Muslim leadership has decided to not give me a ticket on the bus. Without money, without food products. Now I can not even go to church to ask for a piece of bread. The reason is a bad evaluation, which I received from the Romanian language teacher. She is also closely associated with the team managers. Her boyfriend is one of the muslim from Afganistan. Two phone calls to muslim manager did not gave the result. I do not understand Americans. They have sent here such a fool like Peter, who constructed organization unfriendly for me and other people with different religion. I hope that whoever will come after stupid Peter, will improve his mistake. What is going on. Where we are? In Afganistan? It is Moldova the orthodox religion country. It is not Turkey although it is not so far and this is probably the reason why Peter made mistake.8511a49dgy4do.jpg The management need to be totally changed on the orthodox accepted in Moldova. I received proposals to transition to Islam from Said my friend from Syria. I know that this way I would have prizes and a fucking cheep but needed  ticket I ask them so many times, and food products that were distributed on the occasion of the new year. I went there on December 31. The door closed the light on  in the windows. The organization celebrates the new year in the Islamic desired composition. Took revenge on me? Yes. They are able even to prepare a raid on buildings in New York in revenge. Religion, which allows for revenge is a religion of evil. And I myself exchange it  for their own good. That’s why God has sent me to replace Muhammad in their religion. They will pray according to my religion! At a meeting with the Director of the Centre for refugees, where I live, was a proposal to make a party 7 January on the occasion of day celebrated in the Orthodox Church. Director said is impossible. He afraid that can be fired by muslim organization. What happens with Moldova. Moldova takes more and more followers of Islam. 1925097_800x600_IMG_1778_novyiy-razmer.jpgWho is funding it all. Muslims? I’m not against it, as long as they want to assimilate with the people of Moldova and will pray in Orthodox churches. Germany already have problems. Moldova also wants to have the same problems in the near future? I wrote earlier, that God sent me after Jesus and Muhammad. We will introduce the new religion. Polish pope knew the future, but said only that it will be heavy days for the Catholic Church. I know the future also for Islamic mosques. It all will be replaced with a new religion. The old era will be closed and replaced by the new. Year 2013 will be changed to the first year of a new era. In Poland, people manifest on the streets. They want to enthrone Jesus Christ. They know that it is ringing but do not know in which church. I explain for them  the predictions of the Romantic period and the stories of visionaries. Explanation of the number of 44th. 06717182This is my number. I tell everyone that I was born in 1968. My age – 44 years. Number 21 – the end of the world, which was to be in December and the day of my birthday – January 21. Poland will be the center and will radiate to the whole world and will bring liberation for the World. I wrote about this in my articles. I did not know those predictions before. Now I try to interpret some of them for the Poles. They stray. Walesa tries to help them his way. Encourages people to get enthrone the current Polish president. Fortunately, unlike Lech, Komorowski is a man educated. Walesa, who received the Nobel Prize does not understand many things and not afraid of divine punishment. If God will not help Walesa to learn something, I will help him, in one of the centers in Siberia. I am trying to wake Poles, but do not believe in anything. God must help me, and will do it soon. The Apostolic See will be destroyed. Boors that have been in Poland, after Jews being expelled in 1968, does not help me. They have no honor. They see only the food on their trays. Pigs like called them German soldiers during World War II. They will wait for the show, which prepares them God. Despite the earlier examples of the fulfillment of various predictions they will wait. And will be punished for it. Those who will not be punished by God, will punish my Angels ? the Knights of Cross and Sword in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – the Kingdom of God.