In the whole system there is something that bothers you. It is a big something. This is not a trifle. This is the foundation. It will shortly smash and everything will collapse. If not enough horrors it will be more of them. There will be a new horrors, until it all will not be crushed. If these unhappy will understand that after death there is another kind of existence, it will be more escapes in the other area, designed for the dead bodies. This everything will fast approaching. Since there’s no possibility of life such as you want, people will run away. They will look for exit there. If can not find the exit elected by them people who have the opportunity to take a decision and start the changes, you have to go away from this world. Why this my project can not be by them at the moment approved?2458_20151215_3608.jpg Because they are just like as one of you. They also can not make think differently than you. They can not exceed the limit laid down by those who raised them and taught in college. They can not cross the barriers, laws of jungle. Union with the old.  Union with the history. Union with the environment. You can also  live in the shit and especially, if you will sit in it for a long time and no one will help you  to escape. There are individuals, which have enough of everything. These individuals face the street with a gun and destroy the objects of his environment. The explosion of a bomb, which it has been created in them by environment – by the jungle. Jungle creates them. Jungle creates homosexuals, assassins, corruption and other diseases. Jungle infects healthy individuals with her diseases. Nobody can manage change it. You can only cry, like President Obama did. My project he is not going to accept. He will rather accept other solutions. He can accept gay marriage and other diseases. And what is this? 1450180928Where we are going? Into the hell! Yes! In Poland, corruption is considered to be something normal. Michael, my friend, explains to me that the state employees have to take bribes. They all know that a government officials will be taking bribes. Therefore the clerk salary is low. Is it not crazy jungle created polish bribe system. Attachment to the system. Acceptance of shit. God has liberated me from everything. I’m not a slave. I can now analyze this crazy jungle system. Otherwise it would be impossible for me. Just as you I would consider it all my project as unreal. My biography is wide. They asked me why I had so often changed jobs. I can not explain it. It only God knows. Perhaps He wanted to protect me. Explanation will be later. That’s enough for now, about me. A man who works for a long time at the same place, performing the same actions stops thinking. He is no longer suitable for anything else and is not suitable for the job which he does. If there is some new problem he will not solve it. Downtime will happen. Like the machine failure. Someone has to come from the outside and fix the machine. Comes the manager. He also has a definite program. He also no longer thinks. If the program is does not sufficient for the solution of the problem, comes director. 005_4 (1).jpgDirector also does not think. He also is a machine with the program. In this way in the factory, nothing new can enter. No invention allowed. Peace and sleep. Let it be better like earlier. Machinery defend itself from new. Machines want to perform their activities that they know. Otherwise will be set aside and replaced with others. Before you introduce something new, you have all the machinery provided with the new programs. Sending  employees on courses takes a lot of time and costs money. Machines do not think. They are surprised always. With great difficulty they receive something new. Machines are not flexible. Machines have very limited opportunities to adopt new. In the brain there is no room for new ones. Often you do not manage to open the door and enter. The man fired from his job is no longer capable to do anything more. Released is like a dog kicked out onto the street. How to force you to think. The lower position – the smaller program. In higher positions is bigger program but also the program is limited. 19xx-14Managers also cease to think when utilizing still the same program and doing repetitive tasks. After a certain time they lose flexibility and can no longer solve new problems. But the jungle prefer them. Long time they work in a factory. The owner of the factory takes care about them. Ithis a factory, evolved into a man, in a mindless machine. The worst is that these individuals are opposed to everything new. Their brains are no longer able to accept the new program. In this way we go to crisis. The plant, whose product is old, bankrupt. In this way we come to a stop of development in the jungle. The jungle is bad and needs to be changed. The system makes the people be slaves. This system, in which the slaves are at the bottom, doing simple tasks where they do not have machines to replace the slaves and on top supervisors is bad. Recently I talked with Peter, an American, who is at the very top of the organization, in which I have  found refuge like a dog taken from the street. Now I have a place where to sleep, but I have still no money. I ran out of food, which I received from them and I will be forced up to walk on Orthodox churches and ask for a piece of bread.6717278.jpg Peter explained that the organization does going to help more. They stopped the payment of money for me after three months, although other people get help for a period of six months. You have two healthy hands and you can work – said Peter. Peter, who managed to find in his life the supervisor position can not understand how important  is my job. USA does understand it also. Peter is is for me the one of the representatives of this nation and his opinion is certainly their opinion. Instead of searching in Google, you should work. He is not interested in the fact that I am an experienced engineer. I wanted to get a job here at Avion design office. Deputy Director gave me a steel structure to calculate and promised to take me to work. I have fulfilled the task. Unfortunately, he has not given me the promised work. He will give this work for his colleague, who still has not solved the structure. He called him, when I appeared with the solution and he saw that I was a better engineer constructor then him. 1376569837Another man who tricked me in Moldova. Where else you can find here a job – I asked him. The Institute of Mechanization. I have sent my CV out there, but I have received no response. I have to run away to EU, like advice me Peter. I do not want to be a slave here, working just for the food. I sit in shit. This what I’m doing has no future. You are too dumb to get something out of it, to understand. Without my girlfriend, which was used against me and moved away from me. What do they want here to show me? That they make me a slave? On Monday I’ll go once again to the police and the prosecutor, who is nearby. If it will be a trouble, I’ll ask you for assistance. I learn Dutch and I am going to leave Moldova as soon as I have managed some money. Of course, they have here the job for slaves  refugees from different countries. The money is one hundred euros per month. You work in the clothing factory. Of course I can not work there. If they  transform me into a machine I will not be able writing for you. Is this the aim of Peter from USA.  The slave does not think. The machine perform the same actions every day. I will be not a human any more. I have to think and create still new texts that show you the bad system we have in the jungle. Here, in the center of the refugees are only three computers. I can not freely write to you next texts. descarga-1I have access only when people go to the factory. What are you to do in this factory? – I asked George, my colleague from Georgia. You just only go to work every day. And that’s just what it is. You come to the factory, and like a robot perform everything mechanically. It is no longer hard for you. You do not think. Director is also a robot. The whole plant of machines. After work you have to reach for alcohol or drugs, if you want to avoid the bomb, which grows in you. Nobody controls what is wrong with you. No one understands that my project solves an important problem. Control of all provides safety and ensures freedom. I want to convert slaves  in people and the jungle in garden. This task will start the Order of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. For that unification of Europe with Russia is needed. Kingdom of Europe and Russia will solve all problems. But you do not want it. I understand. You’re not people and this is unnecessary for you. Robots do not need it. Robots do not feel anything. These are machines. Robots do not think. They perform designed for them  limited operations. Do not go beyond the limits. Unfortunately, my project exceeds your limits and that’s why I get it. God wants to help me, but does it slowly. I also want to live and have a woman and money that will give me other things needed by people. What do you need beeing robots you know yourselves. I’m not going to analyze it here. What do you need as the people you do not know it yet. You will know it when transformation of jungle in the garden will happen. They refused asylum in Moldova for George, and this is my best friend. I wish he would to stay here. No one will take me to the pub. I will not be able to drink Moldovian wine when having no money.parad (1).jpg I have nothing to eat. I do not have my girlfriend. It will be necessary to ask the prosecutor and the police to help recover my passport and my things and just leave. Maybe to Austria, as me encourages George. Returning to the theme of the production system created by the jungle, it is clear that the system is inimical to human. Turns human into a robot that does not think. Prefers these individuals, which do the same job for many years. Therefore prefer individuals  that do not think. They are afraid of any change, will not do any new work. These are not people any more and they do not want to be people again. They want to be what they are – machines. Recently my friend the medicine doctor from Syria complained about  workers center of refugees. This caused a panic. I felt sorry for them. Jungle created a system that eventually I will break. The system, which caused another crisis. The system, which stopped the further development of all. About it they are not writing as they afraid and  know  this may cause a revolution. It will be more rebellions. It will be more of such horrors as in the USA, in the school. zafranObama did not respond to my suggestions and I am sure that there will be the next horrors, which have to convince,  wake up people turned into robots. God will do this. I’m quite sure. There is nothing more I can do. I am a man. I want to have my girlfriend – Romina. I want to have here or somewhere else some sort of job in the construction office or on the site. There are still jobs, where you have to think. Jobs for good engineers. And I am very god. I must have what I want. Otherwise I will leave where they will give me money. I am not going to be a slave in Moldova and I will not be a slave of anyone in the world. Even of God. I will give it up all. Girl case I will give to the prosecutor if they will keep her away from me. I’ll leave this country and never come back here. God and others do not have a way out. I have already enough of it all. Continuation, maybe will be.