A dog bit me in the leg, I can not shave the growing fast beard for several days and take a shower. God pushed me to the very bottom before this important task which I have to do – I have to be a beggar. Do I have to take pictures – here, people see me and can confirm. Cleans me. Dumps me down by different human hands and then the punishment of those who dropped me and do not understand what and why it was. Director of the project office in Poland released me from my work. They did not give me permission to design the architecture. Ill, lost weight, divorced and left the town. I later learned that the director (he did not believe in God) died unexpectedly of brain cancer one month after I was fired from design office in Poland. They did not broadcast this – totally scared. I liked the director. Performed the task and was taken to God, was just no longer needed. In fact, all sequentially in my life was needed to let me lead up to this point the most important. Impact with everything perfectly in God’s wonderful design. How it all you can plan and execute. Fantastic! I will not analyze the topic. I do not know details. When I get to the throne I will know more. I did not know nothing, although He showed me signs. Now I know. Maybe it’s not well, I do. But why were the signs of His? So I found out. What’s next? Without your help, without the help of people on earth, will do nothing. If somebody thinks that God does everything for them and they just are supposed to pray and read Bible is wrong. If it would be so, like you think is not need for me to be here. Either you will understand something of it all, or God will punish you again. You have no way out. The sooner we start the better. Do something to stop my passion. Give me the hand and we will do something wonderful on the Earth. We will save it under my leadership with His help. Everyone must confirm his participation. From this point you begin to believe, want and keep your fingers crossed. God will not do it himself. If someone says it in the church – is wrong. God can only help us or completely destroy if will have no choice!