EU has no chance. It is historically going to be death soon version. It was necessary in history of Europa, but now it is all over. Now it is necessary something quite new. New but very strong structure – Kingdom of Europa. EU structures should be changed to Kingdom of Europa structures. This is my project and I will do that with your help of course. I need only you understand that it is only one way to the next era. Next year will start new era. This time we will consider as the time of beginning quite different future for all European people. Additionally Kingdom of Europa will need Russia. Without Russia the project will collapse. So we need to make Kingdom of Europa and Russia. I will not give you details now, because it needs the book to be write. I have written about it and you can read if you would like in polish “Salon 24” website. Generally we need to clean everything. What we have now it is almost the same what we had a thousand year ago. There are things that make world going very slow into the future. With this speed we can only go to the hell – nuclear destruction of the earth. I would like you discussed that my project in European Parliament. It is now the time to do this. If you not buy my idea you will be responsible for everything what will be in the future. If you buy it, in contrary I will be responsible for your and other people future. But I know that I am right! The time is going faster. I need to start the project till the end of this 2012 year. You are just Parliament not only to take money and saying I fuck the Europa as far as I have my money. Do not you are?

Best Regards

Wieslaw Edward Loboda