Accustomed to the right to elect, on the Earth, let forget about it. The King has been chosen by God. Delegates from Europe and Russia should provide either two crowns either two parts of one of the crown, which can be combined into one and put on King head. In each of these crowns should be requested features of a combined Kingdom. Connecting pieces should have a distinctive elements – the elements of Polish, Jewish, partitions, fighting, romanticism with Mickiewicz and others. In parts of Russia must be: Lenin and Stalin. All that was needed was in history, because it leads to this magnificent moment when we will save the world from extinction. After completion of the coronation ceremony, the signing of protocols that go with the Kingdom. Then feast, with tables full of food in the style of the East with the participation of teams from Europe and Russia and the world. It would be nice if in this ceremony participated Spielberg and Travolta, Moore, Cruise, Damon, Polanski, Brosnan, Woody Allen, H. Ford, H. Grant, Phoenix, Crowe, Craig, and many others. Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Liv Tyler, Monica Bellucci, Angelina Jolie, N. Kidman, S. Hayek, S. Bullock, J. Alba, Bo Derek, N.Portman, Cher, Pussycat Dolls – sway, Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lady Gaga, Amy Weinhouse(died) – you know I am no good, Jehro – all I want, Paul Mc Cartney, Sophie Ellis Bextor, John Fogerty, Wynonna Judd and some more. From Russia and Ukraine some older songs. Some in Spanish, Franch, Italian, German, Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages. You can do all in the Palace of Culture and Science or in another building.