Jungle absorbs other countries and does not take into account of what is happening in these countries. These countries are infected with diseases of the jungle. Capitalism in these countries is manifested more sharp diseases than in the old European Union.At the very top is a rotten hyenas grown from socialism. Something that rejects everything, and above all, the presence of God, has to die sooner or later.These people still do not believe in God. Just believe in yourself and believe that no one helped them in achieving no money. They do not believe in something like a different kind of existence after death of the body. These people exceed acceptable limits even in the jungle in Europe.Jungle can not have any normal laws that protect others. The only law is the law of the jungle, which is lawlessness.Who is stronger and more savage wins in the pursuit to achieve the best position under the sun.And this is accepted by the jungle. It is said that this man has a head on his shoulders and knows what needs to be.Without scruples, no principles, and soon over dead bodies of others.Russia adopted a jungle law and what happens there should be reformed, and fast. Russia does not want to be associated with the European jungle and rightly. Would be a situation without exit and cure diseased form of capitalism.Infected Russia and Europe have a chance, until Russia is physically separated from Europe.Lenin, Stalin, and others (and Pole Dzerzhinsky). The whole history prepared by God would go to waste.Poland – Pope, Lech Walesa, and what’s next. Poland does not want to shine a good light. Poland, forgot romance and poems of Mickiewicz. Poland, which is needed Europe and Russia. Poland, which is ready to be a guide for nations, want to be nothing, shit on the background of the history of the world. Poland has in the ass history and God.Prophecies of the Romantic period, Poland has forgotten, and prefers be shit than the country, which at the end could become homeland for all the people who had fled abroad and do not want to go back or admit it that they are from the Poland.Why? Poland needs to do something! Otherwise will be forced to do so by God.Will fall on her divine punishment.What? I do not know. We’ll see. Let them waiting on. People without ambition, faith and honor. Kordian and boor – let it read. Well, we know that are remaining in Poland, now just boors. Poland will be a guide nations. What God has planned, can not be changed by the boors. God, who draws the history of Poland and others will not leave Poland alone, and only for boors.Poland needs to wake up. Churls have to understand something more than now understand.Poland must start to what has been prepared by the people of history and by God.Tried to get to this project other countries, but it is not their destiny in the history of Europe and Russia.The initiative has to come out from Poland, which is in the middle of Europe.Poland is to be the engine of everything that has lead to a change for the better. Poland is to be clean, no homosexuals, no corruption, no prisons, no Antisemitism and other diseases. Poland has to give light for Europe and Russia.Poland has help in cleansing the European jungle from the weeds, which inhibit the development and life of healthy people.I do not have access to the Internet in Moldova. I do not have money. No one supports me in this my philosophies. UNHCR has stopped a withdrawal of my money. I have, it seems to leave this country.My passport and my documents keeps man from whose I rented apartment. When my money ran out, agreed to leave me in the house for some time. He had expected you would sponsor me. But when he realized that I would get no money, took my passport and forced me to sign a document that I would give him a thousand euros.That was his risk, not mine. I complained to the police. I want to pick up my documents. You will not earn a thousand euros in Moldova. It does not make sense. It makes no sense my life, and this whole philosophy, which does not get to you. Will write about why you can not understand that, next time. I’m locked in Moldavia. I have to leave, perhaps to Germany, maybe to England, perhaps to the Netherlands, Belgium, France or any other country. I feel like a prisoner, with no future, no women, no money, nothing. Help me pick up my document and to leave. I will deal with normal work and life in your jungle. I see that what I am trying to do, it does not make sense at the moment. That’s all I wanted to start too early. I asked for help Polish consulate, but they did not help. It need your help. I’m already sick of everything, and this philosophy. Already I do not believe that I will ever commit you to the movement. I want to live like a normal human being. I want to earn some money and tie up with some sort of woman. Ramina – I need this woman. So ask you for support in my efforts to regain passport and other documents. I’ll be back to my philosophy when I decide that it all makes sense. Why does God take me everything away, I’m already tired of it all. My prayers do not help. My request to you – help me!

to be continued or not

Best Regards