In what way can we lead to a revolution,because otherwise it does not work it all. Dissatisfied and look for those who will find the Kingdom clearly positive elements. God sent me from Russia, a man who has a problem with the heart. Sure he had to meet with me and what more I will not explain further. He condemns the actions of the President of Russia Putin. But this is ridiculous position of almost all the Russians, who are confused and do not know what’s going on at the moment. I explain to him that Putin has to wait, but not more, because the more he does not understand. Understand when he is where others already has long time been. Unemployed, prisoners, patients, families disintegrating against bad situation, others. These people will do not revolutions. You see yourself, how hopeless the situation evolve. Capitalism has fed those who need and everything is, staying in place. no one will perform against the situation. Only people like this Norwegian – persuade by God to do something. People, on which God influenced. They show things beyond human expectations. But you are sleeping further. Like animals waiting to be slaughtered, sleeping, waiting. What are you waiting for. Tell me. Because I do not do not understand. You see the direction in which things have been moving and behaving like a cows in a pasture. Why is that? Tell me, because I can not understand you. I’m not one of you, and therefore. God has sent me to help you, but I do not see opportunities. With cows waiting to die, I will not communicate. I do not know how to get to your head. God also influenced for this fool from Russia, which is in my room with me. Why He sent him to me – I do not know. I’ll know soon – I think so. Who will be against – animals that have a full bed. They do not need – are already fed. That pigs, which need nothing more. It’s not my term. This is German! Polish pigs. Polish, I just want to start from the Poland and I do not have any of those pigs support. I can now tell them that they will lose nothing. No one will be nothing taken away. Businessmen will receive new proposals for the development of their businesses. We will not destroy anyone. This is not the hell. This is the Kingdom of God. Refugees will be appropriately assigned to the relevant regions. Will solve the problems of emigration, which hinder Europe. To this is also required Russia. Without Russia, there will be no changes. What is needed is space – a new living space – the German term. There will not be a transfer of European jungle to Russia. This will be arranging the new Europe. New Russia also will be arranging, but in different way. Russia imitates European schemes. That’s what it is now, it is not acceptable. Russia adopts European ridiculous patterns. These patterns are not suitable for acceptance. That’s what’s happening in Russia is macabre. We will swap, jungle in parks. Move some plants to other areas. All planned. Emigration and other problems. IT can be compared with the weeds, which grow in the gardens. We will not destroy these new plants. We will them move to the new locations. There they will create something new. That everything will be designed, not in the wild, and not by accident. By chance, someone could start a nuclear bomb launchers. We do not cut out but we will move. Without the new space, without Russia we do not improve anything. Russia we do not improve without new Europe, which is a model for Russia and interact. That all goes in the very wrong direction now.