1. Displacement of criminals, prisoners, the sick, from Europe to hospitals in Russia. 2. Elimination of the jungle. 3. Solution to the problems of migration. 4. End of crisis. 5. Shaping completely new architecture. 6. Elimination of problems of people out of work in Europe and Russia, the homeless, the young, no prospects, no flats, no terms to life without family. 7. Care of the sick, the eradication of homosexuality, care for drug addicts. 8. Shaping new forms of life in the family, care for the family, the education of children. 9. Shaping new forms of friendly relations between people. 10. Shaping a new history in close-up with the Russians. Russians love Europe and want to be in Europe. Europe will be in Russia. 11. Create a new religion, which will connect all the religions in the new formula. End of religious wars. 12. Shaping new forms of life with faith in God and belief that God controls your conduct. In this way, elimination of corruption, lies, criminality and other bad behaviors of people. 13. The creation of the characteristics of all people – the entire society. This will provide the opportunity to care for every citizen and to provide assistance to anyone finding him a place on earth. Man must be occupied with something. Otherwise will be ill. People need to realize their ideas. Human being must achieve his goals. Otherwise, a man becomes a beast. This is precisely the situation of the jungle. Having no luck, no satisfaction with life a man transforms him into a homosexual, murderer, and thief. Leaving the man himself is a mistake. He lives in society and wants help from the society, support. Just as I now. I lecture you these my theories but it never arrives to the jungle. You have to gradually change the jungle into something else. Without your consent. Arbitrarily. Freedom, which leads to the abuse of drugs and death, it is not freedom. Failure to give the help and lead a man to death is a drama of the jungle. The jungle is not able to do anything for the people. The jungle is outdated system, which must be thrown away to the garbage. Not helped protests of young people in the sixties. Not helped Beatles, Rolling Stones and others. Poland – homeless is only controlled. Verify whether does not endanger others. He does not get any help. Here is his freedom. Freedom dog, expelled to the streets. Dogs, and homeless allowed get around the streets. And that surely threatens others. Freedom of death. You can die, if you go down low enough. Or you’ll no longer capable of doing so, to commit suicide. You will be an animal waiting for the death, prison or something else. Here’s a Russian man, whose God sent me to my room. Once was in prison. Now he is like a dog, looking after trashcans, savage and sick. This is sick, Russia, which must be healed but it will not do homosexuals from Europe. Putin knows it. Nobody, is unable do anything. No one offers different system of life. Where are the psychologists. Nobody wants them. They do not have jobs. They can not think in the jungle. Nothing works. Hopeless arrangement that leads to the destruction of a man. Where is God from the Catholic church? Everything you need to change. Eliminate the existing structures in Poland and in other countries. I will remove it. If you will help me get closer to that. Help for all those who want to develop their own business. Help for all. The welfare state. Kingdom of God. The country, which develops ambitions and inventions. Intervention in the life of the individual. Complete freedom and safety. Do you want something – you get help. Freedom without lock from the top. Everyone comes to the sun. Treatment of patients in perfect, new treatment centers. Shaping a healthy human psyche. Help to find contacts with the environment, thanks to the possession of accurate characteristics of people and companies. The real deal with the people. Freedom in the gardens. Replacement of wild jungle pseudo freedom – real freedom. Freedom, which is freedom only for a group of people – it is slavery for most people in the country. Europe’s problems have to be solved. The problems create problems in Russia. With these problems, Putin can not do anything. Europe is a bad model for Russia. This pattern is imitated. That’s all you need to solve jointly. You have to understand and accept this project. We would not take anything from nobody. You do not have to be scared of change. Otherwise, the world will be destroyed and Europe with it will die!