I have sent to the presidents, parliaments and governments of Europe and other continents my Project. I propose to create a kind of order – the Knights of the Cross and Sword. Crusaders. Similar to what we had in history. Only religion will be a little different. We will open a new Church of God. The first task will be to help the Europa Center. Center will be in Poland. sick people as homosexuals, murderers, drug addicts and others. They will be moved to treatment facilities. Infected are living together with healthy people. This way we all are going to self-destruction. Every day more people infected. Deviations from nature will be dealt outside of Europe in Russia. In addition they will be working on construction sites Capitol of the Kingdom of God. It will be very helpful in their treatment. Russia has a lot of empty areas. I asked their government to help in the project. They will help me! I’m sure! No prisons! No sick people walking free in the clean, beautiful Europe – Paradise given us by God! You will find nothing better then that. It is not true that we have to live in the hell like now. Do not belive, what your church, every day, try to explain for you. They say you will find paradise only after you die. This is a lie. This theory, which has survived since the Middle Ages to our time is a terrible macabre. Religion, which says that lie causes retraction of people from God and from nature. They infect others. God does not want that. So I’m here, sent by him to change this. Believe me! We all are lost. Some people try to escape from this hell and run away in disease. Why an unconscious Norwegian goes out with guns and kills people. He can not explain – he cries in court. This warning is not the first and not the last one from our God. We are doing nothing to change it. The sick people are keeping in cages like animals! It is against the laws of nature and God! They all are humans. We will help them. God has appointed me to save both, sick and healthy people! Believe me or ask those who know more about it. After the Center, the action will be taken in the rest of Europe. The headquarters of the Order of God will be in Poland. Just exactly in the place where there was the Teutonic Order. Resurrection of the Crusaders! They are required to help infected Europe. I suggest to create the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God. This allows fast and safe development in all areas of life in this region. We are still in the Middle Ages. A thousand years ago! Too late. You can see it in all areas of our life. We have to get out of it as soon as possible or we die! I need world-wide organizations, universities, schools, companies. I need you to support me. Do it for the future of your children if you do not need it for yourself! I need TV, radio, newspapers, journalists, movie makers. I need money and for the moment I have nothing. Please see my resume, drawings and other information attached. This is not science fiction. It has to work faster! Give me your support and I will manage it all soon. God bless you!!!



Cross sword against the eagle wings – an angel. The combination of vertical and horizontal cross section Jewish star (of David) – symbolizes the place commemorated the death of Jews. The upper arm of the cross – sword handle finished head of an angel – dark hair, blue eyes. Side arms finished circles – the sun and moon. Cross also mimics the Scandinavian theme. It is also a symbol of the Teutonic knights coats. The wings of an eagle – the angel on the one hand a symbol of Polish and other religious. A few symbols without further comment. The lower arm of the cross – sword terminated as a sword. Color of the Cross – the blue color of the union. Wings white. Completion of the arms of the cross and circular handle elements similar to the Orthodox cross. Background crest in red.