Englishmen run away to the Isle of Man. They have enough of everything. They want a new safe place. I give you this place in Russia. Why did not you respond to my project? You are complete idiots, which do not understand, what is to you talking about? They do not want a Europe which is now. Have to run away from it on tiny island. Searching asylum. But for all this is not enough. This small island. Everyone in there is not room. It will be more and more expensive! Jungle educated homosexuals, murderers, cheats, thieves. Old people want to have peace. Afraid that your entire, newly transformed Europe in hell! Jungle, developed religions, unnecessary Catholicism, Islam, and others. These religions do not give solutions, and therefore must be eliminated. Only produce religious wars! We will liquidate them and create a new religion. monster-energy-girls-isle-of-man-tt-2014-02The jungle does not know how to deal with it is what makes the macabre situation. They close their comrades idiotic life in prison. Whatever we take not of the jungle will not be able to be accepted in the gardens. Spontaneity jungle – wildness. In the planned system is all unacceptable. All ways of thinking can not be accepted. Everything will be thrown in the trash. All ways of thinking, tight, enslaved by the lack of freedom in the jungle. All we will have to throw out the trash. All ways of thinking enslaved, limited by the jungle, the lack of freedom. That’s what jungle called freedom is ridiculous lie like communist lies were. Communism behind us, but there is still jungle. Jungle provokes people to assassinations, makes them homosexuals, thieves, and produces various other diseases. We do not solve it without Russia areas. isle-of-man-ttJungle formed ill law. Low against God. Killing, harming sick people. This is all we will throw out to the garbage. Whatever we take in the jungle it will not be useful in new layout of the garden. All ways of thinking, tight, enslaved, limited by the jungle, the lack of freedom – all the exchange. Spontaneity jungle growth is not freedom. Limitation of space and others, finding a place come to a sun. Draw conclu people from the jungle to the gardens will change everything. First of all, changes in other people higher type. So I will replace the wild plants in the higher type of personality. That’s what is done today, is a wild jungle law. Killing people, sick people castration. All treatment instead. Everything is sick. Europe is very ill. Let’s face it – so sick Europe can not move to the east. Not for these people is preserved by God – Russia. I wondered working in England why we with such knowledge, with such capabilities, we are economically inferior to Europe. Almost in all disciplines, I saw our superiority. Ideology, stupid. If we would hold on to God, we would be at the very top. The Communists destroyed with their idiotic ideology everything. We are the best. Similarly like Chinese people we can conquer the world. Russia is a European race people. We need to connect and we will lead the world. All those who are against it are criminals. You have to remove them to the side! Nobody in the world should be against us!

be continued

Kingdom of Europe and Russia will solve all the problems in Europe.

People will be able to live happily. No one will come out on the streets with a gun and will kill others. Removal of the jungle, where growth is freedom only for those who are on top, who have pierced, and they have opened the way to the sun. The transfer of prisoners to work. Release them from the prison cages. Return these people to humanity. Work does what a man needs. Problems of emigration. Looking for work and a better life. It will be given to them. Most emigration, will be moved to Russia to new areas. End of crisis. Everything will be planned. It will not be communism. No one, nobody, nothing, will took away as in the communist revolution. 063015-2015-isle-of-man-tt-wrap-up-McGuinness-Hutchinson-Hillier-senior-tt.jpgGod has given him and this is his. Only God can decide. Only God decides who has die. We will not kill anyone. We will treat patients. Treatment centers will be built in Russia. Jobs will be one of the most important elements of treatment. Sometimes this work will be heavy. Only God can take away life! Will shape completely new architecture. People move from Europe to Russia. Europa gradually become desolate. Liquidation problems of people out of work. Liquidation problems of poor people assistance. Will be solved the problems of people, after graduation, young people without a job, without money, without family. Having a description of all the people we will deal with them. We will find for them such forms of life that they are waiting for. All will be taken into custody. We’ll take care of the sick, beggars on the streets, homosexuals, and people aiming to death – for example, drug addicts. We will develop new forms of life. Family, the education of children. No one can be a slave to someone or something. Freedom, but this time the real freedom. Freedom is not on television, in newspapers, advertising.Monster Energy Girls -  Isle of Man TT 2014 - 05.jpg Jungle nobody gives a real freedom. The jungle is a wild state, in which one group takes away this freedom from those, which are at the bottom, at the bottom of the jungle cherished by those who are closer to the sun. Will be formed new, friendly relations between people in Europe, in Russia. Explanation of the stages of history. This way we will liquidate nationalism, anti-Semitism and other diseases. Russians love Europe. Many of them live in Europe. Conclude hatred, which is still there somewhere. It is time to connecting and give the people chance to live better. This connection must be made before the end of the year. That God has prepared and I am his messenger. You have to believe me. Faith in God and the elimination of religious wars. The new religion, which unites all restore faith in God. God controls everything. The belief eliminate everything bad. There will be no corruption, lies and crimes. Monster Energy Girls -  Isle of Man TT 2014 - 14.jpgEurope’s problems must be solved. Europe’s current problems shapes the life in Russia. This life is deformed in a terrible way, the fault of Europe. There is in Russia all this shit that came from Europe. Putin will not do anything. It can only wait for this my project. Shit adapted to the new capitalism in Russia has created something extremely patient. Connection of Europe with Russia and comprehensive solution to problems. This is the only way out of something very bad. Otherwise, everything will go toward the destruction of Europe and Russia, and maybe the world. Create freedom in the gardens, not freedom in the jungle. everyone gets really what he wants. For this we will endeavor. We will deal with people and create opportunities for them to develop and improve themselves. Help me this create. Let God help you.