I can not get money from you! I know. You see, I will overthrow all your myths. If you are the normal, then I must be abnormal, according to the package of your ratings. Connecting Europe with Russia and more – is abnormal. Liquidation of prisons – abnormal. Treatment of homosexuals and others who are off-limits – abnormal. If I walked with you ahead – gay marriage – this is normal. But I want to go in the opposite direction – abnormal. Controlled Freedom – abnormal.You go right ahead – drugs can be taken. If someone dies, did not want to live, that’s her business. You do not care what happens to others, because you will not help themin that your normal life, busy. Only your life is important and your shitty money. Man goes out killing people. Does not matter it is not a first time. You are helpless. God had to send me, to help you. You do not want to help me. You have your rights, which since the Middle Ages have been considered normal. You have your religion and the Bible even older. It was possible live in the Middle Ages. Why change it now! Nobody even wonder that all this is to be replaced. These with money do not want change and these without money do not have time to think – hard work. From this escape, protest, homosexuality, and drugs. The protest can be music and that is okay. Amy Weinhouse came into drugs and dead. For you normal. Freedom does not controlled. Nobody does not help anyone. I understand it, I am a man. A man sent by God, not for approve the elements of the protest – homosexuality, drugs, and others. God has sent me, that I have found a way out for you in another life in which everything will be different and everybody will be happy. First of all, no one will want to die and will not be killed – this is the first task.You will not want to die, because no longer will live in the hell. Everyone will be doing what he likes and what he wanted. These are my plans for you abnormal. Do you have a normal life – I will not discuss what it is. It is shit!!! But you have become accustomed to shit. And now I come. God has not given me anywhere to stay (to be director or someone with money), did not allow live normally. I want to change, because I fuck your normal life. I fuck your principles, your right, your history, your habits, your illness (gay) that you like. I wonder who is blocking my project. I guess people with money who are okay and afraid of any change. I warn them now seriously. If I take over the kingdom at a time that is appointed, you will be under my care. Once you not create me the terms to take over power you can expect even death. God will prepare you a bloody revolution. They may also be various natural elements to make it more fun, for example an earthquake. Those who can not understand it on Earth will be killed and sent to God.