We’ll gradually get to know God and His law. Otherwise than in the Middle Ages. There were commandments given to these simple people we can call them even – animals. Do not kill, do not steal, and so on. We’ll be getting closer to God. Closer still closer to the universe. God will make our next doors openable and we will go out farther, still farther beyond Earth. If you call a man an animal present, in the future we will have to change the name of the individual who will be able to fly out on a new planet. The level of development, on which we currently are not allow you to understand. We are at the level of development of the animal, which is not able to understand anything yet. Therefore, the gates to the universe are still closed.06717236-1 Communists were animals placed even lower, uneducated workers and peasants, not being able to understand anything, just decided disbelieve in God. This is what the Catholic religion was and was not acceptable for an animal who already went to school and could read. You must believe and not ask. This was the teaching of Jesus. Jesus was a carpenter and he did not understand more. Apostles just do not understand and did not believed in Jesus. It was Jesus tragedy. They sold Him and he was crucified.  It was the only way to study religion. Do not ask me who is God, because I do not know and you will not understand, even if they would tell me something more. The Catholic religion is a religion older than the the middle ages – two thousand years. Religion Mohammad, a medieval religion – one and a half thousand years. We can say that it was good, only way, for the animals at that time. It was God decision. ui14061920241Animals were then not prepared to know more. But they had to know something just to be better. Just a little higher level of animal. For animals contemporaries, is this religion already outdated. My job is to move out you to the next stage. Complete output from the animal world to the human world that God created for you to leave the Earth, when will the the time. And this time is just approaching with quick steps. All science will go forward. Barriers will no longer exist. More closer to God. We will gradually learn how to go out from the world of animals. Ten commandments is not enough to stop to be an animal. I do not have a final theory like Mohammad. It’s all open and will continue to grow, with the development of the world, and with converting the animal in man, who will be able to leave the Earth. Religion, like other sciences will be science opened. This what I write at the moment can only have understand some individuals. One of these will be for example I am sure it – Steven Spielberg. Others will define it as spam. It is not enough that someone has finished university even considered the best in the USA and in the world. Knowledge, which you received is only one percent of the knowledge, which can help to understand what I have and I want to do for you. 0_a9d49_86e5b409_XL.jpgAnd this is not enough to understand even one percent from my project. That’s why you can not support me. And I understand it and I continually write and tech you. But you do not want to read it. I turn to animals like Jesus Christ, with his theory, two thousand years ago. But I finally will be successful. So say the predictions. It’s only a matter of time. Jesus knew that he will be crucified. Poor Jesus. But he knew he would not die. While on the cross he could not stand and spoke to God. God, why have you abandoned me. But it was all in accordance with God’s plan. Then was followed what God has planned – Catholicism and Islam. It was necessary. This history is already completed at this time, when I have appeared, with a new mission from God. The elected by God, passed for animals that what they could then pass on. I am trying now to pass on more for you, but you are animals and you are still in the Middle Ages. Thousands of years have passed and nothing has changed – it’s terrible. More and more people on Earth. Chinese people have problems. It’s time to move on to the next step.1450180952-1 You still can not decide. In Poland, the animals, without shame and feelings, think about Hitler. Hitler wanted an alliance with Poland. It’s a shame that my theory does not reach the Polish animals, which expelled the Jews. Besides, the Jews would not be able and do not want to live in this cemetery at the moment. This place is nothing important yet. The Jewish cemetery will be the center from which everything will be radiated soon. The new religion, new science, everything. It will be like the sun on the Earth. But now Polish animals will not help me. Communists rejected God and wanted to remain in this way on Earth. But it was stupid idea. What about the natural increase of the population. Chinese people, where is communism, slay unborn children. This is the stage where lead theory of communism. Of course, such a theory was from beginning not acceptable for God. It was a fantasy. 1376659767Communism was ended and you have to understand it. It was a stage in the history and this stage was needed. I’m not criticizing, I do not criticize the past and the people who dead. I am not destroying the monuments. They made what God wanted.  I’m not an animal from Poland. I’m already rather closer to the English Queen. God does not love us at this moment (bomb attack in Boston, killed and wounded), but wishes us success. It is difficult for Him to love what we do. In Poland there are remaining communists animals and from them will not come out nothing positive for my project. World must help me to start with creation that what God wants. God sent me for guiding you to a new era. Get out of the jungle to the gardens of God – to Paradise. I Need at the beginning to create the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Alone, I will not do it all. I need your support. At the beginning Poland. Then the Kingdom of Europe and Russia, and finally the whole world we will transform in Paradise. Time is out. We have to start ASAP. You have to end the terrorism, stop homosexuality and other diseases. Secret Service should discuss it at international meetings.