The organization responsible for the relationship with God – the Catholic church is sick. It can not be reformed. The German pope understands – he knows that he has to leave. He just can not stay in a situation where Germany will be in the center of the new world. The next step will be the creation of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Where before was  Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. But it will be no longer black crosses. All begin at the place designated by God, which I call the Jewish cemetery. This will be the new religion. This religion also substitute religions Muslims. Predictions say that the Catholic church will be one more pope. It seemed to me that is a mistake. I thought Benedict will be the last pope. Now all will be revealed. The last will be the one who will come after him. It’s good that Benedict wants to leave. Let them all take someone else. As you can see the predictions come true. Everything was in the history but you should not to compare and draw conclusions. What is my further action. Maybe I should start singing. Once I trained several years in Warsaw. Maybe something will come of this. This will be my introduction to take over the role of the future. Voice must be trained. But where? 2269_20150813_3633.jpgWe will build our temples and the temple will be a place of learning and relationship with God. They will go up to God. The above than the Egyptian pyramids and other buildings. On the broad base of the Star of David, we will go very high. Under the care of God, we will come to now unimaginable inventions (I am patent attorney, by the way), which will help us to fly beyond the earth and meet with amazing new technologies. If you start something compare to history and say it already was, you are wrong. Here’s Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Similar but not this. Teutonic Knights – but not like this. You can not compare anything in history, to my project. Someone compared me to Hitler and the Norwegian, who shot some people on the street. God has sent these people before and they have done their job, which was assigned to them. Do not compare me to them. It’s terrible. I am the one who has to do new order. I came after Jesus and Muhammad. It is time to move away from that which is so old and that it no longer possible to use. Need to clean up. We will start with Europe, because Europe is, was and will be the center of everything. 06717176.jpgThese temples, you will can not compare to medieval churches that we have now, and whose task is to calm down the people and tell them that God loves them all together with homosexuals and other patients. No! God does not love you and waiting when something will begin to change. Well, that Benedict has done the first step. So God wants from him. So God has led to a stage in which I have come out on stage. 06717182The Catholic church is not a place of science and culture. This location of stupidity. This church, forces to believe, and not understand. The church defends itself against changes in the meaning of religion. Because any change will lead to its destruction. That’s the truth. Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw is not the place of faith in God. This location of stupidity, where  was said that God not exist. As a result, we are at the stage of medieval science. God blocked everything. These residents can not fly beyond Earth. And that’s why we do not have any inventions besides the atomic bomb, which can destroy everything. Just in case. 06717280.jpgAnd so you may explain differences between temple, which I drew on one of the drawings, and other historical objects, which soon will not have any useful meaning. If you familiarize yourself with the prophecies, you will understand that nothing happens by accident. Everything is under the supervision of God. You will understand that I will enter the scene and I will do order in the name of God. It is the order of events. The order of events predicted. What does this mean? Someone outside the Earth has developed the project. In this project was also communism and Stalin. You should not criticize the history. This is not history. This is a project of God. Criticize the histories means that you criticize God. If it was not communism that at this time we would have the capitalist jungle everywhere, which created a sedative conditions for those on the bottom. They go to church, which calms them. Nothing they will do for others. They think only of themselves. Think about making money. 06717296.jpgThis system, which is now, you can not control. Prohibition of possession of weapons, etc. It’s all nothing will help. Layout has errors. It does not like God. It once was acceptable. Now it can not be acceptable.And, therefore, will be further spectacles, with which God will force you to change. Or you decide to change the layout, according to my project, or you are waiting further disasters and demonstrations prepared by God.President Obama will cry more than once. In the U.S., something like I elaborated for Europe and Russia will not go. They have, indeed areas in Canada, but will not do anything. Columbus discovered America and not America discovered Columbus. Again we go back to Europe, from which everything comes out. And so, recently, I learn Spanish. I know the language but not as good as I will need to join to the project just America.God does what he wants. Carries out his plan, designed earlier. All his system is in accordance with predictions. If we know it, why we do not surrender to his action.1339601796.jpgMust dying people to come to what God has planned.The design designed for the jungle. The jungle does not understand otherwise. God knows this and has developed stages, which leads to change.Is not better, immediately to give up and accept my proposal. I am the vicegerent of God. What’s the point suffer losses. You have to protect the people. Or maybe this is all a dream, film, computer program, you can not change.Hitler, Stalin, and at the end I will do the order – the Kingdom of God.I have been prepared for this by God. It should be described. 1949 creation of the new Germany. Coat Teutonic Knights dressed by Konrad Adenauer. It has all its sense. But I do not have time to describe about it.Like everything, God has prepared me to write about what you do not want to read.Read only special services. Or maybe I should give up and leave. But they do not give me my passport and documents. They work great.German Pope goes out but it all goes slow, in my opinion. I do not know God’s design. Or maybe they they try to realize my project now. Liquidation of the Catholic Church – the most important contact with God in Europe.I’m just one of the elements, maybe the most important. I do not know the order of events to help me enter the scene. Maybe try, to enter another way.I have a feeling that God wants to give me what not gave me before.I’ll try to find out. Maybe I’ll sing and I’ll do movies,write songs and so on. 1362494181.jpegHow does it all works? They help me, or rather are forcing me to continue it. Otherwise I would wander through the different countries and looked for something that is still locked for me. Let say, God earlier prepared me for this my project. Or otherwise someone knew that I would do what I’m doing now. There were signals for me.Let say from God. Such a signal for me was the nun person that appeared on my way then, I was driving there, where the doors were closed, or other failure, was waiting for me.It happened once that the nun struck me in the face at school. Without any reason. Maybe she even did not know why he had done it. Now, I began from the Knights of the Cross and the Sword – the predicted previously Angels, who will appear with swords.Moving away from the Catholic church – is the beginning of my project. The new religion, a new idea. Just as Jesus Christ once.All my life goes according to a specific plan, which has lead to this, what we’re all waiting. The creation of the Kingdom of God – Kingdom of Europe and Russia.All designed and runs as a computer program. 1468570336.jpgI am separated from everything. I have no contact. Yesterday I allowed to speak to Halina R., by Skype. She is in Australia. So, I will not meet my first love from primary school. Anyway it is something what is allowed for me. It was earlier blocked. What it means. So, we will go further this way. Go back to my youth, to my dreams and try what I can get. I hope everything is approaching. But go slow. I do not know how I can to accelerate. We’ll find out soon. With God’s help we reach our KER-KG and the new world order. Everything will happen still this year. I feel that I go back to what it was in elementary school. It’s not funny. I wanted something there. And there I was successful. I was at the top, in sports and in other things. Now I have to be at the top of Europe and Russia. We will master region of the Catholic religion and then next to it. Liquidate everything that is against human. So what will be – Garden of God – Paradise.I started dreaming – after this conversation with Professor Halina from Australia.