b8a4e50c664640543bd42556592The campaign has started against me, which has lead to exile me from the Center of refugees on the street. At the head of this action is Ivan. Ivan works in the emigration office deals with extension ID – puts stamps. Looking for something in my documents, what would somebody gave a reason to exile me on the street. Engages to it new directors from center and women from emigration office just in front of his room. They all want me to leave. It is tiring for me. I do not have to be here if Moldova do not want me. Two things are in the prosecution. pr20081230191046They will give me the documents and money and I will leave to Germany – Berlin or other country.I’m trying for some contact with the world of the dead. I need their help. As far as they are able to help me. I know that this contact is but I only recognize the signals that come later. It can not be otherwise perhaps, at least for now. Maybe in the future, once we have the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God. Then we will be able to see what is not visible. In the morning I went to church. My thoughts were directed in a different direction. No peace and humility, but the preparation of the text against those who are trying to remove me from the refugee center. I went out in the middle of the mass, and did not want to pray. Ирония-судьбы-или-с-легким-паром.jpgBefore the main door of the church, in the city center, a dog was dying having eaten the poison given to him. My mood and view of the dying dog. Why someone creates an insidious campaign against me. Count on it that I am so stupid that I will let him to destroy myself without any reaction. Because he is on top. After several years of unproductive, inactive, sitting, released from the center and moved to a room at the Office of Immigration, where he puts stamps. Communist jungle has created ignorants, whose sole duty was to come into the office at the agreed time and go out from it after eight hours. They did from people, mindless animals – cows, which brings the host to the pasture. I wrote about this in another article. 1399728366_vlcsnap-2014-05-10-12h28m56s98They were forbidden to believe in God, and walk to the church. The church was not able to effectively teach. Animals can not believe in God, because there will not be animals. They had to be as stupid as the dog, who ate poison. They were taught that after death there was nothing. World of the dead is isolated and invisible. Death takes them into another world, the world of the dead. There they learned that did from them mindless, passive animals. Animal world – communism – is over. But they still do not believe. They have been cows, which are waiting for a feed of some shepherd who was walking them to the pasture. To do anything these people are not suitable. Only an effective treatment will turn them back into humans believers in God, having satisfaction from something new what they have done. 5fz37kt2a0adwlq6iere6rpxxdx0taNot allowed do from people, mindless animals that will not be protested. Not allowed do from people programmed machines performing one task for a lifetime. Not allowed do from people slaves. Work and life can not be something forced. Kingdom of Europe and Russia – will be what people (not slaves, not animals) want to have – a paradise. Why such action on the part of the people. Because we live in the jungle. In the jungle, where to live you need to destroy other plants. The situation is different in the garden, where the plants have a place and can easily grow. They are nurtured by a gardener. Weeds that interfere are removed. Weeds are plants that are not in the place we want in our garden. However, they can grow freely elsewhere. maxresdefault.jpgWeeds is a sick individual and others. In the jungle there is a gardener and sick units are located next to the healthy subjects. . What is worse, sick individuals come to the very top, and they do not allow for change. These units are also sick in organizations. In a sick system, at the very top, are the most sick. Nothing could be done. Complete blockade. Nobody does help me. These units are, of course, people not believing in God. Access to God closed. God also does not want to talk to anyone. The Catholic Church is not the church of God. That’s what’s coming out of the church is not accepted by God. Jungle never go beyond Earth. Sick units must be cured and then can go on to God, or stay on Earth. To make order, I need a space. filmy9.jpgThis space God has prepared for me in Russia. I’ll start it all in Poland. Russian language is the language originates from the Polish language. So that we can say that Russia is Poland or vice versa. God has prepared everything as needed. See what God gives me the association. But it is the truth and the only truth. It’s all been so prepared by God to build the Kingdom in Europe and Russia – the Kingdom of God. And why is it all so God did. After what I wrote before you can understand. Center will be in Poland. And why is it all so God did. After what I wrote before you can understand. Russia and my Poland the same. Europe mine, and cured protected, and directed towards God. We’ll go together outside of the Earth and it will happen soon!!!!!
I will continue tomorrow.