LinkedIn is the forum of discussion for people with education and this is why I’m here with you. Lenin had conducted communist revolution using a dissatisfied working class. Lenin died on January 21. I was born on January 21! Coincidence – I do not think so! Everything is prepared by God. At the present stage of historical development  dissatisfied class is the class of educated people. People graduates do not have jobs in their professions, are upset. The workers, colleagues of Lech Walesa, have work and money and they do not need more. For those people I can not count and I am not going to refer to them. They understand nothing from what is all about. Especially communism contributed to the creation of a huge group of people after graduation. b9ebb5f8-7bcd-4512-a967-51574bf485d6.jpgThese people are working now as not educated workers or do not have jobs. Communism destroyed many of people from this group. Engineers went back to the level of workers without education. Nervous shock, disbelief in anything. Some people do not know how to use a computer. Example sitting next to me now – Viktor. In communism hands were important not the heads. Often they said that someone has golden hands. That was the whole idea of stupid stage in the history-communism. Capitalism in the form that we have now, he can not give jobs for people educated. Capitalism also has educated people, for whom there is no work. The examples we have in KERKG. People ask me to find something for them, to help them. And I’ll help them. I promise! We will realize my project and they will have work and all, what they want! I need them now as for Lenin stupid workers were needed to believe in his idea of communism. 635915051762095247.jpgMy historical task is to carry out a revolution, but not a communist revolution, with animals, with no education and religion, which killed the Tsar and his family, then produced self-destruction of their stupid system, which had been created by them. Animals without education, to whom addressed Jesus, and wanted to turn them into sheeps, there are not these to whom I am addressing myself at the moment. These people are going to the catholic church and believing in this church and its religion, because are not educated. They will understand nothing. These people are sheeps – quiet animals that leads shepherd.  I do not need them at the moment. I am speaking to those educated who weep. They regret that they taught for many years. They say that they have made a mistake. But they did not commit an error. God watches over all. I need them now. They contributed to the fall of communism. kaczynski-lech-walensa.jpgThey used and lead the uneducated laborers, with not educated Lech Walesa (LW) as a leader. They are designated to carry out another revolution with me on the head (WL).  This historical moment is characterized by the fact that educated class of people, is majority. The majority is unhappy with the situation. Some have jobs but can lose. In the jungle everything takes place in a way not previously planned. And so we have a crisis and unemployment and various diseases (homosexuality, corruption, etc.). My project provides steps I wrote about earlier. The final step is to create the Kingdom of Europe and Russia (KERKG). In the composition of that will be absorbed some former colonies of Europe (with South and Central America).