I just wanted to go away and leave it all like Jesus Christ did. Jesus did not die! God saved him! God allowed Jesus go away but does not allow me. Apparently He is confident I will do the Project. American wrote to me. He advised me to read the Bible, because probably I did not read it. He advised me to take the normal work and not this way looking for money. Finally wrote – all your Project has no direction. I have not read the Bible. I’ll write my own book about my life and relations with God. It will be interesting and similar to Bible. I wrote back – good people, like him, will be moving to me and the evil will leave. And this is the direction he mentioned. I will have the best people. Just us God will help to develop quickly and fly to new planets. The new year will be the first year of a new era. There will be no 2013. American silent after my explanation. He put down his Bible and thinking hard, smoking his pipe. I advised him to stop smoking. Did not send me any money, even the smallest. Does not want to help me. Does not want to help God. Other American suggested me to work in the U.S. and it was the good job. Special services blocked. They help God and force me to the continuation of what I do. Apparently, know I will do it. I have to torture you and convince you further. Without your help will do nothing. Who of you will assist me first? I speak as to the dead, cold stones.