am I right. But you not would like to have cleaning instruments in city center. It would smell not nice. This is all similar to prisons we have now inside. You do not like to be in the hostel with killers or homosexuals. We have to move it outside. We have laws but we have murderers they kill our children and we can do nothing. We will control it in the future. I was writing about it and now I will only give it shortly just you understand what is all over about. Russia is necessary in it. I need everybody love Russia not hate like now. Russia has a big empty areas on the north mostly and it will be needed. The cleaning laboratories and areas will have to be constructed in Russia. Design offices will be in Center and then in west gate somewhere in Germany and in Russia as well. You have to show all that shit in Poland. Their bad low. Their bad history. Their bad schools. Their bad books, TV and radio programs. Catholic church completely not useful. They can do nothing to teach the people how to be good and to find the direction to the God. It all cause corruption, homosexuality, hate, antisemitism, and many other bad things. For them it is all normal because they are familiar with all that shit. They do not fell it is something wrong. You will report about how European money is helping corruptions and mafias in Poland. I will write you details if you wil not find it yourself. For you maybe it is everything normal. But it is a big shit that you are accepting. This way we can only go to the hell and nobody want it. Am I right? We will not kill the population like Nazi Germans. We will clean everything. To make the water clean you need laboratories and cleaning areas. We need to have laboratories in Center to find out what has to be cleaned. Then we will send all that bad things outside. We need to make everything better in Europa regarding all things not only cleaning. We need to change a lot to go faster to the future. We are to slow now. I will give you some directions and we will make the detailing projects in New European and New Russia Design Offices. We will change or close catholic church and open new a little different but going in right direction to help people be good not to make them murderers, homosexuals, corrupted and so on. Benedict will change it with my help or better say close it and open new Church of God. This is only short explanation. You need to start now. Do not worry about. I will be with you all the time and will give you directions. You have to make fast reports and after that change the EU to Kingdom of God – Kingdom of Europa and Russia, according to my instructions. Time is out. I have not money and my girl does not need me any more!!!!!