Once again, I see coffin. The woman. They bring her body to the church. World of dead is very close, approaching me. Not only alive, take part in all that, what I do. Who has a bigger part in this. Alive or dead. I want to revive the Order of Teutonic Knights from Jerusalem. But it will not be the same order. I designed for him new mark, in which is the star of David, the angel, the sword and the cross. That’s about their appearance the prophecies say – angels with swords. Polish history that you can not imitate. Something that was can not be rebuilt. Just as Warsaw should not be rebuilt, and as monuments can not be rebuilt. The Teutonic Knights, who were given land in Poland by the Duke of Mazovia. How is it close to my project and how far from it. Black cross on a white coat. Hitler transformed their cross in the broken cross. zafranTeutonic Knights with their black crosses and Hitler with his depressing signs had gone, disappeared. Communism with its palaces climbing to heaven. Went to heaven, but not to God. Were designed to show might of the working people. Remained as sad monuments of communism. In my project also is shown palace. But this a temple, which goes up to a relationship with God. Outside the Earth. This is the goal. Characters are not depressing. This is optimism. Faith that God is with us and will always be. All similar, but everything is different. And that is why it is so difficult to understand for people. They can not associate the other way. Nobody taught in schools. There are no other teachers. It is jungle and its schools. Communist theorists were saying, and continue say it mistakes were made. Similarly is said that Hitler committed errors. Nobody committed mistakes and everything was as it was supposed to be. We have come to a historic step, which will decide on the further development of the world. rivne_na_meji_2011_all-54_1And it all will start in the center, which formed the history of Europe, Poland. God has separated me from everything, just like any other people in history (Buddha). Have prepared this project, which is so difficult for you to accept. In your minds are barriers. You are slaves of jungle. The slave do not invent anything. Is incapable of thinking. You think that you are free. You are so free, like a dog tied to his doghouse. You need a mental shock. Earthquakes, and more. Tear chains. Otherwise, you will not get away from the Middle Ages. If I will not do my project you never will go beyond Earth. You will be here. You will simmer in the jungle, which does not give you free to breathe and think. You will be killed by war, natural disasters, and messengers of God with a gun on the streets. You will be infected with diseases by the sicks who are among you. You will never be in paradise, to which I have a task you lead, by entering the project Kingdom Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God.