I was born on January 21. On this day Lenin died. Of course, several decades earlier. While in Moscow, I visited his mausoleum. It all has its own symbolism. Lenin’s idea of creating communism or something else. The name does not matter. The idea has not been realized – collapsed. Lacked many elements and it were very much thick errors. First of all, Lenin like the others did not understand philosophy of jungle. No one has ever presented this philosophy and explained so what I’m doing it myself for you – with no results and success. You can not understand because you are in the jungle. You have jungle science in your head. You are steeped in the jungle. As jungle animals. You’re not even human beings. In the jungle you can not enter anything. You have to change the jungle and only then further to work on something new. Lenin never came to a head that you need to change first of all foundation. I should not have make a judgment of history, and now I do not it. I am just showing a comparison of history to what I am doing at the moment.Lenin did, what belonged to him. Bloodshed and all it was a very painful and horrible. There was no other option. God allowed it, he had a plan, which should be carried now. You do not want to understand. Therefore, I am already tired. I want to live like others. I want to enjoy life, which I was given, but God will not let me. I wasted many years and continue wasting my life talking to stones on the road. Lenin wanted something to change, without changing anything else in the jungle. Lenin though that all people could convince his idea. People are different. We now have computers. We can put all the characteristics of individuals. We can treat the sick. We can manipulate inside of the area. Lenin took advantage of disgruntled – the workers. Just as was done in Poland with Solidarity. I’m not criticizing Lenin, because what he did was designated by God. Although he rejected God, he was run be Him. In this period of history, it was necessary. You should not destroy the statues, he accomplished his mission. More was not possible. Even now I find it hard to believe you, about the role, which God has appointed me. Archangel sent down to the earth. You can not understand. I also want to have a woman and be a man, like the others. Lenin rejected faith in God. I understand it. Way to enter connection with God in the church is a medieval way. Error. That has not changed. Similarly, it has not changed the jungle. Jungle defend itself against changes. Its universities and all rights jungle – lawlessness, freedom killing, if no one sees. Another element rejected by Lenin – the belief in God. I’m not criticizing Lenin. He now sees his own errors, but can not do anything, not being on the earth. He has fulfilled his purpose. Establishing a fictional ideals, in which only you can believe walking down to attack the opponent. It all disappears after a few years. So happened to Lenin’s theory. Rejection of faith in God in a situation where the only should be the ideal of the belief that God controls us. The belief that God sees all and helps us or punishment on earth not after death, should be the only and sufficient faith. Be human being, do not be stupid beast – is the next principle. Obey God’s commandments. It’s not ten commandments written on tablets of clay. A man from a jungle is a beast, which knows how to circumvent the law. Look in Poland. Man of the garden will not look for a way to go around the law of God. He will know that if he do something bad he will be punished by God. Obey God’s laws. Expand those rights to infinity – this is the way to paradise. Lenin believed in something. Lenin believed but could not do anything. God did not want Lenin saw it, what happened later. God took Stalin, who also accomplished his mission. None of them you can throw from monuments. They should all lie in the mausoleum. This is what Khrushchev did was wrong. They fulfilled their historic task. Everything fell. People began to steal, lie and kill others. Those deprived of all the rules, those the worst, went to the top. Careerists. Not people. Animals. Who else can be the best in the jungle. Only animal. Create new jungle – jungle communist. About this jungle can write once, though, it does not make sense, remembering history. I read not ever Lenin. I have not read the Bible. I have not read Marx and Engels. Them seemed that capitalism itself transformed into the form of a friendly to man. They were wrong. How can a jungle turn itself into the garden of God. Have you ever you seen something like this? You can to replace jungle into the reserve. This we will try to do. We will be measure its state of security. In this way we preserve the jungle for those who can not live anywhere else. Wild animals can not be converted into a home. Man has intelligence. This is something that can adapt him to the environment. My project has a strong foundation. Will not collapse as the theory of Lenin. It is far forward in comparison with Lenin and others. No one showed it previously. It was not this historic moment. Now it is. I want you to tell Poland. In Poland only remained boors. No Kordians (see Juliusz Slowacki – Kordian i cham). There is no Slowacki and Mickiewicz. Poland is nothing. Poland does not understand what God has prepared for it in history. Those who are in Poland, on the top, they do not understand where they are. Poland is a country chosen by history and by God. This no country for boors. It is a country for the people with ambitious, talented – Poland is a country of Kordians not boors. If you do not understand it, God will destroy Poland. Help me in this Poles. Maybe still have time to do something. In the next year have prepared the end of the era of Jesus Christ. This is our last chance. Or, will take care of my life. I’ll leave you, and God will help me do it. May God be with you. Although I doubt that it will be with you long.