Knights of the Cross and the Sword will replace the law, religion and other items that are useless in the new life of man in society. Thus is introduced a new religion and the new law, and other new elements of science, education, and life on earth. People protesting, but do not know yet why. The most common example is Poland. People no longer protest. People are sick of the hatred. They hate not only Jews. They hate everything and each other. Turn away from religion and from God. In this way, there are different kinds of behavior caused by the disease. Corruption, fraud and so on. Tension discharge films, computer games, sporting events, alcohol and others. What is going next? Arabs are not drinking and smoking. We see what is going on with them now. You have to improve everything and create something safe for all.You, at the top who have money and power, you do not want to change anything. You, at the top who have money and power, you do not want to change anything. That is how it always works. I have the money, it is okay and I do not think about what will be tomorrow. Help for the poorest is not enough. Hell remains unchanged. Signals from God do not help. You’re afraid of change and in this way lead to self-destruction. You analyze my project and so far it is unacceptable. People with money do not want changes and do not see threats. In this way, as shown by the history you lead to a revolution designed to overthrow the order. As always, order is maintained by those who are at the top and they are removed. Most frequently are killed. Nothing will help you. You are not presidents. But you choose presidents, thanks to the power of money. Of course, this project you would accept but ….. and here is where you have your suggestions, what is acceptable for you. I say to you at this moment that you can not interfere. You are not yet at this stage that allow you designing and redesigning the project. For you this is science fiction. You are too far away from it all. You are too far away from understanding. You must first be cured from different things. For now, you have to accept it as a religion without the analysis and questions. You have to believe me, if you do not want to drown in the shit, in which you still manage to swim. You must accept the project without any of your variants, and the time limit set. Otherwise you will be destroyed. They were already kings who wanted to wait. It always ended badly for them. For the first time in history, try to rescue from destruction. The project has acceptance of God. He has sent me to you, so I have designed and must be implemented. Accept it or die. I have a choice. I can go and not do it. I am waiting for your help, your money. It has been a long time. Such a simple clear and easily understandable project even for stupid idiots is still waiting for your support. You are waiting. You are still okay. You do not care about tomorrow! Only your money today is important. This is your way. Cabaret – money makes the world go around. And soon after – nazi death camps!!!