Generally, it’s about breaking myths. Almost everything is a myth. These myths are remnants of the Middle Ages. An example. How can you, read the Bible, and do not believe that God can send someone new to the earth because it is already time for that. You will not decide whether I will be your guide, because God decides this. Now you go with me into something which looks like a dream. It’s hard to change old apartment to new. You have to be young. Everyone will be young, because you will follow me. Behind us, there will be nothing. You have no output and the way back. Everything behind us will be destroyed. Broken bridges. There is no return. I am not leaving anyone. Everyone will follow me like the Jews followed Moses. I do not know how Moses persuaded the Jews to follow him, but I am more than Moses, than Jesus and Mohammed. I was prepared for this and I have knowledge. I think my life has been destroyed and uninteresting precisely because God was preparing me for this job now. If anyone thinks that he can stop it ….. He must be really equal with God. For me, it will not be play with you. That is not nice to do something for you, do not have a girl and do not have a personal life. If anyone has any suggestions let it keep for himself. If I want I will have the band and I will sing. None will interfere in my life. I am above you and beyond what would you wanted, and what do you like, because you have your medieval codes of practice. I am not your president. You have not right assessing me, criticizing and teaching. As you have not right teaching God. You can be punished for it. I will not apply any of your suggestions. If I would be like you I would not help you and help the World. I know it is strange for you, more strange, that gay who says – I am gay. You are just sick! And your problem is to know it finally! Understand it and allow me to do what I have to do. It is all what I need from you.