The Order of Knights will be to detect and stop hazards from all sides. Order will be outside the law and beyond everything. Similarly, the king would be over all. Only in this way, you will go out with me from the hell. I guarantee you this with my life. I do not have to convince you. The law is not sufficient to ensure your security within the social group. Religion is not enough that people believe in God and be good. God does not want such a religion. History, psychology, education, customs, codes, social norms – all bad – to throw in the garbage. We have around sick people. These sick people bringing up children and their children become infected. Teachers are ill. Total epidemic. The Order is to detect disease and stop its development. It is the only action at this moment possible. In the future, the current law will be replaced by something else. Times have changed and what in the Middle Ages was considered normal is now ubnormal. We are entering a new era. The new religion. A man goes out and kills people. Religion did not help and not help your law. People demonstrate in the streets because they lost work or for other reasons. You take it calmly, and you think that nothing can come of it. You feel safe? The next step is just a revolution. You will accept what I proposed, or it will be transformed all in the revolutions. Then you lose everything. Here is what God is preparing for you, if you will not prepare the throne for me in autumn this year. History has not taught you anything?