You will start to check everything in Poland because of my information sent to European Court and to the other sections. You have given them the money so you have the right to check how the money is used. You will control the firms and I will give you the details. I was just inside the companies and you will control according to my information. This way you will make the detailed report about all that shit. This way you will check everything, because you have given them yours money and you have the right to check everything. You will check their courts. You have from me my information about how they have managed with help of court in city Sagan to sell my flat for one thousand Euro. You will check their law. This will be connected with corrupted companies. From checking companies you will come to their lows and courts. Then you will check the prison in city Chelm, where the prison guards are afraid prisoners because they have contacts outside the prison. So they are doing what prisoners want. The prisoners are mixed killers together with other prisoners. Some prisoners are beaten and terrorized by the others (killers) and they cover everything because they just afraid about their families. I have the detail because I was inside and I have seen it. You will have all information from the first hand from me. I have documents. And they have documents in this prison. You will check and they will give you all information. This will be the foundation to decision that prisons should be moved outside Europa countries to Russian empty areas at the north. Then you will find out all about antisemitism in Poland. Nobody wants to be Jewish. Jewish people have changed their family names and so on. You will prepare reports according to my details. Then you will have information about catholic church. They have children. You will have the information from polish population what they are doing. You will have the information why people just fuck catholic church. And so we will have decision about closing this religion as it is dangerous. People instead of being better are starting to be against God. Everything is catholic church fault. Benedict will have the information and we will press him to close the church. If not, I will make it closed. He will open new church with my general instructions. Jesus was betrayed by the people that had surrounded him and had no chance to hide somewhere. He did not want to die but I knew that he could never hide, because they all have betrayed him. In a state of incredible despair unlike anything with he began to tear the bread and show that they sold his body. But there was no reaction only fear about their life. They had to sell Jesus to save himself. They were with him all the time so they knew where he was till the moment of arrest. With desperation compared wine to his own blood. Fear and nothing more. They knew they have to give Jesus to the Romans to be secure. Jesus suffered a terrible defeat. Maybe cried. The use of this element in the church is crossing all boundaries is a profanation the last moments before the crucifixion of Christ. Finally God saved him and he went out of the grave. He has shown himself to them with wounds, but alive. And finally won. If presented, otherwise the passion, pain, desperation of Jesus it is profanation. If you profanes the pain and suffering of Christ, all the principles of the church law can be further broken. You are a priest, but you have children and do other illegal things. Corruption in the catholic church. People do not want to believe in God, given by church. If there is no God then you can steal and do other things. Reading the Bible, yes but it’s better to give a simple language that people do not have to wonder what it means and know immediately what is right and wrong. With such confusion one can interpret freely. In this way are formed idiotic various religious sects, isolated and are even destructive element in the state. It all should be closed. But it takes time and that is not very important now. Closing catholic religion causes other changes surely. Then you will check the situation of homeless people in Poland. You will check it in Wroclaw. I will give you all the details. Thousand of people who lost their job in 1990 have been over 20 years living on the street. They where normal before but now they need to be cleaned (treated) in special conditions outside Center of Europa. This fucking country is doing nothing. I was inside and I will give you details. The details are crazy. I think is enough for today. You need to prepare Center for me. I need to start my work on September. You will be my Parliament and after Center you will help me to clean the rest of Europa. You need to work faster. Time is out and I have not money. My girl does not want me and it is for me hard to face the situation. I love her and want her. So, I would like to start ASAP. I am counting on you.