I do not know what are you waiting for – the silence of the sheep. It was so good to you. Europe gave money for roads. In short – the chosen ones of God. You did not know why. And it is all God has planned. Also these roads. How can the center of Europe not to have the best roads in Europe? It’s all waiting for. Again, those who do not believe in God laugh at what I say. Let them laugh while they still can. Later, in Russia, making them familiar with working with God. Will build the temple, as the slaves built the pyramids in Egypt. This is my interpretation of your history from yours universities. Most willingly would have chosen your own king. How is it? God will choose? Who is God? After all there is no God? Maybe you already have your own king. You have a lot mother fuckers waiting for money only in Poland. He will not do anything except what you let him do. He even will approve gay marriage, at your command. God will not hear your voices as escapes from the Nazi hell shit. God will not be leaning over the shit. It stinks! Turned back from you! Young people going abroad. Also do not want to leave from Moldova. I have no pleasure to go back there, but I have to do it. I will be there only until the construction of capital in Russia is finished. I will build quickly. Homosexuals themselves are in millions. These are people mostly of the large store of knowledge, but sick. There, in Siberia, under the eye of God will heal. Because it will be a holy place as they say in church. There also will go some Catholic priests to read the new religion. There will be discovered in details. By next year I would like to make a film about Jesus. To reveal the truth. Close the era of Jesus and open a new era with a new calendar. The beginning of a new era and the first year and not 2013. Thirteen was recognized as the unhappy number. I’m on the street and also still alive. But if the sheep in Poland will continue to be silent will go to a refugee camp and finish the entire project in this way. They in Poland live now at the Jewish cemetery and think that everything will be fine. I recommend them to see the film by Steven Spielberg and sober finally. I am their last chance. Understand that finally, sheep heads. Believe that God exists. Not only can kill the groups in the aircraft. People kill each other, as in Kyrgyzstan. Whether further examples are needed?I will cure all diseases. Centre conversion into a paradise, and then it may be the capital of Europe. Count homosexuals. Start with the liquidation of prisons and do my next command. Or leave you like sheep and let the bear take care about you.