Yes everything is dirty and I am here to clean it. If we look at Germany. I do not want people compare me with some fool devils like Hitler. They have made some order and we can say something is more clean then in other countries. What is influence of it. It is simple. They think different way. Their analyzes of situations are more, I would say, clean. I love more England, but Germany and maybe other countries are interesting to say something about. So, it is working like this – if we have have clean streets and clean other places we are going to take everything different way. We do not want bad things like corruption and so on. We want to be clean and we react against everything what we consider as dirty. This is not about Dirty Dancing – I like this film. This way we want our minds to be clean and our behavior to be clean. You can do not love Germany but it is something in it. But this is not fucking Hitler about and forget it. Number 49 it is my and Germany number. Why Germany is not going to help me to start this my mission, I do not know. Maybe because I am not their lovely Hitler with their swastika. Generally we can say that cleaning influence for everything and we think and we want to be clean. We do not want corruption and ………. a lot of other. We think different way. Do you like it? No? It is your choice but we will make clean everything. This will be my job. How to go outside the Earth this different story. So, what is the situation. From one side Germany – clean area. But do not start to compare it with Hitler please. From other side Russia with Communism and do not compare it as well with what I am doing. In the middle is Poland and this is why we have to start from this place. But this is not the only reason. I will explain it in next articles. We had Jews and other things in history. This is not so easy what God has prepared for Poland so do not try to assess and draw conclusions. This is complicated to explain for you and maybe it would better not explain it. So, for now, history prepared the situation. From one side (Germany) cleaning and from other side Communism (Russia) – Lenin ideas that could never happen with this system that he prepared. But he could not prepared other system and this is the problem of history and God (they did not believe in God and this is also what God prepared for them). I want to start. I do not know what is more to explain. I am sure I will manage this situation what will be in future because I am with God and God (Allah) is with me!!! Polish flag white-red. White is the color of clean area. Red is the color of this idea and my picture. This flag is prepared to connect (white clean) Europe and red but not communistic) Russia. This is just image of the connection. Communists had ideas but they were not educated people. So their ideas were from the beginning mistaken. They constructed something like palace of culture and science in Warsaw. They did not believe in God. God just used them to prepare the place for new era that will start maybe in this year. We will build something new and cover the communists palace, not destroying it. Hitler had idea as well. He was not educated and his idea was just mistaken. He just wanted something with cleaning but it was not this what we will do. He killed people. We will clean some sick people just like Hitler killers and many others. No, back to Germany. Germany want to be very clean country. Clean cities, clean relations between people, clean projects, no corruption. This is in their minds. They want but it is not working. Jungle can not manage the problems even in Germany. So they are angry. But they are silence. They afraid even to support me. They afraid because of history and Hitler. So they accept everything what jungle like and they are more and more angry. They agree for migration, they do not want to be called racists and they are angry. They can do nothing. So this is collision with what they would like to and what is going on in their country. Some of them begin to miss Hitler – can not see the a way out. EU can do nothing. Their way is to enter with jungle way to new EU countries. How many years we need in these countries to reach a level of development that we have in Germany. This is crazy project. I would say they have no project. This is mistake of EU. It is not working like other systems in history – Hitler, communism and…. this not controlled capitalism. Big mistake of EU. It will be just end of EU. But everything was needed in history. So we will not criticize EU or make corrections – it will be not working. But we have now this my and God project and we will go this way to new era. We can solve all problems and make faster development of World. It is closely related with opening the gate for business and many other gates. Walesa has called for Poland to unite with Germany to form one European state, despite the bloody history between the two countries. Again Walesa make mistake. Earlier he wanted polish president to be the King of Poland. This man is not educated like communists were. He can not understand what I am doing and why I am doing this. He just do not believe in God who is with me. He believe catholic religion that is as well not useful for people. Maybe is useful for gays but not for these who want to be clean and safety. Connection with Germany will be but we will start in Poland first and connect Europe to the center. Pope Francis want the new religion and we will have but it will be not his project. He just know that catholic and other religion will have their end soon and he just try to find some exit for them. But the history has no mercy for nobody. We have to start this project and only this project will be continuation of new era in all the World, not only in Poland. We have predictions and we can expect the future. Walesa and Pope Francis should have the access to this information and I am sure they have it. But they do not believe as they do not believe that God can do everything. They just not believe in God. If they would believe they would do something to start this project. To be continued – about other side of KERKG – Russia and other countries.