I’m on the street already longer than three weeks. Without sleep, and normal eating. At the expense of my own health I try to start the Project. But I see such a strong opposition from the Polish side, I better leave it to God to solve. I will not do it myself. He must help me. Let He do something that will convince you that He really can decide about everything.We’ll see what Europe and Russia say and other countries whose project concern. You can not leading the Europe and even exist. Again Hitler will be born there and do the extermination camps on a larger scale. For anything else it is not suitable. Will free you all with gas. In this hell just such a project can be expected. God has already eliminated the one that wanted to turn this hell into one big prison and restore the death penalty. Died like in show with hundred colleagues together. But all this does not get to you. You are the herd of dumb animals that do not believe in God. You were so educated by the Catholic religion. You go to church, but you do not believe in God. So you are in hell. You do not believe that somebody can change it. You have done a hell and not let get to it to anyone who wants to clean up. Your youth goes away and does not want this country even to remember. You should meet such a thing as it shows Steven Spielberg. Have built in the Jewish cemetery. God has allowed you to exist and is now waiting for your decisions. You still keep not understand history. Stop be fools and start to belive in God. Why Stalin and Russia have allowed you exist independently? You understand nothing – polish, stupid, hell country. It was historically needed and prepared for me now. You still expect, you can avoid it? Stupid polish gays from country side. You will be leveled to the ground as Warsaw in second war if you will still keep being idiots. Fools from a village, you do not understand what I try to explain for months. Will be bad with you, if you will not understand what I am telling you. God is still waiting for me. If I am tired, then he will begin his work with you. Not in another country, but there in Poland with you. This is my project and I wish to be so. He will do what I want! He believe in me and I believe in him. Go to the hell. That is what I said in Kyrgyzstan to the man who in the same night set fire to the building and died. And this is what with you should happen. I see naked Jewish women from the Netherlands, walking to the showers, In a moment will come out deadly gas. Then their bodies will be burned. At the cemetery grew up criminals, homosexuals, thieves, murderers, and the desire killing sick people. Profanation of the cemetery and God. You do not care about the future of Europe and the world, because you are boors, dimwits from the countryside. It’s about you Wyspianski writes. You had yokel a golden horn….It is shame to be a citizen of this country. I will help you get out of hell in the autumn or God will destroy you. Just believe me!