God opened my eyes to Russia covered with a dark night. God has sent me two people from Russia. Into the room in which I live accommodated about six weeks ago at the Centre for refugees in Moldova, Russian, Victor from Vologda city, located about 500 miles north on Moscow. Middle-aged man. He looks like old, jaded by life beggar. As someone from the period before the revolution. Instead of socks wraps feet with rags and then impose his shoes, in which arrived from Russia. I do not have the English name for this kind of shoes. Deformed face like a man from mental health problems. Eyes shows someone sick. I wanted to contact him to a psychologist but without result – he does not want. Already in the first days he took some of my things. Although they gave him free food, he is walking around and looking trashcans, brings something which normal people simply have got rid of. Doctor from Russia, dropped by life on very bottom. Also looking at my stuff, and sometimes something takes. It is better not to talk with him, he’s changing moods, and explodes for no reason. At first I could not understand why God sent him to me. If he had sent me someone from Siberia, I would have understood this. This topic was more interested for me. And so a few days ago, a man arrived from Siberia. This time not after higher studies. He is a simple man who worked in a factory as a galvanizer. Walked for two months from western Siberia to get the Moldova. This is how God responded to my expectations. Shoes very torn. He said that he did not take them off from two weeks. I gave him shoes, which one day, someone wanted to throw out the garbage and were in a closet in the hallway. Then he wanted to have socks. I gave him mine. I cared about another Russian, as in the future I will take care of Russia. If, of course, going in to the throne. I do not know how God will do this. Today I learned about what happened in the United States. God begins to act. What will be next? I do not know what is the meaning of what he was doing, but maybe someone else has access to this information. I can only assume and pray. Today, in the Orthodox church, priest asked me what language I understand. Then prayed in Russian. Especially for me. Although normally prays Romanian. After completing blessed me. I kissed cross and walked away. Both the Russians do not go to church. To the Russian from Siberia I explained that God helped him to come here. He agreed with me, but do not pray. Both Russians are widowers. That of Siberia wife died about a year ago. This is some relationship but do not want to explain it now. The second world, and those died are linked to our world. But at the moment it is not important. It is important that I persuaded you, to what needs to be done, to my project. I could not fall asleep after the arrival of this second Russian. I began to think. What God wants to show me? God showed me Russia. Showed me a part of European Russia and its problems, and showed me the Asiatic part – Siberia and its unique, different image. European part of Russia, as if covered with darkness, confused. Russia is suffering. Russia needs light. This light will come from center of Europe, from Poland. Already before, history announced it. Polish pope, then Lech Walesa. Transformation of the political system. The fall of communism, which was intended as a transitional form only. This light will shine in Poland soon and will be radiated in all the world. For this light is waiting Putin in Russia. Special services know that it has to be. I have to work on it and it will begin. Everything is going in the right direction. In December of 2007 I flew to Moscow. Night. Taxi driver took from me a huge sum of money. He took me to a woman who gave me accommodation for three days. Dark room with TV. The cold water bath and a cat inside bathroom. It cost me more expensive than a hotel room in London. Night, darkness. How in hell. On the third day the man came in and demanded vodka from her. He told me to look for the other room. I drank a beer and went down the street. A policeman stopped me. He asked for a passport and then stated that I drank alcohol, and this is unacceptable in Moscow. I had to pay a few thousand rubles, to relieve the problems. Moscow covered by night. The hell. God has prepared so everything. God was preparing me in this way to my project. I visited Lenin. Even then I did not know that something I would start in Kazakhstan next year. Russia and Europe need to connect and this permanently. It can not be the European Union or anything like that. Jungle can not get into Russia. The jungle is already in Russia and can not grow. Russia does not need jungle from Europe. It does not help Russia. It is not what Putin is waiting for. To ignite this light is needed the Order of the Knights of the Cross and Sword, and the new religion. I hope that I will play in it all this a prime role. Everything will be possible to do, if we will have Russia and its Siberia. Siberia this is great place to build the capital of the new Kingdom. Siberia looks clean. So I see this, after the arrival of a man who came to me on foot. Confirmed that I did not make any mistake in my project. Only Kingdom Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God will be approved by Putin. Only this will allow him God. Putin knows and the knowledge have secret services. The European Union with Russia is not a solution for which God allows. Europe can not get into Russia with his jungle, which is now. You can not get into Russia with homosexuals, corruption, criminals and all this shit. They this already have, and do not want more. Russia need help. To help Russia, we have to start clean the dirty Europe. We have to start from the center, from Poland! Poland needs this understand and quickly. This is the only possible solution! Why Poland is waiting. What are you waiting for? Help me!

be continued