Knights of God will send the deviated from nature to Russia. We will not kill anybody, or lock up to the cages. God does not desire them to be send to hell. They have there too many problems in hell. They do not know what to do with our planet which produces more and more deviated people. We shall treat them here. First of all in Russia they will build the world’s most modern treatment centers and scientific research centers in other areas. Newest industrial establishments. The art facilities in other areas of life. Use them to we will build a new cities the world had ever seen. They will work hard. They love physical work. At present they train in prisons without producing anything. I have seen it myself. If they will not work will be physically punished or transferred to other centers more onerous. They will work just for eating. We will use their desire to change nature. All prisons in Europe will be closed. The Knights will find others who are not qualified for the current law to punish. The law will be completely erased. Deviated from nature are in millions. We will finish this way the crisis in Europe. The Kingdom of Europe and Russia will be a guide for other countries. The inventions will be protected by patents, and we will not allow anyone to take something without our permission. For this we will have a powerful Kingdom of God. God will tell me how to do those things and I will pass on to you. Just as I do it right now but with details. I am an engineer, patent attorney, and so on. We will prepare all of this in our constructional offices. Thus the former Soviet republics will be connected back. Everyone will want to join us but we will select from them, only we required. How do you think? Will I be your best king who was ever in the history of the world?