History and jungle with her everything that’s in it, does not allow for the development and going forward.Dzerzhinsky as others believed that Lenin’s theory is standing on its feet and not on its feet of clay. It turned out that it was only a period in the history of Europe.The history and the past is also religion and other elements that do not allow you to go forward. Nothing can be done. How can you move the mother of her child. How can you move the old grandmother from the old house where she lived for many years. You can just pluck her with her roots, which her have grown up, but it will hurt, but will cry. Dzerzhinsky and others did not pay attention to the cries of the jungle. Cuted out everything and did not hesitate long. Only this way could move on to the next historic, important step, the most important step for Europe. What did Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, and others opened the way to the next stage. This step should be done now. After excision of all the tall trees and all the enemies at the bottom, could start doing something. The principle was that everything is on one level. No one was allowed to exceed the permissible limit. Symbolically, on the first place working class. It was only symbolically. In fact, in the first place they were shepherds. The working class were just cows, which one had to to persuade to work. You had to be able to milk the cows. Shepherds chosen on Communist Party meetings. There shepherds showed just how can talk. Nearly ancient Greece and Rome. It is from this later evolved architecture with ancient elements. Shepherds did not have to go to school. Universities were meetings their Communist Party, which determined the pseudo-scientific directions and goals. These directions indicated people with no training who hardly knew how to read and write, or they could not even have that. These directions indicated people with no training who hardly knew how to read and write, or they could not even have that. Were forcibly sent away to school. Four years of school they were abridged to one year and were issued diplomas. Communist Party meetings, evaluate the candidate. Then they gave him the position of director, manager and the next lower ranks shepherds. Cows, which did not participate in the discussions, remained cows. In countries such as Hungary and Poland it came to revolts of cows. Especially after the death of Stalin, when started estimation of the previous period and changed shepherds. Other amendments in order to cows feel better. There has been a loosening of the pastures. Shepherds did not know how to manage it all. More and more freedom was given to the cows. Production rapidly decreased, but somehow it all still was spinning. Warsaw was rebuilt and one could afford to slowdown, while still maintaining the same layout of jungle. And what was the layout. The jungle characterized two types of plants. Producing plants and plant parasitic. There were no tall trees. Although one might considered as high the trees – shepherds from the very top. They lived in better houses and drove the cars. That was not their, but they use these things as their own. What you need more? Generally, no one could possess. Gradually, about the position, schools began to decide. Who did not want to learn, passed to the group of manufacturers – cows. Those who had finished schools passed to a group of parasites, supervisors, shepherds policing, that cows had what they need and that they could produce. And so, the Communist jungle may be evaluated as a village. Rural villagers were boors. Kordian and boor. There were not Kordians. There were only boors. For boors had to be given allotments because it lacked people from the countryside that moved to urban centers called cities. So looked Poland at that time and so looked like other countries of this Communist system jungle. Various faculties at universities. One could educate without money. But these schools did not prepare professionals. From it had to go out parasites – shepherds of cows. What for should shepherds need knowledge. When I finished study my father said – there are so many engineers as dogs. Nothing you had be able to do. Of course, the frustration of many people who ended up universities. I tried to work on a construction site, but when I noticed that the cows are more important than shepherds and my knowledge needed none, I left. Cows knew themselves, what to do and how. Shepherds could nothing do, they drank vodka. Parties with vodka on site were frequent. Everything was just spinning without the efforts of shepherds. The principle was not irritate cows and not disturb them. Best shepherds were people who came from the countryside. From a small child prepared by the parents to deal with the farms. After migration to urban centers with the experience from the country attained high positions. Everyone agreed on that country layout. Even were the assessments of the type – Poland does not have a good host. It was about Gomulka and other hosts at the polish village. People used exactly that word , as reflecting the current situation. Poland – was a village, inhabited by boors from rural areas. Anti-Semitism and other things. Jews had to change their names on the boorish. Otherwise, it was hard to live in this environment. This layout was caddish everywhere, also in the military and other organizations. People from the village attained high positions because they were better hosts – shepherds than others, who grew up in urban centers and not had to deal with cows and other rural things. These people have the right practice, you need to manage the country, which was Poland. Country village. Country on the lowest possible level – the fourth world level country. I was working for some time as a patent attorney. Inventors were not engineers but people without education. Of course, there were not inventions at some high level. What a man can think up without education, without a scientific basis? Middle Ages and the village in all areas of life. God gave me a chance to meet different backgrounds, different businesses and professions. Take a look at my biography. I could not find a place for myself in this rude, rural system. I had no money. I did not ever belong to the communistic, churlish party. I could not be a director. I have participated in several competitions for directors but they would not let me act. I was not their trusted companion. And it was good. I am now clean and I can start something on another much more serious position. But unfortunately, the country remains a country of boors, anti-Semites and herdsmen. This is why my theory is not supported. No Kordians. There is no Slowacki. There is no Mickiewicz. The ideas of romanticism and romantic predictions you can not enter into force of Poland and Europe. Layout rustic, with rudeness on the front. Layout, who grew up on the basis of communist theory. Layout funny. Was not the point of Lenin. Lenin did his job and went away. I’ve never read his theory. The revolution was made ??and it was what God expected. Lenin should be appreciated and you can not tear down the monuments of his. It was an important historical stage. Structure, which was formed was sentenced to death, like any other in history, and how the capitalist jungle, which has existed since the Middle Ages. But let’s get back to the communistic village . Upstairs boors, not believing in anything, shepherds, hosts, from the village. Downstairs cows. Disgusting village. Without God, honor and faith. Boor can not believe in something what he had not seen. It’s a simple man, from plow and from cows – a shepherd. Communist jungle with one level below. All at a very low level. Maintaining the jungle in such a way that nothing grow up to the top. Who wanted to grow up more than others, was just sheared. You had to be very careful at all times. Hosts were closer to the sun but they had to be careful of so-called grassroots criticism. They could at any moment lose their positions. Eventually began to deal with this problem. Started corruption and stealing, lying, and other things that you do, if you do not believe in anything. Even in communism. They bought houses and nobody fired them from their positions. Everything was beginning to change it for the worse. What was black, was presented as white. Everything was fine. This style was adopted everywhere. New moral laws. The morality of boors. This style is preserved in Poland today. It’s hard to change. Boors are permeated with it like with cow dung in the countryside.Cows started to rebel, ceased to give the milk. In the shops there was nothing. Loans from abroad rescued situations for a short period of time. The hosts did not know what to do. They had to reach an agreement with cows at a round table. They put the cows on the top. Let have the satisfaction, let they calm down, let they rule the country. And we will steal. Deprived of any moral principles hosts took over possessions, called the state property. Selected cows were also given something to ownership, to be calm. There were ideas to sell possessions to investors from outside the border, but the hosts have not agreed for it. Took over all by themselves without any more problems. Cows did not understand the situation. What a cow can understand. It did not go to school. Entire life it dealt with physical work. Never thought. For cows make decisions their hosts. Parasites and most cows were driven to the streets. This created massive unemployment. People who were getting jobs, were working almost for free. Began migrating abroad, to Western Europe. Engineers and others who were parasites of compulsion communist system, they began to work abroad for big money. Poland was abandoned. There have been just dunces in country. The country has suffered huge losses. After returning to the Poland, I worked for some time in different companies and there was no professionals. Still, decides rude, rustic layout. Cows best know themselves what to do. Engineer is to be only the overseer, shepherd. Boors hard to get used to the new layout. The transformation of communistic village in the capitalistic jungle is difficult. It was established communist variety, of capitalistic jungle with huge corruption and other bad things. Tendering is just camouflage. Contracts are previously distributed between different members of the large corporations that determine who can get the money. Abroad goes the information that we have capitalism. Huge unemployment hidden thanks to false ways of evaluation. The capitalist jungle in western Europe with their disease feel safe. Communism destroyed itself alone. Just as American theorists predicted. It was only a stage in history, and it should not be criticize and analyze. It is important now to move on to a new historic stage with God at the front and with Knights of the Cross and the Sword.. Go to the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – the Kingdom of God.