Free unrestricted development of capitalism is similar to that of the jungle.
Wild animals eat the plants and other animals to live and to reproduce. Sometimes kill each other. Weaker items are eliminated. Stronger remains. Plants climb toward the sun blocking the access to the sun to other plants, thus blocking their development. This is pure nature untrammeled by any ties. This kind of nature, now extinct. With the development of the human race on earth nature with its former savage mode of reproduction cease to exist. Human being plant gardens and parks. Human being assumes for animal reserves, where is trying to control nature. The gardens plants have space. Are separated one from another, which gives them the freedom to grow. People learned how to plant the plants while maintaining the distance between them such that in the future there was no collision. It is the man who arrange new world. It is precisely a man designs his environment everywhere, where he resides. Man does not want to live in the jungle. He wants to live in a garden and preferably in paradise. Man wants to live according to established laws. In the jungle there is no law. In the jungle there is a constant struggle for life. Development of capitalism in the most developed countries today was similar to the wild jungle growth. 2debbcb600000578-3301003-image-a-12_1446558334558The capitalist jungle reached a peak, its highest level. At present it lives its life, but somehow stopped in development. As in Africa, the plants use up space, and further can go no longer. A law which man has established, in the jungle is not respected. Are not respected the laws of God – do not kill, and so on. Written law is evaded. In the struggle for life there are no rules fighting, is lawlessness. You must kill the enemy, to live and no matter how you do it. Laying him, letting the killer who kills him, bribing the guards, attacking from behind, suddenly, and so on. Other applies to you, the same style of fighting without rules, without laws. Laws are, but you can always avoid them. Crime statistics are blasphemed. In this way, it is difficult to assess the degree of danger in the country. This is particularly difficult to do in former Eastern bloc countries. But we can do it, if it will really be needed. In the country, such as Poland, have to do your own surveys and analysis.
Applying that philosophy of jungle, we can further assess what must be done to turn the jungle into a garden that we will like.
Which elements should be separated? What we want to keep as the plants in the garden? Which plants should be treated? What behaviors need to be developed in people? What is positive for the future development and what is negative and has to be eliminated? We can arrange the garden. That’s not true that only in this way – the capitalistic jungle. And it’s not true that the capitalistic jungle is the best picture of human life on earth. The best picture is what I propose – capitalistic garden, capitalistic paradise. The Garden of God. Kingdom of God. Not only that one way – wild uncontrolled capitalism – a jungle ruled by own laws. Not only like that it can grow and move forward. We are taking advanced capitalism model and adapt it to the new capitalism, which is created in Eastern Europe. But from this comes not only a jungle. It all turned into hell. In the former Eastern bloc countries have developed worse form than the form, which is called by me capitalistic jungle. They adopted laws of free, uncontrolled and unrestricted by any rules development. Everything was made subservient to this and also laws of these countries. At the forefront are people who do not believe in God and deprived of all human emotions. Supporting by the Catholic Church feel to be supported by God. Everything is bad and infected with terrible disease. These people have created an unprecedented ugliest possible forms of capitalistic jungle – capitalistic hell. 59e28b732829ad3bf78eed4d48197b62Blood-thirsty, ruthless, chasing after money and the rapid enrichment animals at the top and unprepared and surprised society of the former communist system. Suicides, family breakups, deceptions, stealings, rapes, murders, homosexuality, drugs distributed to juveniles, corruption in the whole country. Something incredible and unprecedented so far. All camouflaged, hidden from the West. Western European countries open up their doors and let them in. Well, bearing counterfeit information, that in Poland all the indicators are better than in their countries. Norwegian killer, used by God, pointed this out during the trial. He cried, he was an instrument of God, he was not aware of what he was doing.
The meeting at the round table.
People from the Solidarity union and lacking of any moral ties people, situated at the forefront of rotten, stinking, with disease destroyed communism in Poland. Everything has been taken and approved by the stupid, not expecting anything bad, and surely something so odious, what was to be born, Western Europe and the U.S. Agreement was signed by people without education, ignorant, workers from Solidarity, people released from Communist prisons. For this act they were elected by those who did not believe in God, without any rules of honor people, standing at the forefront of the crumbling communist shit.
The jungle is not the only possible way for development.
Look at the garden, which creates a man according to his idea. Removes weeds to allow better development of cherished plants. The same thing we will do – remove weeds from our garden. We will design our garden and shall keep taken care of. Any plant can be cultivated by us. We will transform wild plants in our garden-friendly plants. They will give larger and better fruit. Honestly, from the jungle almost nothing is useful for man, who is already at a much higher degree of development than it was a long time ago, when he was similar to the monkey. People have learned how to design gardens and cultivate plants. People know how to raise animals profitable for them. Capitalistic jungle remains still not changed since the Middle Ages. In the highly developed capitalist countries, trying different ways to sustain the status quo. People who came to the estates afraid of change. They keep trying to improve the conditions of existence for plants at lower levels in the jungle. They do it to keep them silence and in peace. This is only reason. Let there be no dissatisfaction that will lead to revolution. Lower parts earlier used by those who have grown up, now are no longer needed for growth. Vampires no longer need them to suck blood. They already have enough money for themselves. 155E7424000005DC-3275589-image-m-34_1444992346256.jpgThat brings us to a situation where the tall trees no longer need, do not want, to continue to grow. Now they can do nothing. They can do with their money what they want. Caribbean. What we want it we have. Cease to use for their growth the plants from the bottom. Everything revolves at lower speeds. This kind of capitalism must be changed if we want development.  We need development and even very fast. Jungle ceases to grow.
The capitalist jungle terminated its further development
and is not suitable for the application. It stops, needed to the world, development. Theories of a kind that capitalism itself turn into the structure proposed by the communists, friendly to all people, are wrong. Not that kind of capitalism what we have now. They’re not worried about the crisis and you who lose your job and you have no means of living for your family. And here is another reason for the transformation of the capitalist jungle in the garden – controlled development of plants and animals. Another characteristic element of the capitalistic jungle is the lack of space. In this small space are very costly all changes. Old buildings are torn down, and in this place are built new. The huge costs. But the capitalist – jungle man is not worried about it, that somewhere someone else is dying of starvation. It must be like that. We have homosexuals and drug users and also it has to be. We are powerless. We will do nothing. It is the nature of the capitalist jungle. This is the way of exultancy. The jungle is freedom, uncontrolled freedom. So we come to the nonsense. Morons who completed the great American universities not able to invent anything. In autumn, I believe, will begin my project. God will prepare it for me. I do not know how? I’m not clairvoyant. Three weeks on the street and at working with internet, have rebounded on my health and I had to take a break.
But now this, I think great new theory of the capitalistic jungle.
Maybe this idea will eventually get to you and you begin to believe me. I need your support. Otherwise, it all makes no sense.  My theory and my copyright. I’ll do here in Moldova, from this, my PhD thesis. Of course, if they make this possible for me. I can do it in another country. 2983D06E00000578-3120717-image-m-3_1434061934409.jpgTherefore, I do not wish that anyone use and publish it as his own. Similarly, the huge cost absorb communication systems. Multi-level crossings, subways, and many other changes. An example – situation in Poland, in Warsaw. All in one pattern of the capitalistic jungle – the city of capitalistic jungle. This is money of the capitalist, and he decides. Can throw them in the garbage. Nobody even allow himself to imagine that it may be different, that somebody could control it. This is jungle – true nature. Having that money you can build another city and then connect both with high-speed trains and highways. It must be, because it is everywhere in highly developed countries. People are on the streets and dying of hunger. We can do nothing. We do not know how to do something with it. We only know how to take from them, how imitate them. Because this way is the best – only possible to development since Middle Ages. We love everything what is coming from the jungle. Am I not right, Russians? Do not you ashamed to sing American rap with drunken voices and distort the Russian language. The way is – all not has to be previously planned – in the jungle all takes place spontaneously. They try to do something. They have their taxes to the jungle but they do not like it. It is impossible almost to manage something in such a jungle. It needs more and more money. The huge money that could help others, are being wasted. Urban jungle looks really like a jungle. All clustered in a small space tangled and stirred. Look at the twisted communication systems and buildings. Architecture of the jungle. How can you live in all this? Plants (read – people) from the lower part of the jungle would also want to grow up, but have lack of space. That is why Russia and its spaces, which will provide a dynamic development in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. I think that you prepare for me the throne by the deadline. Delay – others will do it . I advise you not to wait for the others – will be dangerous.
History has prepared everything to change.
Try to make this theory reached the millions of people. It is really funny. Everywhere gardens. Almost disappeared the wild nature from the globe. Its remains are still under protection. Only our stupid habits, aversion parting with the old things, protect the remains that anyway must go away. It is our habit that inhibits the development of the world, and does not allow starting my project. How can it be? There will be no homosexuals? This is discrimination. Such statements can hear. What can I say? You have to be treated. Man subordinated the nature almost completely. Destroyed all jungles. Remained only jungles created by the free development of capitalism. In the jungles we must live, because individuals at the top do not want to change it. There were in history some people who did not want to. A sword and head separated from the body. History has prepared everything to change.102212-bond-girls-video-723 We should not make a judgment of history. Lenin with his revolution. I do not want to analyze details. God allowed them to do it and now we have a big Russian area. We have spaces what wanted to have Germans. Broken cross – devil’s herb. They were crushed by the Soviet Union led by Stalin and by the people who did not believe in God. God destroyed this historic intermediate form and GDR and other Eastern Bloc countries joined EU. The door was open. Crisis. Must be next historical step. We need to do something with that what is waiting. My project gives the solution best solution people were ever waiting.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
There is no freedom when you can be eaten by other animal. Your company is trying to climb to the top but can not. Tall trees are blocking access to the sun. You need to work with them as a subcontractor. You ask them about some contract in order to survive. You know that you will never reach their height, because there is no room for others. The others do not need to go higher. This is the reason to change the capitalistic jungle. We have the potential manufacturers, we can develop further, but we do not have space. The others mask the sun. You’re a slave of their. Can be free a slave? Lack of space. In the Kingdom of God you will be able grow up and nobody will blind you the sun. You will be able grow up as high as you like. Everything will be up to you. There will be nobody you have to ask for a contract and gave him a bribe. Contracts will be waiting for you. Contracts will lie on the ground. Just pick them up. Will choose what you want. There will be no corruption, unfair competition and other diseases. God and his Knights of the Cross and the Sword will judge your work and your compatibility with religion.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
There is no space in the jungle. In contact with other you have constantly fight for survival. Surrounded by thieves, homosexuals, drug addicts, killers, anti-Semites. You feel bad, but you have to sit in this shit. This is not freedom if you sit there, where you do not like. Freedom is a space. You go where you like and everywhere you will find a work. This is what you will have in the Kingdom in Europe and Russia. True freedom.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
You do not have freedom, because you do not have housing, you can not to get married, do not have a job, you have no family, you have no money and you can not do what you want. In the capitalist jungle there is no freedom. Their freedom is called money. Finally you start to cheat, to pay bribes, drink and take drugs. You can no longer bear it all mentally. It is indifferent to you when you die. dossier-50-ans-james-bond-girls-L-Fjy7qC.jpegIt might even be tomorrow. A gay offers you an encounter. You go into this business. With the money from him you can live. Offers you a job. You go into these structures. Openly, you say. I am a gay. Witnesses Jehovah give you a job, they give you a woman. You marry her. You go into their arrangement just to live. Is this freedom? Do not make me laugh. This is a hell created by sick people who think it will last forever and no one will destroy it. They give you the Bible that you pray, and it is okay. We will break down it.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
How can it be freedom in the jungle? Go into the jungle and try to move along it. You have to walk only on recognized paths. If you have to go to appointed roads you are not free. You can of course yourself pave the way by cutting the plants on it. In the capitalist jungle you take arms and kill. Lack of space. Hitler wanted to create a space starting a war with Russia. Not for this type of devilish structure could be Russia. God helped Stalin to defeat the fascist nation. Came as far as their capital. People, including Jews also paid a high price for this historic step. Now other task provided for in history.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
This shield protected them, before the earlier liquidation. You’re sick, you take drugs. You may die – and this is how you call it freedom. So you have a freedom regarding bad things. Luck of help. This is the shit. You’re in the shit, and shit will not help you. You begin to look how to improve your fate. Depart from your country; claim to be a refugee in another country. Why are you doing it? Because your country is bad for you. God gives me the opportunity to look at this formation.e8f03895507ba27c5631ec0c5fef623f.jpg I have found myself inside refuge camp, first time in my life, and I can see it in Moldova. Not bad. Write about it another time.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
There is no freedom in the thicket at the bottom. With great difficulty you penetrate to go forward even though a few steps. Freedom may be for trees at the top. They are under the sun. For them, the sun is shining. You’re in their shade. You do not see the sun. In the bottom covered with a shadow are developing various new elements hitherto unknown. New diseases. But there on the top is fine. They are free. They do not need anything more. They themselves will not let anything change. They do not understand the history. Somebody sometimes I guess will have to overthrow these trees, if they still will not allow for the initiation of the project. They would wake up faster at minus 40 degrees in Siberia.
Freedom in capitalistic jungle is just a word.
It was used as a shield during the communist period. Communism could not re-create formations that would be friendly to all people. I do not want to analyze it. I will not judge the history. All that was in the history was needed. No one can say that someone made a mistake there. So God wanted. It is hard to say and understand. Especially camps of death. Why it all happened? We will see in the next future. Nobody can change God plans. It is my opinion after I have analyzed my life.  We reached the next stage, and let no one tells me that there is not a right time yet. God has commissioned the task to me. I am writing this, I talk with you, but later it will be only Siberia for those who do not understand. Only a man may have such a kind of ideas. To do something not only for you and for your children. This is not true that it is only money important in your life.  If one thinks only about himself and his family that is not the human feeling. It’s simple feeling of an animal.
Why I am doing this instead of looking for the money,
working as an engineer. Having many professions and speaking some languages. God knows. I can not explain it.  I have analyzed my life and I have understood that there is no other way. Capitalism created first of all animals. Especially this new capitalism in Eastern Europe. Nothing more. Jungle creates various forms burdened with illnesses. You have to stay with them. If you do not want to be with them you get the label – discrimination, fascist, etc. Crazy level of jungle hell – freedom for infection. What a kind of freedom it is, if you have to endure it in your environment. You can not move to another place, because they are there. You feel bad. espion-qui-m-aimait-77-01-1-g.jpgYou take finally the weapon and go out into the street to shoot everybody. Then you get twenty years of prison.
And this is the Norwegian solution. So I will call it. The country, rich, sleeping on the money, stupid country. Typical powerless capitalist country. They do not read these my philosophical studies. It is not enough to have oil. I worked with them in a design office for a while but when I showed them mistakes they said goodbye. You may be stupid but obedient. You can even do nothing and just pretend that something you are doing. This way communism collapsed. That will not going to be in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. There will not be something that leads only to destruction. You have gold and you sell it. As long you live as long you have the gold. Then the end of the structure. I like one of the first Spielberg movies, where man is signing up for the organization and then he has everything. You can do nothing, you get money for free and you live. You can even sell your soul to the devil. You’re a prostitute. And such structures exist in the capitalist jungle too. Is this a freedom? Does your dog is free? Communism also has created this system for dogs. Capitalism, this system also supports. That will not be in the Kingdom of God. Previously announce it. In system like this we do not get to space flights. Only we can come to the final communist stage and lack of goods in stores.
If someone thinks that I am going to the revival communist structures let it forget today.
I’ve never been in the communist party – God saved me from that. I’ve never been communist director – God saved me too. He has protected me from many other things before. So He has saved me and I can perform the task. I feel clean and I can start the job for Him and for you.
The jungle is dangerous for a normal, living according to God and human nature.
But the capitalist jungle is – there. God can destroy it if we do not take care of it at present. We can organize the – clean and then you will live in it somehow. Poisonous, dangerous to other animals must be separated taken away of the jungle to another location. In Russia, will be created new cities, according to new previously unknown patterns. This is how it can be shortly summarized. Unneeded is the focus of everything in a small space. In the era of the internet and cameras do not need people stuffed rooms. But these are details, in the future to explain.o-JAMES-BOND-facebook.jpg Unneeded is the focus of everything in a small space. Will be unneeded, maybe even climbing up to the sun, as in the jungle. In the era of the internet and cameras do not need people stuffed rooms. But these are details, in the future article to explain. Europe’s urban jungle will be cleaned of all that is bad and dangerous to others. Will perform this task the Knights Cross and the Sword. No more the law of the jungle.
The jungle will be converted into a park.
The rules of fair competition. Like at the Olympic Games in London. In Russia will be build modern cities by all those excluded from the capitalistic jungles of Europe and later by others. Cities Gardens will function as gardens, not like jungles. Those who can not live normally, will be separated, but not to the prison cages in Europe. If you need compare – to the reserves. Like in Africa for wildlife. For an appropriate period of time they will not be able to return to Europe. Will be treated as patients in the hospital. For all those who can not withstand competition in Europe will be opened Russia. Get there contracts do not will have to close their businesses. Everyone will enjoy the work, home and family. There will be no suicides and tragedies of all kinds. Capitalist jungle in Europe will be taken under control. Not only will the money determine everything. The capitalists will can not throw money earned by them in the trash. Above all, they will keep watch the Knights Cross and Sword, supported by God. Law of the jungle will be replaced by the God law and nature law but not a wild nature – nature subordinate to man.
Capitalist jungle not born a good thing.
Born wild animals without ideals. Animals chasing only grub – money. Their food are other vulnerable animals and plants. In the jungle there is no law or God. The jungle is not a paradise. So, there is no place for God and compassion. In the capitalist jungle are just animal  feelings. Animals, which are no longer hungry, no longer attack. Lie like pigs in a sty and doing nothing. They have no ideals, no ambitions. Only money – food – the only ideal steering capitalist development. Animals that grew in the jungle will never be humans. Wild animals can not be changed in the home, friendly people. At least it is a very difficult task to perform. Bond 24 - PhotocallYou know, without any further theoretical discussion. They can only be deported and put on reservations in Russia. There, you can try to find ways to adapt them to new life – in a capitalist garden. capitalist jungle gives birth everything that is bad. Thus the capitalist jungle must be destroyed – transformed into a garden. You have to clean the jungle, delete everything that is bad and hinders human development. You have to remove everything, which makes turning people into something else, deadly animals, by diseases changed beings, not like that, what thought God when He created them. Wild, not feeling hunger animals are rested, and do not want anyone to interfere. Thus allow for anything. Allow for aberrations such as gay marriage.
Wild animals that had previously killed, ate other animals, will never be friendly to man.
They never will create human children. Their children will be wild, devoid of feelings animals. Jungle never brought up in their schools no one like me. Such can be only send on earth by God. You do not understand me and do not try to understand. You are simply not educated to that. You can only understand wild animals in the capitalist jungle. So you have been educated in your schools. Without ideals you were taught by other wild animals. Nobody said, that one can live differently, better. Everything against the existing savage order – it’s communism. So you were taught. I doubt that’ll convince you to something else, to any change. Wild animals can only live in the jungle and it is hard to adapt to life in other conditions. Adapting them to another life requires very great effort and time. Now you tell me that I am wrong. In the jungle also rise up people with ambitions, people like Spielberg and Travolta. These are only a few exceptions taken from the U.S. And they, eventually, are absorbed and converted in the jungle way. There are not enough to make a difference. Exceptions are of no significance. What, indeed can be seen. Without further comment.
Insidiously attacking wild animals can not reign in the capitalist market.
Will be introduced controls for instance of contracts. In addition to the owner of capital, in the contract are working people employed by him. Rules must be observed.  The owner of capital gets X money,  while others receive money Y for distribution among them. It can not be so that the owner of capital does what he wants. Increases his wealth at the expense of the people he employs for pennies and cheats them at every step.  Maintaining the high level of unemployment.  espion-qui-m-aimait-77-16-g.jpgState pays no benefits. People are working for very low money, and the owner of capital gets very big money. A group of people distributes contracts among them.  Corruption and falsehood in the whole country.  All in accordance with the law. Nobody controls. A lot earns on these contracts and will quickly rich. The Group does not allow new ones. Who has not succeeded before to steal, has already lost. This situation is in countries newly joined the European Union and beyond. These patterns thieves took over the other countries. The situation creates dissatisfaction of citizens in these countries. It is water on my mill. But, the rich certainly does not allow for the introduction of my project. They want to maintain a high level of unemployment. Even the crisis of the system is convenient for them. People coming back from overseas.  Is maintained the state of high unemployment. Statistics do not reveal that in Poland. This causes a migration to other countries of the Union. Count those who migrated and you will have the number of unemployed people previously not shown in the statistics. See how high is the level falsification of information in this country. Benefits for the unemployed very low or not paid. It makes no sense to register as unemployed. Most unemployed people do not have the means to live, and so it is already more than twenty years, on the street. You have to treat them now. Suicides, family breakdowns, hungry children. Here’s how it looks, that assessed on the basis of false statistics wonderful situation in Poland.
How to change it?
Nobody can be the owner of land or that which is permanently associated with it. Can be the owner of what comes out of it. You can not be the owner of the house; you can not get out of ground. You can not be the owner of, roads, railways, telegraph pole, river, swimming pool, tunnel, bridge with foundations and other things placed in the ground. You can not be the owner of a child. You can not be the owner of a dog, a cat, a cow, a horse and other living beings. You may be the owner of the milk, which gives the cow. You can not be the owner of the plant, which lives. You may be the owner of the fruit, which it gives. You may be the owner of movable property – non-living things.
What do the money?
It means to eat more, and lie on the beach. Ideals cease to play a role in human life. Got to the point that with the money is bought ones fame and blocked the path to fame others. That brings us to something abnormal. This is not true, not athletic behavior, not what should create human life. If food forms everything, we are not people. We are, shall we say openly, pigs.21-carey-lowell We are pigs, fed in a pigsty. World not only is not a paradise, but it is smelly, dirty dung, in which we live together with other pigs. In the pigsty there are no ideals. The only ideal is a food for pigs. One pig gives money to another pig, that had done for her, some swine task. Thus, no longer people, but pigs, rule the world. We need to restore humanity. We need to restore faith in God, what distinguishes us from the animals. The animal does not believe in God. As long as you are pigs, you’ll be at a low level of development. Our development is stopped. Pigs do not want anything besides food.  Capitalistic world has to come out from the world of pigs and enter the next phase, which will lead us to flights outside earth. And how to do it. You have to change the mentality of a pig. Food, money is not the most important in your life. Pig could understand something of it if we gave her freedom.  We keep her in the cage. We keep and feed her like the capitalist jungle feeds us. They make us be pigs. Teach us that we were real pigs in future. Then infect us with homosexuality. We are already worse than pigs. Not know who we are. We go out into the streets and shoot to everything what is bad.  And we have right. Everything is bad! As the poor Norwegian!
No I’m not, here, now, to show  further details.
What I’m doing is more important than anything else and what ever was in history. Believe me. I’m prepared for it all by God and appointed by him country Poland, which he  also  to this used. Germany has always helped me. And now I am counting on their historic turn in my direction. They know, but are afraid. That which was executed by Hitler was also controlled by God. I know that the Germans now afraid to do anything.  So it had to take place to Stalin came to the Berlin and destroyed all the German nonsense. Was born Germany – the new Germany.  I was born. Let’s go back to war again. God has provided them in costumes, with some elements of hell. Look what happened. Who did not know how to pray was killed in a terrible way, in the death camp in Poland. Now, I go out with my new emblems (Star of David), introduce the new order. I will eliminate Catholic Church, which does not meet  already for a long time  its God’s holy role. I do it with a German Pope.  Can you imagine this? Can you imagine the history sense?
We do not transform the capitalist jungle into the garden.
Forget about it. None can change the jungle into the garden. If we would like to do it it would be necessary to destroy the jungle. Just like Germans razed to the ground Warsaw during World War II. The gardens ad paradise we will create in Russia. What we can do is to keep the jungle as reservations. Institutions dealing with refugees in Moldavia organized a trip to a nature reserve in Moldavia.83c7936f0e2a690c044fe5a4ce4d31f1.jpg Now I know why God organized it for me. I comprehended the principle on which they maintain, nurture something that is close to extinction, total annihilation and liquidation. Farmer cuts a forest and assumes garden. In this way destroys everything that was there in the forest, animals, plants, the earth is empty. That we can not do at this time with capitalistic jungle. Apply the principle of not killing but change, healing the living units, the jungle animals, that are living in capitalistic jungle, we would have to deport it all to treatment centers in Russia and capitalistic cities razed to the ground. We have no choice. We have to leave the jungle, developed into reserve, which is under control. This reserve will be under the control of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Control of the reserve, covers everything. All items are checked. Measurements of temperature, other climatic measurements and checking the development of animals and plants. Move on to examples. Control of human diseases, deviations from nature. Search homosexuals, drug addicts, thieves, and people dangerous, aggressive towards other people. The analysis of operation, the different forms of jungle life. This will, for example, control of fair competition. Fair competition is generally not possible in the jungle. This wild jungle animals, not people. How can you wild animals, teach the rules existing in the sport. In the circus, even lions are trained. You can, then, say that everything is possible but under the control of trainer. Trainer will be the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Applying the principles of control used in the reserve, we can analyze how to maintain the capitalist jungle in Europe. Generally, it will be about the diseases  and the deformations from nature of human beings.
Our task is to maintain the existence of the human race.
We can not allow the metabolism of people, into something different, something deformed, hideous, ill. This sick will replace the normal man. This sick will be lead on in Parliaments ruled in companies. Just like ruled, within the English Company – Savant, I worked with  in Kazakhstan at  the construction of the center of the Asian Winter Olympics Games.  We will give jungle and its animals to live in the reserve. But we need to reign, to control. For example the development of homosexuality must be stopped.  Permission for further development of this will lead to the liquidation of everything. In what way it will be removed. God will find his terrible, the ultimate way – see, for example, Sodom and Gomorrah. This may sounds as a joke, for those who do not believe in God, but in themselves only. Communists did not believe in God and they lost. But that was the phase in history, and it had to be. The element of faith in God is decisive for the development of the World. Therefore, this part of my project plays a decisive role. Jungle can not believe in God. Located in the jungle you lose faith in everything. You lose faith not only in God but in yourself.
You are powerless.
Going out into the streets and you shoot, because you have nothing to lose. Lost faith and hope in everything. You do not want to live in this world and in this environment. You do not believe that anything can be changed. You take drugs and die. You give yourself for a homosexual, because you already do not want to be normal. You see beggars around, sickness, hunger. You ask – how God allows it. God does not allow that. It all starts to be so ugly that you can no longer look at it. That is God who is showing it for you from a different point of view. Film - Britt EklandBrings you to the point where you begin to get acquainted with my project and you start to believe that this is the only way to continue the historical direction. That’s why he sent me here, to explain it to you. I do it in stages, while analyzing, comparing. Until the autumn, when it will happen, the announced end of the World . This is precisely the end of the World. The end of the old and the beginning of a new one.
Let us return to the analysis of the reserve, which will be the next step, historical, for the capitalist jungle.
As we told ourselves we can not destroy it. We want it to leave but in a new form, controlled by the reactivated German order of knights, with little changed, crest, on the coats. We know how dangerous is the uncontrolled development of a single species. For example, locusts eat everything, and leave eaten away empty field. In the reserve you need to keep the biological balance. And that’s the rule. Imbalances may be different. Consecutively can be analyzed. Corruption, unemployment and other items. Imbalances may be different. Consecutively can be analyzed. Corruption, unemployment and other items.
be continued