Head of State

Your Excellency

Hereby, I confirm my readiness to take over power in the Kingdom of God (KG), whose creation would begin on the day of the coronation in autumn 2012. King Head Office (KHO) would be located in the capital of the new Europe in the reconstructed Royal Castle in Warsaw. King’s first task would be rebuilding of Teutonic Order – Knights of Cross and Sword (KCS). Headquarters of the Order would be Castle in Malbork, and other objects in the ancient lands of the Teutonic Knights. King of Europe and Russia would simultaneously be Grand Master of the Knights of Cross and Sword. King’s next task would be to choose the place in Russia for the construction capital of the Kingdom of God (with new KHO). This may be the Yenisey River region – Siberia (E = 87, N = 63). In this area would be created treatment centers and building site of the capital of the Kingdom of Europe and Russia (KER). There would be transported prisoners from the closed prisons in Europe and after from other countries. King would have the right to issue new and make changes in regulations and standards in all areas of life without the need of prior consultation and approval by anyone. Following the King’s new laws will be transported there, homosexuals, drug addicts, and others now considered healthy. Freedom but monitored (cameras and other methods of monitoring by KCS). The King would be the supreme authority. The King may change Heads of Governments or members. Previously selected countries will join the Kingdom in the name of God, which represents here the King as the highest authority on earth. The countries are full of sick people who will be sent to Russia for treatment. They do not have the right to choose and judge what is good. Have no voting rights. God does not ask them for permission. send his Crusaders, if necessity. Outbreaks of plague must be liquidated. Automatically countries listed earlier, will be part of the Kingdom and will participate in the first action – cleaning Europe. The protest against this action will be considered to be directed against God. Existing realms will also be inside the Kingdom of God as subkingdoms. The money spent on maintenance of prisons will be needed for the construction of the capital of the Kingdom of God. Some of next tasks – projects of changes in religion, history, law, psychology, education, science, ….. architecture, sports, in other areas of life. Changes in culture and art, media, family life, raising children, recreation, work, rest, entertainment, lifestyle. New norms of coexistence and behavior – examples of relations: women and men, female – female, male – male, man and nature, man and the city, student – teacher, child – mother, child – father, a man and film, theater and man, a man and shapes for him in the environment and many other topics. I will write about this in the following texts if I do not die on the street where I am now. We will get rid the borders. Entrepreneurs can invest safely all over the area if they do not know how, we will help them. Labor force will not be forced to move in the absence of jobs in their own district. Many other great benefits. In short, I take you under Gods wings, like an angel sent by God to earth. See figure in the crest. You remain silent like sheeps. You do not know what you want now. You want to be better, but that homosexuals thieves and murderers in prison leave in peace. You like them? For this, however, I do not agree, as the first after God. We will see not only an epidemic but new warnings from God. Everybody will die.It is not a way! Nobody wants to help me financially. I have to ask this way about supporting me. I need it now. It is emergency!

Best Regards