6.            The Heads of States

Puzzles of God and my solution

The numbers I mentioned earlier can be placed in solution (we will find solution for other puzzles of God – like Pyramids). January 21 is the day of my birthday and the day of death of Lenin. At the age of 33 years (number 33, which I wrote about previously) Jesus was crucified (not died). Jesus wanted a paradise but did not know exactly how to do it. He was only a carpenter. He wanted to become king. I also want but I know how to get to Paradise, because I have knowledge in the various fields. God has prepared me for this and I will succeed. You know that, from various prophecies. Jesus only paid attention to the compatibility of life to God’s laws. Was not interested in other issues. Paradise which will have only the sheep of God is fantastic. And from where take food, if only business will be prayer. This what Jesus was doing was needed in the history. Especially Knights of the Crusades, that  I will use now to the new changes. Lenin, like other theorists, did not have an adequate education. He thought that this is unneeded to complete the project of the way to the communist paradise. He set a system headed by people without any education laborers, and boors from the countryside, who only knew how to milk a cow. They later milked stupid society. Without the laws of God, the communist jungle produced infections, lies, corruption, and other diseases. Finally, there was nothing to eat. Communism collapsed, along the way. Never this system would come to a paradise. Forget even think about it. Taking from people what God gave them – estates and businesses, killing the Tsar is an offense against the laws of God. And so finished the communism, but was needed in the history. Therefore not should be criticize. Everything was just as God designed. It was a stage in the history of the world. Now we have to reach the next stage. In this stage will occur the monitoring of compliance with the laws of God. And we will not from anyone took what God gave him. The opponents of the laws of God will be driven out of Paradise (to treatment for Siberia) for a certain period of time. Just like from football field is removed footballer. And it’s solution to the riddle of two numbers 21 and 33. Specifying rules for how to come to a Paradise. Read my other articles and you will know more. I do not continue the design neither Jesus nor Lenin. These projects were not, and could not have been, at that time. These people have done their job. In front of me is a task different and I will do it. I am suitable for the education and preparation for life. I will lead you to paradise, and it can be seen from the project. It will not be neither communism nor what Jesus wanted. In paradise we get to the next solutions. People who will invent it are already born. They are waiting when we  make room for them. In the jungle they are doing something little interesting just  work in order to survive. They need a space in the Garden of God. Help me start it all. I look forward to your support and the Nobel Prize.

188.                                                                                                      President of Moldova
                                                                                    Nicolae Timofti
                                                                                          need to read this the Heads of other states
Moldova is a country, which God has chosen for me to work on this project. Moldova is a country that loves and longs for the Russia. They wish me success in the creation of the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. Therefore, it is just for me this place and I work. People speak very good Russian. Moldova will be a great link between Europe and Russia in the proposed Kingdom. Moldova does not have greater access to the Black Sea. If you look at the map it looks ridiculously. Moldova is spun off, isolated. Why? If Moldova would have access to the sea, would be combined with Romania and would be in the European Union. I would not have had the country that wants what I want to do. It is not a coincidence that I’m here and it’s not a coincidence that precisely Moldova was so placed, like an island, on the map of Europe. It has all been prepared on purpose. Now, you see, in how serious details it all has been prepared by God and transmitted to the people who were responsible for it all. If even the country was prepared for me, this project needs to be completed. We will not be disturbed. Moldova, a country chosen by God for me and for the future Kingdom of Europe and Russia, soon will have a connection with the sea and with Romania and with Russia, because there will be no borders between countries. The first letter of my name (Wieslaw) should be read in English as V (like Victory). The first letter L my surname should be read like L Russian and English W (like the Winner). My middle name is Edward (Elizabeth II, England). Now you can see that it all we will win, what God has been scheduled. Letter W occurs in the names of two cities in Poland, with whom I am associated – Warsaw (the capital) and Wroclaw, the German Breslau (city link with Western Europe). Now about my way to Moldova. In the hostel where I lived two homosexuals, at night, performed in front of me hideous spectacle and I shocked quickly decided to leave Poland. At first I thought that I should go to Odessa, but she said that I should leave the train in a small town, on the way, Kotovsk. We arranged the meeting in the evening but she called that do not want to see me. I was shocked and a little angry, though not specifically I liked her. Then I wanted to meet with beautiful policewoman, but also did not come to the meeting. I decided to visit Moldova, on the way to Romania. Began searching on the internet and I found a girl, to whom I immediately felt a strong sexual attraction. I will spare the details of travel. I arrived in the evening in the capital of Moldova, on the day of lovers. I stayed in a hotel called Cosmos. Before the monument Kotovsky on horseback. His father was Russian of Polish ethnicity and his mother was an ethnic Russian. By father, Kotovsky was hailed from an old aristocratic Polish family from Kamieniec Podolski, now Ukraine. It’s all a coincidence? There are no coincidences in my life! It is designated by God for me the way and watched the whole time. I went out to a big complex of shops to buy a phone card. Greeted me my favorite song – Sway, sung by a girl. I made an appointment with my girlfriend, I bought flowers and I went to the meeting. I loved her at first sight. Her figure, face and golden hair. I enjoyed everything. Secret Service already knew and controlled her movements. The first night with her costed me quite a big money, but I did not count the money. We agreed that we will get married. This resulted in additional expenses. The money was almost finished. The girl found me an apartment on Izmail street number 94.  94 is reversed number 49 (rise of Germany and my number that I do not like to explain). I was using the reverse number 94 in my Polish electronic mail. The girl received instructions not being linked with me in a serious relationship. I saw that she wanted, and this action of secret services I did not love, I hated it. I wanted to die. Life without pleasure is not interesting. Eventually it was decided that we would live together. We met with her brother and mother. The girl took my last money to pay for the apartment. At that time, I wrote a letter to the Polish President and the Parliament and to others about creation of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword, that would begin a project of connection Europe with Russia. Secret Service convinced the owner of the apartment (also an employee of the Secret Service – Victor) that he left me in the house and waited for the money. The girl got the call from the Secret Service, and she gone with my mobile. So I had lost everything and I was left alone in the apartment. Without anything, I started to develop on my project. I believed that it would be working soon. Time passed and nothing. They made available to me internet in city for free, but the project still seemed to be fantastic for people. Nothing is random. Everything has been designed in God’s plan. I am merely stating the details. I have been elected to this. I am His manager like – will be King. Secret Services have maybe information, I do not know when it all will start. I want back my girl. I know that there are maybe prettier girls, but this one was assigned to me. And here, I want Service to help me, not disturb me. If I determine that it is not worth to live, because of bad interference, I will just die. I do not have money and do not have a girlfriend. That’s what I really do not like. I transferred the case to the prosecutor, to get her back. But it all stopped. God, mostly punish those who have done something wrong to me. But it does not help me. It is only signal of his presence and nothing more for me. I believe that all this will start soon. I have presented seems to me all the details. I am guided by God and his helpers, that’s for sure. Where is the problem. Secret Services should arrange meeting on the level of countries of Europe and the World. Let’s start doing something finally. Guess you are not waiting for God to help you make a decision. I do not know why He has done nothing. I blame Him. Is He waiting for me that I give up?  In the capital of Moldova I lived first in a hotel called Cosmos. Then at home, resembling, with ts interior and decor, king bedrooms of Palace in Wilanow in Poland. Also there was born my idea of the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. I drew the drawings in Word, which are enclosed. Now I live in a housing estate near the airport. This all means that on the new stage will be the most important flights outside the Earth. Moldovan State was founded in the fourteenth century and was under the influences Poland, at its beginning. This all is not a coincidence that I’m here and then will write about it. But for now, need to read this other heads of states.
 187.        President of Soth Korea

Park Geun-hye

186.        President of North Korea

Kim Il-sung

Korea is a country divided into two parts. One part trying to come to communism and the other part wants to develop capitalism. The communism can not be reached. It’s have already demonstrated other countries in Europe. Capitalism is the system that leads to uncontrolled crises, disease and destruction. This jungle, which creates everything you do not expect. My project strives to make Garden of God – Paradise. This project will be adopted by both parties, because it is the only next step foreseen in the history of the world. The two parts of Korea will be combined. Korea will be incorporated into the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. I had a girlfriend Korean, in Kazakhstan. In Kyrgyzstan, I taught, a little girl, Korean, English language. So, I fell in love with Korea. I think that Korea will support my project and jointly we will start into a new era with flights to other planets.

185.        President of Mongolia

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

Mongolia is a country with bad weather conditions and therefore has problems. But all this can be solved. Similarly, other problems will be solved in other Asian countries. After the introduction the Kingdom of Europe and Russia will be rapid development of new technologies, and all problems will be solved in Mongolia. Therefore, I count on the support of Mongolia.

5. The Heads of States
God still does not allow get out on a designated position for me. Still waiting. Not yet ready. Further I have to write the texts that read only those who already are familiar with this game and do not all. Even they already got tired. Another text is the result of my night thinking, analysis of symbols and life situations. Still any king did not have to work as hard like me to enter into position. But also, none of them had yet to perform such a task, which for me invented God and all those who help him there. They already do not want this system of things that there is now, with homosexuals, criminals, and this whole hideous jungle. All my life it was to prepare for the task. A lot of this need to write. I will not do this now. Into my apartment in Warsaw on the street Raclawicka 33A apartment number 12, right after the death of my mother (she died at the age of 27 years) began to come a shaking woman, a cripple. She even could not asked for some sort of charity.  My grandmother complained to God – that cripple lives, and her daughter died. Today I look at it differently. Possible that in the body of the crippled entered the spirit of my mother, which wanted visit us in this way. Like in film Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. But the grandmother never invited her into the apartment. After many years they did in the day of my birthday – 21 January, the day of my grandmother in Poland. Still numbers and symbols. Lenin died on January 21. Jesus died at the age of 33 years. The time now we close time of Communism and era of Christ. No. 33, it was my primary school. She helped me to survive the difficult period after the death of his mother. God gave me a Jewish girl Halina R.(same H like in my mother name Henryka) , so I could directed on her my feelings. Now the professor in Australia and deals with physics. This area will be needed for new discoveries, when we change what is now and God will open us all doors. Here in Moldova I have ride to the city center by bus 33, A and 44 Number 44 is the number from predictions in Romanticism time. Name his will be 44! That’s my number. This is me speaking, that I was born in 1968. In 2012 (the apartment number 12) I started and I had 44 years. On my jacket, which I got here is number 33. Inside I found the name of someone from the family of Peter Kessler. I’m sorry that I wrote bad about him. The next my apartment (number 13) has been sold in the 2004 for 1000 euros (after I very angry left Poland and wanted never come back again). This year has number 2013 and will be the last of the era of Jesus. This is about the symbols. We will fight the evil spirits as Nicolas Cage – as a knight of Crusades. We will have The Knights of the Cross and the Sword. People who seem to us to be abnormally, people possible that haunted, but that people are not dangerous for the environment. People who seem to us normal, walk out on the streets with weapons and shoot at us. Maybe we are not normal, if you do not see that jungle is dangerous. God allows these messengers from hell to kill, because there is no other way to get something to show you. This is fantastic, which I present to you and seems insane and I can not get out to the position foreseen for me by my God. What is the unbelievable becomes plausible. Knows this Steven Spielberg, who was in Poland in Wroclaw, and ate at the bar for students I also visited often.
184.                President of the United States – Barack Hussein Obama II
                          United States Senate
USA is a country of dreams for many people. Americans were the first on the moon. But then, what happened. Blockade everything. God will not allow you go further. As long as we will not do new order the road is closed. You have to believe it, before it’s too late. Americans stunned me. Movies and music of black and whites. Elvis Presley, John Travolta, Steven Spielberg and others. American movies and only these movies I watched in the past several years. Europe does not even tries to be better than the United States. We will go to the new era. I will close the era of Jesus Christ. God has sent me to you and allows me to do it. USA, the country, which is a model for all, is to blame for everything. USA was the vanguard of the world in almost everything. Jungle in the country reached the maximum possible level. Therefore, go onto the next stage will be very difficult, and perhaps impossible at the moment. There are close areas in Canada, which could be used, as I propose in project to take advantage of area in Russia. But the U.S. this project at the moment is not able to accept. Vanguard will be now Europe like before the discovery of America. Europe is a country of many Americans too. And from this continent has it all begin. And will start, regardless of whether some people will protest. It’s only a matter of time. In Europe in general is not good. The crisis, the diseases (homosexuality, corruption, etc.), terrorism. God sends messengers from hell, who kill peaceful people. But all this still does not help wake up Europe and accept my and God solution. Methods of jungle does not allow, for example, to reach the position of the people who can do something for the world. These people like Einstein do not have the strength needed in the jungle. Staying alive – the movie with John Travolta. To access the positions you need to throw away someone else. There is no space for free development. You have to fight to stay alive. But those people who win a fight are often useless in this position. At this position are needed better people. These better, now often do some not interesting work just to survive. This is the truth about the jungle. Only the method of garden will give the space for these people and will help us enter new technologies and God will open for us the way to other planets. We will not have artificially inhibit the population growth, as Chinese are doing (against the laws of God). God will not open the door for the jungle, with its homosexuals and other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to support this my and Gods project. The sooner you do it the better. Tears of President Obama is not going to help anybody! I’m gonna need people from avant-garde of the World soon. These people are in the U.S. and I must bring them from you. They will work with me and other people, I’ll take from other countries. Together we will Middle Ages. We will close era of Jesus Christ and begin a new era of space flights, and populate new planets. Capitalism in its current form does not come to anything god. The World like it is now is going to destruction. God gives us signals, wants help us to make decisions and we have to understand it finally. Do not cry like President Obama. It makes nothing. It makes nothing prying in your churches that God does not love. You’ve got to help me, Americans of all nations. Those most gifted, chosen by God must be with me. In the U.S., with homosexuals and other patients you will do nothing, the door is closed. Americans cease to be in the vanguard of the world at this moment. I need your help in Europe, if you do not want to be punished by God. Americans at home, at the moment can do nothing. President Obama knows it and we all understand why. We see the U.S. and the problems that has the President who was elected when I was in Kenya. It is no coincidence that God has sent me there, just at that moment. I am the man chosen by God to help first of all America. But we will start it from behind. We go back to Columbus. God has chosen Europe again and from it will get out new ideas and inventions. God wants it. We must jointly change it. We need to move on to a new stage. This phase will begin in Poland, because God has chosen this place and sent me there, where I was born. That’s why I get everything I want and I’ll take the best people from the U.S. to me. Never mind that someone sees it differently. You have to see all, as I see it, and then we get out together from shit.
Best Regards
4.            The Heads of States
The method of the jungle was the only possible way in the beginnings of capitalism. The free, uncontrolled development of plants. If it rains plants grow. When there is a period of drought, stop the growth, a part of the plant dies (crisis, bankruptcy). This crisis we have today. The period of the jungle with all its elements (like catholic church) ends. Freedom of the development, shall be replaced controlled development. Institutions of jungle (the Catholic church, and others), which allowed for all (homosexuality, corruption) in the garden must be replaced by new ones. These new institutions will first of all act in accordance with God’s laws and the laws of nature but not wild nature, which we have in the jungle. Modern man does not wish jungle. Everywhere we see the parks and gardens around the houses. Man walks toward organize items, does not like the mess, which we have now, and we can not cope with it all. For the jungle we will give gardeners. They will clear the jungle from weeds (illness, homosexuality, corruption, etc.). They will provide individual plants an (people and organizations) proper development. Transformation the jungle in the garden. In the garden there is no crisis. The gardener knows where the water is and in times of drought watering the plants. Gardener controls the development of individual plants (control firms), and helps them grow better. Role of gardener will adopt the Knights the Cross and the Sword. Kingdom of Europe and Russia will be the Kingdom of God – Paradise.
 183.                                                                                                            President of Israel
                                                                                                                     Shimon Peres

Israel was a refuge for Jews from Europe and Russia. Therefore, without Israel can not be the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. Israel is the homeland of Jesus Christ. What came after him – the Catholic religion should be closed and replaced with a new religion. These religion I introduce myself. God has sent me to Earth after Jesus and others. We’ll make new laws. Jews in distant times, alienated from others community. It is difficult not to be isolate from what is sick. Still today you need to be separate from what is if you do not want to be sick. Homosexuals and other patients are among us. One should not be hardly surprising. We do not want to live with it all together. I understand it and understand the others. I also separate myself from that if I only can. But this is difficult. Too many sick people around us. It all has produced catholic and other religions. Jungle accepted first existence of catholic religion and then catholic religion accepted everything what produced jungle – homosexuality and everything bad. Now we want change jungle in the garden – paradise. Catholic religion must be finished. We will start from Poland.  This country is a Jewish cemetery.  God wants we start from this country. I have performed the project in accordance with his hints. And it will be working. There is no error in it. Jews have suffered huge losses during the war. But antisemitism in Poland and in the world remained. The world is sick and we need to heal it. Otherwise God will not let us leave this planet. We will be destroyed by God. He is able to do it without special difficulty. Already now he is sending us his messengers with weapons that kill children in schools and people on the streets (Norway, USA). Obama cries, but does not wants support my project. President has no way out and supports homosexuals. I can understand him but to where it all is leading us? To the hell. All this began from the Jews. The Catholic religion caused a reaction and the formation of Islam. Reply to Christianity and the continuation of the religion of Jesus, which I have to shut in this year 2013. Islam introduced nothing new. Circumcision also applied Jews. Islam is the only source of terrorism and this religion is outdated. We have to close it as soon as possible. Islam will be replaced by new religion. I will conduct several crusades. On coats will be cross – sword with the Star of David. Star of David was in the signs of the Knights of Crusades. But I did not know about it. I found it only recently. We see that God tells me everything and leads. When we finally begin to do the job He also will be with me. Jews from their large cemetery, which is Poland, will be with me and will support me. I need the support of Jews who live. The rest will do alone. It all began from the Jews, and we need to to fix it together. It no longer meets the requirements of the new World. Jungle leads to the destruction of this World. What was good in the jungle will not be good in the Garden of God – Paradise. We need to show a new directions. Jews are God’s chosen people to do alright on Earth and prepare flights to other planets. Jews like Jesus and later successors gave the beginning of the religion, which Islam continued later. Everything that must now be change and the Jews must help me here. I’ll take them from all over the world, to me, and will work with me and others on the introduction of new technology and the acceleration of exit from the Middle Ages. Jews from the cemetery in Poland not died needlessly. They were needed for God and now will be needed for me like my mother, who also died and at the age of 27 years. And I feel her support. I need the same feeling from Jewish cemetery in Poland, when we start this project. Jews lost their homes in Poland and were expelled. Me too I lost my apartment. They sold it for 1000 euros. But all that was needed. Buddha left all to think and invented something there. Now we are ready to another historical stage on Earth. After these losses, we get something. Something very important for the Earth. Time and God are on our side. I need your support now!

 182.                        President of Turkmenistan – Gurbanguly Malikgulyyewic Berdimuhamedow

181.                       President of Armenia – Serzh Azati Sargsyan

180.                       President of Georgia – Mikheil Saakashvili

179.                       President of Azerbaijan – Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev

178.                      President of Uzbekistan – Islom Abduganiyevich Karimov

177.                      President of Tajikistan – Emomalii Rahmon

Former Soviet Union countries are experiencing greater difficulties than in the period of time when they were inside the block. Emerged various diseases. From the communist jungle they went into the capitalist jungle, which is characterized by the fact that there is freedom for all. The rule is not to block development. Jungle has no mercy. Plants destroy one another to get to the sun. There is no God. Foreign communists do not believe in God. Without faith in God, they are doing various bad things. The window to the West is opened they take all the worst from it. They are better than the West. They can come to the big money during shockingly short time. There is no law for them. They agreed on the law, which you can go around. Get rich, steal, or buy factory for free. This is it. I know something about this because I was on the supervisory board in Poland. Poland with its criminals is a model for other countries. Europe does not respond. Complete shock. Diseases from the West go to the former communist countries. Homosexuals found the asylum. Homosexuals can dance in pairs in discos. Paradise for the diseases from  Europe. No one react. Horror. Communists will not go back to the old church, which they have abandoned. Nobody can convince them that this church is suddenly needed. But I have a way. Closing the old church and opening a new one. This solution will be adopted. I assure you all. This is the only way to stop corruption and other bad things. You’ve got to help me. We will create together a Kingdom of Europe and Russia. This will be something that World has never seen. It will be a shock to everyone. Believe me and help me. Let’s start with this project and give people a better life – Kingdom of God – the Paradise.

176.                  Prince of Monaco – Prince Albert

175.                  President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson

174.                  Government of Jersey

173.                  Government of Isle of Man

172.                  Government of Andorra

171.                  Government of Guernsey

170.                  Government of Faroe Islands

169.                  Government of San Marino

168.                  Government of Gibraltar

167.                  Government of Aland Islands

166.                  Government of Svalbard and Jan Mayen

European small countries and island. People run away and seek asylum there. In Europe, it is bad, but no one wants a bar, which my project. Soon the island and the small countries will no longer retreat.  Homosexuality and other diseases will be everywhere. In Europe is bad, but no one wants to support my project. The only solution for you is agreeing to my project. You will not run away from England on the Isle of Man or somewhere else. You will be able to choose the country you like. You will not have to run away on the small uninhabited island. I need now your support for my project. Help me to start.

165.        King of Lesotho – King Letsie III

164.        King of Swaziland – King Mswati III,

163.        President of the Republic of Congo – Denis Sassou Nguesso

162.        President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo  – Joseph Kabila Kabange

161.        President of Kenya – Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

160.        President of Uganda – Yoweri Kaguta Museveni

159.        President of Tanzania – Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete

158.        President of Chad – General Idriss Déby Itno

157.        President of Nigeria – Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan

156.        President of Niger – Mahamadou Issoufou

155.        President of Mali – Dioncounda Traoré

154.        President of Angola – José Eduardo dos Santos

153.        President of Senegal – Macky Sall

152.        President of Guinea – Manuel Serifo Nhamadjo

151.        President of Sierra Leone – Ernest Bai Koroma

150.        President of Liberia – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

149.        President of Gabon – Ali Bongo Ondimba

148.        President of Cameroon – Paul Biya

147.        President of Ivory Coast – Alassane Ouattara

146.        President of Botswana – Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama

145.        President of Equatorial Guinea – Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

144.        President of Mozambique – Armando Emílio Guebuza

143.        President of Burkina Faso – Blaise Compaoré

142.        President of Zambia – Michael Chilufya Sata

141.        President of Madagascar – Andry Nirina Rajoelina

140.        President of Mauritius – Rajkeswur Purryag GCSK GOSK

139.        President of Namibia – Hifikepunye Lucas Pohamba

138.        President of Benin – Dr. Thomas Yayi Boni

137.        President of Malawi – Joyce Hilda Banda née Mtila

136.        President of Rwanda – Paul Kagame

135.        President of Mauritania – Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

134.        President of Togo – Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé

133.        President of Zimbabwe – Robert Gabriel Mugabe

132.        President of Burundi – Pierre Nkurunziza

131.        President of Eritrea – Isaias Afwerki

130.        President of Central African Republic

129.        President of Gambia – Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh

128.        President of Seychelles – Colonel James Alix Michel

127.        President of Djibouti – Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

126.        President of Cape Verde – Jorge Carlos de Almeida Fonseca OICVV

125.        President of Comoros – Ikililou Dhoinine

124.        President of Sao Tome and Principe – Manuel Pinto da Costa

Africa, like other continents was penetrated by Europe. The slaves trade. Europe introduced the Catholic religion. This religion did not help people get closer to God. Overthrow of subsequent rulers, murders, rebellions, wars. Everything is there. Only faith in God does not exist. And there is no peace and safety for people. It is exactly the African jungle. The current way of solving conflicts is to leave the jungle and let the fight inside. This is wild medieval way of solving other problems. In the same way the Christian religion works – agree on homosexuality and other diseases. This religion does not lead anyone to God. It can only move out to hell, which still exists in Africa. Reuters Relation of 2002 – cannibalism, rapes, tortures, kidnappings. Fighters aided by other African countries killed people, cuted out their hearts and ordered to eat it to members of their fimilies. A little girl was killed, cut into pieces and eaten. In the war of 1996 two million people were killed. Christian religion has errors. It can help nothing in the world, which goes in the direction of destruction. In Europe, there are many people from Africa. And that’s why we can not say that it does not concern us. We can not allow that, what’s going on. These people are in Europe and some of them married our European girls. We can not agree for everything like Catholic religion for homoseksuals and other sickneses. It is not enough that we have presidents! This is still jungle with diseases and without faith in God. After Europe I will prepare  a crusade to Africa with my angels the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. I was working in Kenya in 2008. I was working with people from Ghana, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and other countries in Belfast. I met people from Cameroon and Ghana in Liverpool. In Moldova I met with people from Cameroon, Angola, Ghana and other countries. With me here in Moldova there are now two people from the both republics of Congo. I’ll need them, when it all starts in Poland. We will make the World better. I will not leave Africa in anxiety and agony. That is what I promise all African people. Just let me start finally my project. Help me. I need your support.

3.            To the Heads of States

In the Kingdom of Europe and Russia, the king will be governor of God, and will work on His behalf. Heads of States will be elected not by the people but by the King. Currently, presidents are elected by homosexuals, thieves, and other patients. Then we have revolutions, murders and so on. People lose their lives. This is the jungle, which allows for freedom to growth of stronger plants and animals. We will replace the jungle in the garden, in which the gardener takes care of the plant owners. The king, like the gardener, will be cared about his Kingdom, and his people. Jungle allows candidates struggle. But it is already outdated. Not who is stronger and can find support among thieves is now important. Now it is important that someone can really do a lot in this state. For this you need  the skills and abilities rather than force. And faith in the God. The activities of heads of states will be controlled by the Knights of the Cross and the Sword, in compliance with the laws of nature and God. Sporting rules will be used, which we can see in football. The fault will be punished as well as on the field. Two yellow cards for minor offenses and then the red and leaving the field – the end of the game. Greater offense – red card – leaving the post and banned from the game for a designated period of time. The same principle will apply to businesses. The owner of the company chooses managers, but their activity will be controlled by the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Similarly, will be dismissed from their posts for offenses. The activities of the company also will be controlled in this broad field. The company may get red card and be suspended in its activities in a certain field of action. Offset from the game for a while. Employees who have been educated in the company and gained new skills, can not go away without her permission. They can be bought by another company. Just like a football player. Many of these principles are currently used. The company, which is not able to act better because the owner can not or do not want, will be bought up and sold to others who can. I had been in the Supervisory Board a large company Cersanit in Poland and I know what’s going on. Believe me. Owner may, expose his employees to the sale, rather than cast out them on the streets. There will be three levels, which will have to act in accordance with the laws of nature and the laws of God.  Management of the country, work – social life, family – life private. Compliance with the laws of nature and of God must be applied in the Kingdom in Europe and Russia. Only then we will receive from God new information, new technologies. Only then we will jump medieval barriers and will be able to build spaceships, which will allow us to get to the other planets. Only then will provide happiness to people. Will apply the principle of the garden. If a plant can not grow in a given location will be transferred to another place. The principle of the jungle is to fight. You can not find a place for themselves you are killing others. In this way we come to the overthrow of rulers, killing kings, wars, guerrilla, terrorist attacks and so on. It’s all the Middle Ages, and the agreement on the operation of medieval jungle. People can not choose their presidents themselves, and can not decide, for now, about other matters. There is no democracy in the jungle. In the jungle there is an infection, there are sick people, who infect others. There is hell. I want you to move out from hell to paradise. Let me do this, with your help. And I will do it with the help of God. We will develop new projects, the same way as I developed this project.


Heads of some States in Asia

123.        Emperor of Japan – Akihito

123.        Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama

122.        President of India – Pranab Kumar Mukherjee

121.        President of Bangladesh – Mohammed Zillur Rahman

120.        King of Bhutan – Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck

120.        Prime Minster of Bhutan Kinzang Dorji-Phl

119.        Sultan of Brunei – Hassanal Bolkiah

119.        Prime Minister of Cambodia – Hun Sen

118.        President of Burma – Thein Sein

117.        President of Indonesia – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

116.        President of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic – Lieutenant General Choummaly Sayasone

115.        Head of state – Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin

115.        Prime Minister of Malaysia – Najib Tun Razak

114.        President of Nepal – Dr. Ram Baran Yadav

113.        President of Philippines – Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III

112.        President of Singapore – Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam

111.        President of Sri Lanka – Percy Mahendra “Mahinda” Rajapaksa

110.        King of Thailand – Bhumibol Adulyadej

110.        Prime Minister of Thailand – Khun Somchai Wongsawat

109.        President of Vietnam – Truong Tan Sang

Asia, conquered and penetrated by Europe. Countries with large populations. Countries of the Asian jungle with tigers, what it manifested with the behavior of the people here. Countries that God does not love. Earthquake in Japan. Cyclones kills people (Bangladesh – half a million). Countries harassed by war, military upheavals, killing rulers, rebellions, massacres in the royal palaces (Nepal). In Laos, the king was sent to the camp, and no trace of him. After many years information – the royal family died. Fifty thousand people in prison. Millions of people killed in internal conflicts. Countries where the military juntas are in power for many years (Burma). Countries without feelings and respect for themselves. Asian jungle without mercy. Only pain and suffering. Karate end this is it. With me here, in Moldova, until today was a man from Burma (now is in Romania). Was evident in his behavior – something different. He was taught how to fight for a place in the jungle to survive. Aggression appearing unexpectedly. In this way were murdered people and kings in Asia. Known from history – hara-kiri in Japan and  kamikaze is not European fault. Europe is anyway responsible. Europe wanted to be there and now  has to take care of all this. Asian people are moving to Europe and we do not love to be different from them. We have to find the way to live together. Nuclear weapons tests in India and Pakistan. The Buddhist religion is not helping these people. Millions of them move to Europe searching for themselves  new place. In England I met a lot of people from India and I have not pleasant feelings. There fight for their position with other immigrants.  I was in England and I know what’s going on. I love Asian girls and probably that is all what I love from Asia now. Kingdom of Europe and Russia, for sure, will help these countries, with the new religion and a new pattern of behavior, which will be introduced at the time of start the project. We will not kill the people. We will treat them in the centers in Siberia, so that God loves them. Otherwise God will not allow us to find space for new milliard of people from India and other countries. And I will not allow you to use nuclear weapons to destroy milliards people in your countries because you have no space. God has sent me to the Earth to help you and God will help me to perform my task. That’s why I look forward for support from you. God will not help us if I will not start this project. Just remember it. I am waiting for your reactions. It’s time to wake up – Asia!!!! And help me to do something for you!!!!

108.                       President of the People’s Republic of China

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China

Chairman of the Central Military Commission

Xi Jinping

People of China

China is a country in which still they  think about communism. But communism has ended and return to it will not be. This phase also need to be finish in China. The growth of the population in China is fast. God has permitted it and it is certainly the historical sense in it. Communist China do not understand, because communism rejected faith in God. In a way that differs from the laws of nature, the laws of God, China try to limit population growth. Is not allowed to kill unborn children and punish people for it that  they have more children than established. Only God can decide who is to die, and when it will should happen. The near future will explain for China everything. If we enter my design world will change. We will receive from God a new technologies, which will allow us to build spaceships and  will take us into space on a new planets.  Chinese people will be needed for these tasks. We will need many new factories to produce the necessary elements  for Starships. This all allows us God after this period in history, when we have entered  new world order. To all of this you do not need communism. It is necessary to believe in God and faith in me and my project, which was carried out in compatibility with the laws of nature and the God.  So far, I have no support, and I can not start it. Time moves forward, and we do not have time. Chinese people know this better than others, and that is why I turn to China for support for what I’m doing. We have to act quickly. Kingdom of Europe and Russia will help China solve all the problems still now can not be resolved, and I promise it to China. I think in 1995 I met a Chinese woman in Warsaw, a student of medicine. I wanted to meet her, but her family would not let her go out  from the house, for agreed meeting with me. In Kyrgyzstan taught Chinese boy of fifteen, the English language. His parents gave me a gift – silver teaspoons made on the occasion of the Olympic Games in China. Were stolen along with my luggage in Kyrgyzstan. God took everything from me. Now I can, like Buddha, in whom believe Chinese people, to prepare my project. I wish China now have believed in me and supported me.


107.        President of Iran – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

106.        President of Iraq – Jalal Talabani

105.        President of Afganistan – Hamid Karzai GCMG

104.        President of Egypt – Mohamed Morsi

103.        President of Algeria – Abdelaziz Bouteflika

102.        President of Sudan – Lieutenant General Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir

101.        King of Marocco – Mohammed VI

100.        King Abdullah – Saudi Arabia

99.          President of Yemen – Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi

98.          President of Syria – Bashar Hafez al-Assad

97.          President of Tunisia – Moncef Marzouki

96.          President of Somalia – Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

95.          King Abdullah II – King of Jordan

94.          President of Libya – Mohamed Magarief

93.          President of UAE – Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

92.          President of Lebanon – Michel Suleiman

91.          President of Mauritania – Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

90.          His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – Oman

89.          The princes of Kuwait –  H.H. Shaikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-jabir Al-Sabah

88.          Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani – Qatar

87.          King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa – Bahrain

86.          President of Djibuti- Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

85.          President of Comoros – Ikililou Dhoinine

(Part II)

Mohammad was orphaned at age six. My mother died when I was seven years old. My father married another woman and I could be together only with my younger sister and grandparents. Mohammad first learned form Jews and Christians about single, omnipotent God who ruled the entire universe. I learned about it in primary school number 33 in Warsaw. Nun struck me in the face. I did not know why. She did not know too. Now I know more about this signal from God. I will close this religion. At age of 12 I decided not going to the catholic church. I did not believe church is really necessary for me even if God really exists. I ask grandmother to by me a guitar and I started to play and sing very loud in my room that grandmother had given me after my father moved to his new wife. God prepared everything. I could do what I wanted. Grandmother allowed me doing almost everything. With my father I could not singing so loud and surely I could not study at the best Polytechnical University in Warsaw. He would sent me to work as soon as it would be possible. Now you can see that everything was prepared by God and His helpers on the Earth. Death of my mother. Maybe the helped her to die in army hospital in Warsaw. I just only analyze it having many years of life behind me. She was more needed outside the Earth probably. She could help me better from there. When Mohammad was forty years old became convinced that this one true Allah was speaking to him and he had chosen him to spread the true faith. Mohammad did not analyze his life and he did not know that he was chosen by Allah and was sent to the Earth to do what Allah planned before he was born. When Mohammad died in 632 he was the ruler of all of Southern Arabia. By 711 the Arab armies swept completely across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean. There they turned north and, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar overwhelmed the Visigothic Kingdom in Spain. It must have seemed that the Moslems would overwhelm all the Christian Europe. In 732, however, they ware at last defeated by Franks. Nevertheless these Bedouin tribesman inspired by the word of the Prophet, had carved out an empire stretching from the borders of India to the Atlantic Ocean – largest empire that the world had yet seen. Now Allah has sent me so we went to the next historical stage. The next stage will be the era of space travels to other planets. Islam is a religion already outdated. Need to be replaced by new religion. For example, the procedure of circumcision and other health element. It was needed in the Middle Ages. Now everyone knows that you have to be clean and maintain hygiene. They teach this in schools. Schools will be mandatory everywhere in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. There will be no obligation to covering the face of women and other things that she does not like. A woman can go away from the man, if she wants. Homosexuals and other patients will not be sentenced to the death penalty in Iran, but will be sent to treatment and work centers in Siberia. Ways to pray to Allah depend only on you. It will be temple for prayers. Selected from the Knights of the Cross and the Sword will guide prayers. In the gardens of God, which will arise, you have to obey the laws of God. Otherwise, you will be expelled from Paradise and sent to Siberia, for treatment. Derogation from religion means to deviate from God’s laws. You can not be in Paradise. You are expelled from Paradise. You will not be punished by death. By death you can be punish only by God, who gave you life. Knights of the Cross and the Sword – God’s angels on Earth, will control a compliance with the laws of God and will export patients from Paradise to the advanced treatment and work centers in Siberia. Everything will be working flawlessly. Jungle will be turned into a garden where gardeners will take care of everything. There will never be a crisis again. The Empire of God will be created. An empire far larger than that of Arabs, from the eighth century. In the first period of time, in the composition of the Kingdom, in addition to Europe, Russia and former Soviet Union countries, will enter some, former colonies of European countries (with the exception of UK colonies) and selected countries of Islam in the Mediterranean area. The empire will be established which the world has never seen. This empire for the first time in history of world will be a paradise for people. Help me to manage it. I need your support.

(Part I)

Countries of Islam. Islam is a religion outdated. Allah has sent me to the Earth that I replaced Islam with the new religion. I had been in the midst Muslims two years. I wanted it and Allah gave me what I wanted. I have prayed in a mosque.  In Kyrgyzstan they have stolen my luggage with documents. But Allah had punished them with revolution after I left this country. Some people were killed. I appreciate the hygiene of Islam. It is also my hygiene. In our time, when we are in flats showers and toilets, it is already unnecessary. Maybe still in the villages. Covering, separating women from men, it leads to homosexuality. Men looking for prostitutes. Dubai is a city of prostitutes. Islam can not help. because it is religion, which must be close. We will open a new religion and we will do our order in Islam countries that I love. Restriction on the freedom of women leads to homosexuality. It is not the way to Allah. Answer to homosexuality in Iran is death penalty. But Allah does not want us we send Him homosexsuals and other patients. We have to treat them here on Earth. We will treat them in the centers that I designed in the project. Allah has permitted me to make friends with people of Islam. Islam will be  replaced by the universal religion and I’ll do it. We will remove all that is sick and old. There will be no barriers, there will be no slavery, terrorism and other deviations. Freedom will be in Paradise, which Allah has has prepared for us in the Earth. Men will not leave Islam countries to visit Europe, where they can meet normal women, because Islam in their countries give them only prostitutes. I need your support. Allah has sent me to you, and you have to help me. I do not have time to translate into Arabic, sorry!

84.          President of Argentina – Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner

83.          President of Brazil – Dilma Vana Rousseff

82.          President of Colombia – Juan Manuel Santos Calderón

81.          President of Peru – Ollanta Moisés Humala Tasso

80.          President of Boliwia – Juan Evo Morales Ayma

79.          President of Chile – Miguel Juan Sebastián Piñera Echenique

78.          President of Ecuador – Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado

77.          President of Uruguay – José Alberto “Pepe” Mujica Cordano

76.          President of Paraguay – Luis Federico Franco Gómez

75.          President of Venezuela – Nicolas Maduro

74.          President of Guyana – Donald Ramotar

73.          President of Suriname – Desiré Delano “Dési” Bouterse

72.          President of Dominica – Eliud Thaddeus Williams

71.          President of Dominican Republic – Danilo Medina Sánchez

70.          President of Guatemala – Otto Fernando Pérez Molina

69.          President of Haiti – Michel Joseph Martelly

68.          President of Honduras – Porfirio Lobo Sosa

67.          President of Costa Rica – Laura Chinchilla Miranda

66.          President of Cuba – Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz

65.          President of Mexico – Enrique Pena Nieto

64.          President of Nicaragua – José Daniel Ortega Saavedra

63.          President of Panama – Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal

62.          President of Salvador – Carlos Mauricio Funes Cartagena

62.          President of Trynidad and Tobago – Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona


South and Central America countries discovered by Columbus and other Spanish and Portuguese people. Countries to which they brought the Catholic religion. Here should be a paradise. However, from the very beginning was bad. Slavery, catastrophic wars (Paraguay), revolutions, taking over of power by the strongers. The guerrillas, who sell drugs. Horror. The reign of kings, dictators and others who later were overthrow of by the next. Continuous struggles for control of the countries. Everything cooked like in the hell. From the very beginning hell. You could do from these continents a paradise. But not with such a religion like that Catholic religion. This religion has to be closed forever. It had to be, to get to a new stage in history. From hell to paradise. Currently live in these countries mainly Europeans and the population, which was mixed with the Europeans during five hundred years period of time. In these countries still there are socio – political problems. These countries have serious debts. Country named after the discoverer the Colombia is the country of drugs. It is the fault of Europe. Spanish and Portuguese people with their religion in these countries did hell. Kingdom of Europe and Russia must help these countries. Knights of the Cross and the Sword must purify these countries, enter the new religion, which will help them get out of hell, and turn these countries into a paradise. They will be annexed to the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. For this I need your help, your support for the project, which I prepared according to the instructions received from God. If you really believe in God, you will help me. And we will go out together from the hell, in which you live!  I swear you this now. God bless you!


Los países del Sur y Centro América descubiertas por Colón y otras personas de España y Portugal. Países a los cuales trajeron la religión católica. Aquí debería ser un paraíso. Desde el comienzo fue malo. La esclavitud, las guerras catastróficas (Paraguay), las revoluciones. Los guerrilleros, que venden drogas. Horror. El reinado de los reyes, dictadores y otros que luego fueron derrocamienten por la siguientes. Continuas luchas por el control de los países. Todo cocinado como en el infierno. Desde el principio, el infierno. Podrías hacer de estos continentes un paraíso. Pero no con una religión como la religión católica. Esta religión tiene que ser cerrada para siempre. Tenía que ser, para llegar a una nueva etapa en la historia. Desde el infierno hasta paraíso. Actualmente viven en estos países, principalmente europeos y la población, que se mezclabon con los europeos durante 500 años el período de tiempo. En estos países todavía hay problemas socio – políticos. Estos países tienen deudas importantes. País lleva el nombre del descubridor la Colombia es el país de las drogas. La culpa es de Europa. Los españoles y portugueses con su religión en estos países hicieron el infierno. Reino de Europa y Rusia debe ayudar a esos países. Caballeros de la Cruz y la Espada deben purificar estos países, introduzca la nueva religión, que les ayudará a salir del infierno, y convertir a estos países en un paraíso. Se se adjuntarán al Reino de Europa y Rusia. Para ello necesito su ayuda, su apoyo al proyecto que yo preparado acuerdo con las instrucciones recibidas de Dios. Si usted realmente creen en Dios, me ayudarán. Y nos pondremos salir juntos del infierno, en el que todos vivimos! Juro que esto ahora. Dios los bendiga!


Lo siento por los errores

Quinn Elizabeth II

61. Prime Minister David Cameron,60. Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, 59. Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, 58. Prime Minister of New Zeland John Key, 57. Prime Minister of South Africa Jacob Zuma, 56. Prime Minister of Pakistan  Raja Pervez Ashraf, 55. Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Disanayaka Mudiyanselage Jayaratne, 54. Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller, 53. Prime Minister of Barbados Freundel Jerome Stuart, 52. Prime Minister of Bahamas Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, 51. Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell, 50. Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill, 49. Prime Minister of Solomon Island Gordon Darcy Lilo, 48. Prime Minister of Tuvalu Willy Telavi, 47. Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Kenny Davis Anthony, 46. Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Everard Gonsalves, 45. Prime Minister of Belze Dean Oliver Barrow, 44. Prime Minister of Antiqua and Barbuda Baldwin Spencer, 43.Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis Denzil Llewellyn Douglas

Your Majesty

UK is the country, which has led me to what I have prepared at the moment. God, already for a long time, was preparing me to meeting with UK. I studied English language. I loved English and American songs and so on. Often I declare abroad, I am an Englishman. More I can write about it all, but the reduction to a minimum is necessary here. I was born on January 21. British Queen was born on April 21. Queen reminds me of my mother’s father’s family – almost complete similarity. Often I see Queen as if I had seen her mother, who died at the age of 27 years and was almost at the age of Queen. This creates important symbolism of elements. German company from Poland sent me to Dublin. But there absolutely nothing was working. Catholic country was not for me. God sent me to Belfast. The country that refused to be together with IR. After Belfast I moved to Isle of Man. Then to Liverpool, Midlesborugh. Short contract in Norwey and back to England. I visited almost all over the England. I was in Scotland but it is windy region. Then work in Wales – LLanelli – nice period of time. With money I could visit Moscow – three weeks. Then Newcastle – Alstom company. Finally company Savant sent me to Kazachstan. So, there I started my articles – Looking for a girlfriend – in internet. Now I continue but in different dimension – Kingdom of Europe and Russia. We will start in Poland and then we will help UK. UK has area in northern Canada that can be used similar to area in Russia. England must remind itself crusades time. Divisions of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword will be complimented by knights of England and of other UK countries. God chooses kings, but presidents choose also homosexuals and thieves and other sick animals people from jungle what we have all over the World. That’s why I turn to the Queen Elizabeth II like to my mother, who i pray every night. Your Majesty I need your support now. I have to perform a task that God gave me. I need this support just now!

I wish your Majesty many more years of health and happiness


42.          President of Kosovo – Atifete Jahjaga

41.          President of Slovenia – Borut Pahor

40.          President of Croatia – Ivo Josipovic

39.          President of Serbia – Tomislav Nikolic

38.          President of Montenegro – Filip Vujanovic

37.          President of the Republic of Macedonia – Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

36.          President of Bosnia end  Herzegovina – Nebojsa Radmanovic

Only the man in the desert can be alone and free from everything. But there is only death awaits us. But it’s even better than homosexuality. Therefore, homosexuals commit suicide.

Countries of the former Yugoslavia are the countries where are mixed nationalities. Does this mean that now they must be cast out, move to the cagesas like animals from the jungle in order not to bite each other. Serbs to Serbia, Slavs to Slovenia,Croats to Croatia, Albanians to Albania, Greeks to Greece, etc. What’s going on? Horror. In addition to this, different religions and churches. War, pain, despair and hatred. In this way, no one will be better. Again, you can see that in the jungle there is no freedom. The jungle is a continuous struggle for living space. The jungle animals eat each other. This is the historical stage we have reached and do not want to go out from it. Because you were taught that what you have now is the end is the best. Nothing more we can reach. Fucking american and others  dzungle best universities teory.  Only homosexuality. The same nationality, the same traditions, our family, the man with man, men marriage, this is what we have come. We have come to homosexuality. Jungle led us to homosexuality. We are the animals from the jungle. Nothing more. So we will not come to anything. Certainly beyond Earth this shit does not will fly. I’m talking to you, in the name of God, which I represent now. This shit needs to be on Earth and nowhere else. It stinks. God will not allow the galaxy smelled as this stinks now our gay planet, which we love. But God does not loves  you. God hates you. Obama cries because he knows what’s going on! So, leave these people in peace in these countries after the collapse of Yugoslavia. Hitler wanted to liquidate the Jews and other nationalities. But it was not a man. This animal was sent by God to the jungle to help  Stalin  win the war and make room for the next stage of history, which we have in front of us now. I read the stories of all these countries, and I see no other option but united in a common kingdom in Europe and Russia. It’s good that we will mix nationalities. Surely we are not gay and do not want them to be. Homosexuals and other patients we will treat. We will not kill, because we do not want to be animals from the jungle. Help me create branches of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. This is the first step. Without that, from jungle we will not get out. And surely we want to reach the Kingdom of God – Paradise! Breakup of Yugoslavia into small state is a step backward. But it was necessary that now come to connection not only Europe and Russia, but some more countries. Similarly as in the UK. Small state of Europe we will purify easier  than large. It will be a little work here and in Russia. But then it will be really great. You have to believe me now, if you believe in God, after all, what happened, after the breakdown of Yugoslavia. I wish that my text would people read in large groups and in churches, not only in your country. But they will do not do this, because we have accepted homosexualism. Their rule is stick to the pairs of the same sex. We first need to clean the infected area. And this we will do soon. No matter whether anyone likes it or not!



2.            To the Heads of States

In the area of the Teutonic Knights  in Poland and in the areas of Estonia, Latvia and Russia’s Kaliningrad region will be created Order of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. In the composition of these branches will enter, first of all, the people of German origin, the descendants of those who were here before. These people must have previous military service. In the first stage will be used military buildings in the area. The Knights will be dressed in coats with coats of arms, as illustrated. They will be dressed in protective suits for the whole body, face cover, resistant to bullets. Small states of Europe is historically comfortable stage, which will facilitate the removal of infected in these countries. Large country-style U.S. would allow homosexuals and other patient organizations to create opposition, and in this way to prevent the actions associated with the project. Small state will be cleaned without problems. Patients will not get protection from the Europe. In Russia, will not be a problem. Russia’s cooperation will be needed from the very beginning. But here I am sure that God will help us. Patients will be sent to Siberia, for treatment. In the first stage will be involved in the construction of the objects of accommodation and then the treatment centers. In the further stage the capital of the Kingdom will be built, according to the project, that is drafted. The Knights will enter into the country with the permission of the President of the country. After analysis, the plan will be prepared for disinfection. In turn, will be eliminated, the disease centers and prisons. Everything will be sent to Siberia. Official completion of the operations will be given in the report. The cleaned country will be connected to the Kingdom of Europe and Russia.

35.          President of Latvia

Andris Berzins

Latvia is a country of German Livonian Order. In 1561 these lands became part of the union with Poland. Country associated with the Teutonic Knights, who I want to be reborn under a new name and for new tasks. We need to carry out a crusade in Europe and Russia. That is what God wants from me. Latvia has to recall its history and origin. Time to help me.

34.          President of Estonia

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Estonia is a country of ancient Germans. This country of German Order –  Livonian Brothers of the Sword. In 1237 they reunited with the Teutonic Knights, whose headquarters was there, where I want to create the Knights of the Cross and the Sword.  Estonia was under the strong influence of Germany, then Russia, Sweden and Poland. I saw on the dial the Star of David over red swords – a symbol for me. Not knowing this, I drew a Star of David in the coat of arms of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Order conducted crusades against the pagans. I will need to carry out a crusade against all who stopped to believe in God, also against the Church, which accepts homosexuality and other diseases. The new Order will introduce the new religion in accordance with the laws of God. For this I need Estonia and I believe in the resurrection of Estonia and Livonian Brothers of the Sword with my new jackets and coats of arms to help me. I need an official support of Estonia for me.

33.          President of Bulgaria

Rosen Asenov Plevneliev

Bulgaria is a country mainly associated for me with the king Vladislaus of Varna. Vladislaus by God’s grace king of Poland, Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia, Bulgaria. The Crusades, which were conducted by Vladislaus are very close to what I am doing now. This is what we will be doing. The church, which accepts homosexuality and other diseases can not exist and constitute the intermediary link between people on Earth and God. We need to remove it. We will prepare us for this great crusade, in which will take part the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. In the sixth century Slavic tribes inflow. German and Russian influences. I met with the Bulgarians, on the athletics tournament in Poland. I like Bulgarie, though I was never there. I am sure that Bulgaria supports me, but why wait to support my ideas. It’s time to show that Europe and others.

32.          President of Romania


Romania is a country whose patron is the archangel Michael. And this is just my patron also. I pray to him every day, but for now my project is not implemented. Michael is my closest friend from Warsaw. But he no longer wants me to continue to help. He thinks I’m insane. Romanian King Michael I abdicated in 1947, but it’s nothing. You shall have a king. I will be your future king, or I will die earlier. I am opposed to executions Ceausescu. Romania presented itself as a country of savages or sick people. At all costs, take fancy the west and draw money from Europe. This is the idea of Romania? And that was the idea of Ceausescu. Appeal to Europe, and extorted money from them, like my girlfriend from me. But I will not kill her. I want her came back to me. I love her and she speaks your language. I try to learn but I can not speak it for now. I prefer Italian and Spanish, sorry.  I wonder how many homosexuals you have. You are doing everything to make Europe loves you. Yes or no? In the company Alstom, in England, my English friend engineer was surprised that Romania had entered to the EU. In Poland, Romania is only known because of the gypsies who beg on the streets of Warsaw. My colleague in the city of Belfast did not want to reveal that he is the Romanian. He said that he is Portuguese. I asked him a question, how is a girl in Portuguese. He replied in Romanian. From Transylvania was Polish king Stefan Batory. Kingdom of Dacia and Roman Empire. But there is something not right with this country. But I want to have a girl who knows the language, because I think she is is just the girl for me. This is why I love Romania! And I little know the language. Archangel Michael needs to help Romania and has to help me. I look forward to support of Romania!


31.          President of Kyrgyzstan

Almazbek Sharshenovich Atambayev

Kyrgyzstan is the country next to Kazakhstan that had a major influence on what I’m doing at the moment. From where some people know the future. They know exactly or less exactly the program of God – as if they knew a computer program. The program of God can not have several variants. What we would not do, it will be what it is supposed to be. Why do those who are familiar with this program, do not want or can not reveal that. Jesus revealed all the elements of his crucifixion and then his exit from the grave. The direction can be only one. Even if we do something different, God will move out us in His way. That happens to me. 13Meerim_Atantatva.jpgI was in Kazakhstan and Englishmen phoned me, forced me to come back to Poland. They prepared for me some contract. I did not want to go back. I wanted to get married with my Muslim Russian woman. Then I obtained documents from Poland, but without one needed stamp. And it blocked the registration of marriage. Then instead go back to the Poland I went to Kyrgyzstan. They called to me, this time, the Belgians, as I recall. I remained in Kyrgyzstan so far. I opened there – Ltd company. Nothing was working. I met with the women – natural Kyrgyzstan girl and then a girl from Uzbekistan (father from Iran), and finally a Jewish girl Julia from St. Petersburg. I had been a little bit in Kazakhstan and in Kyrgyzstan. Finally, during a subsequent visit to Kyrgyzstan young man stole my luggage with documents and eventually I found myself on the street. I’ve never been as low as in this period. Eventually I found myself in the Kyrgyz village near Lake Issyk Kul, where was being treated Gagarin. After some time, the Polish Consul brought me a temporary passport and I could go back to Polish.Kyrgyzstan.jpgBut I did not. I stopped in Bishkek with the family of the former boxer. And in the multi-storey building happened something very interesting. English language teacher were considered to be mentally ill took my pants, which I was drying before leaving for Poland. Eventually took them from him Kyrgyz girl. During my conversation with him he asked me who I was. I told him that I was an Englishman. You are not an Englishman – you’re Irishman. Go to hell – I answered. At night, he set fire to his room with clothing and supposedly died in it. Fire brigade, came to quench the fire. Everyone came out on the street. I began to wonder about what had happened. Deputy Consul asked me – how was it possible that I had been here for so long time in this dangerous country. It is only God who knows. For me it was safe to be in Kyrgyzstan. I lost only my things. I met some people there. Some of them I promised that I would take them to the Poland. First I have to be up at the top, and then they’ll be taken by me. At the end I found myself in Poland. Program of God, you can not change. %d0%b6%d0%b8%d0%b1%d0%b5%d0%ba-%d0%bd%d1%83%d0%ba%d0%b5%d0%b5%d0%b2%d0%b0-%d0%bc%d0%b8%d1%81%d1%81-%d0%ba%d1%8b%d1%80%d0%b3%d1%8b%d0%b7%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b0%d0%bd-2013-%d1%84%d0%be%d1%82%d0%be-10Whether someone knows or knew God program, you can check observing the different stages that appear along the way. Possible, the relevant departments are familiar with the God program about it. I’m just trying to start, continue convincing. I analyzed my life. I’m the engineer and not stupid. I used to write computer programs myself. But the program for this you will not write here. All the obstacles along the way will be removed by God. Maybe someone analyze scientifically and politically, and think that all this is unreal. But things unreal turn out to be the most real. Man goes out on the street with a gun and shoots – normal man. Why did not previously somebody predicted it. God only allows you to know certain things. So everything is underdeveloped. Science does not give you any chance of new inventions and start flights in space. We are still in the Middle Ages. God does not give opportunities for the capitalist jungle, which seems be the best, with homosexuals and other diseases. We will never fly beyond Earth. Why am I started it all there just in Kazakhstan, from where flights are held in space? Why, then, I found myself in Kyrgyzstan, where Gagarin and other cosmonauts were treated? I know that the special services know something more about this topic and are able explain this.The sick people can not have opened the way into space and to other planets and access to new knowledge. And we need to help open the doors.

That is why I need support from you, from Kyrgyzstan.

Best Regards

Wieslaw Edward Loboda

30.          President of Russia

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Prime Minister of Russia

Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev

Federal Assembly of Russia

Russia. I do not even know how to begin. Russia is for me – I do not know how to specify and what is happening. In Ukraine, I met a beautiful girl. It turned out she was Russian. I took her with him to the Isle of Man and wanted to marry her. God has blocked everything. I’m not going to explain, because it’s higher stage of knowledge. You will not understand at the moment. But you will understand this, when we will start the project. She left me a video with film of the seventies. Russians give it every new year on TV. I watched it many times and I wanted to be in Moscow. And I was in Moscow at that time, when they had shown second part of the film in cinema in Moscow. sexy-russia-girl-hd.jpgFurther stories I will not describe now. I will write some other time. Then I thought about the women of Islam, and again God has given me in Kazakhstan, Russian, studied at the University of Grozny. I got, what I wanted. Now we will deal with politics. In Russia, it is bad. Revolution, which was necessary led to a situation in which Vladimir Putin will not come out without my help.I have to enter to the position – the throne, prepared by God, that I am writing in the project. God has prepared me partners – Putin and Medvedev. These are the people whose God, with the help of others, matched to what we will do. And we will do order and in Europe and in Russia. Russia is sick and waiting for treatment. Communism turned people into parts of the great machine, which was needed to perform various tasks. Among other things, to win the war. And further more there is no individuality, generally speaking. If someone from a group distinguished from the others, he was exposed at a meeting of communistic party and again was back only a part of the machine, nothing more. miss-universe-2009-255dFaces without a smile. People turned into part of a great machine. No one had an individual life. Everything shown on the outside, controlled by the other parts of the machine. Imitation of others, it was allowed. All parts are similar to each other. There was no tolerance. And so it has passed to the present day. Communism ended. Communism did not fell down. It was a period in history. You should not criticize it. This period was needed in the program of God. After communism remained technique. Intolerance of individuals and imitation of others. And it is very dangerous. Imitation, homosexuality and other European diseases can quickly destroy Russia. Machine parts quickly become similar to each other. The body of the machine will soon be sick. And what’s next. God will destroy Russia, like Sodom and Gomorrah. Quitting the church once commanded by communism. Now, back to the old church. miss-russia-girls-2008-9It will not work. You can not go back to what it was in history, and no one should do it. People are confused. Do not know what to do. The following step is internal nervous breakdown in the machine. The next man God had sent to me to a refugee center in Moldova. This simple, not educated man does not like me – intolerance. Hates my style – hair, clothes, and behavior. The machine is sick and imitates, sickness of Europe. Do not imitate what is good. Moreover, it is difficult to find what is good in the jungle. In this way Europe helps to destroy Russia. If Russia at the moment does not accept my proposal, will be in Russia very bad soon. Europe has homosexuals but not all people are sick. Europe are individual human beings. Russia is a machine, which adopt very quickly disease on the whole body. I expect from Russia the support of my project. The introduction of a new religion and a new church universal. Russian body machine, society will adapt it quickly. Then, cooperation between Russia and Europe in my project.  Made available Siberia for project, and then creation of Kingdom of Europe and Russia

Best Regards

Wieslaw Edward Loboda

29.          President of Kazakhstan

Nursultan Abishuly

Kazakhstan is a country, which has opened its doors widely to Europe. And what happened? I received a contract from the British company. I went to Almaty. Director – John (I do not remember the name) it was my good friend. Now he is not, after what happened. Maybe this company no longer exists. I do not know. God does what He wants. I do not follow it. I do not have time. On Saturday, he decided to organize entertainment for me. I wrote about this a bit in my article, which you can find on the internet – Looking for a girlfriend. Kazakhstan is a paradise for homosexuals and others deviated from nature. I am sorry to write this because I love Kazakhstan. There I met a beautiful girls. I met Korean girlfriend and immediately started to like Korea. About the Korea later. Then I met a Russian girlfriend (parents  from Republic of Ingushetia – Islam), and I was with her about two years. Yes I love Kazakhstan, but I do not want to see, what I saw in the restaurant in night.20-asem_jaketaeva.jpg Homosexuals can dance next to healthy people. Homosexuals openly say they are gays. Horror. Nobody hides. Already incorporated by the Catholic religion in its program. Vulgar religion and its priests. Dismiss will be all, as soon as I reach the throne. And I reach it soon. You can be sure of this, like that after winter will be spring. Spring – the time of year when love develops between a woman and a man. Kazakhstan needs to help me. I need the support. Homosexuals are all doing in this country, as in their own home. They no longer need a closed clubs, only for homosexuals. They do it openly and no one protests. They found the beautiful country – Kazakhstan and made a paradise for themselves. Me and three Englishmen went to the bar made in the style of what I’ve seen a lot in England. Then we changed restaurants, but I did not know that the two of them are homosexual. And I saw them dancing with young men. I felt bad. Then I had problems in work. So, I had prepared for them report about bad construction of concrete walls. They contacted the general contractor. And then they fired me. It was convenient for me, because now I could be all day with my girlfriend. After some time, however, the money was gone. assel-sagatovaI called John but did not want to pay. I turned to newspapers and Ukrainian origin journalist wrote an article on the whole page. We passed over the fence and took pictures. Everything went to Kazakhstan in the newspaper Caravan. General contractor traveled to complain to the Ministry in Astana, but they told him that only I could withdraw it all. They met with me and wanted to haggle, but the next day I met with two pretty girls from TV and we started to do the program. I had money in my account, but I went forward. The prosecutor called to me. I have prepared the report for him. They stopped it. They called the owner of the apartment, which I rented. Bought from her my passport. My visa was shortened to three days. They bought a ticket to London for me. But I went to Finland and from there to Africa. Such it was my play with homosexuals, which seem they can do what they want. Then I returned to Kazakhstan to my girlfriend and started writing articles. So Kazakhstan has opened the door for me to do what I am doing now. Already then, special services had to know about my future. Otherwise I would not be allowed. So all started in Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan, which is as big as Europe needs to help me and we will do what needs God, everywhere.

I love Kazakhstan!