I had signed a three month contract with polish company Mirbud (see website), that is one of the polish mafia organizations. I was sent by their director to the city Elk, where they had road construction site. I am chartered engineer and I have polish permission to act as a site manager roads. Mafia director said that I should not act as site manager, because they have their very good man. I should only be there and do not try to act to much. I had no money and I had no choice. On the site I saw mafia man, who acted as the site manager without polish permission. There is normal in Poland. There was a drawing shelf with drawings and some bottles of vodka. There were many people employed there but they were doing nothing. They pretended something doing but it was all not important for main construction. Company had a good money and could pay them all without problem. Only this one mafia lovely boy worked. Smoked cigarets one after another, drank man coffees and alcohol later closely to the end of work day. I was not surprised. If you have not qualification and experience you need maybe drugs not only vodka to manage all that shit. His face showed it clearly. Engineer (see FIDIC) in Poland is normally paid by mafia. He is just to sign everything. The worse is the quality of construction the bigger money mafia pay him for confirmation that quality is excellent. He do it and he get the bonus to buy a new car or house. If he does not want do it will be fired. The next one is waiting. They have enough engineers. Some of them just have bought theirs permissions. I was sent to change another chartered site manager. I did not expect that it was all about my signs only, nothing more. Chartered site manager and engineer instead of working to improve the quality of construction were only to sign documents, what mafia man gave them. Mafia man had no qualification to managed road site but it was not important for mafia. They have their own rules, different from EU. Project Manager paid by mafia have only to take a part in meetings and make no problems for mafia. Delays exceeded one year in relation to the schedule submitted to tender. They do not care. Mafia pressed General Direction of highways to postponing the end of the contract not counting contractual penalties. At first Project Manager did not want to do it but after they had given him probably bigger money he confirmed. Otherwise mafia from General Direction of Highways would find another Project Manager. They observed me for a couple of days and finally decided to give me the most important question. They asked me if I would sign everything what mafia man would write in site diary. I answered that I would write and sign by myself and than I checked the site and decided that I need to manage it myself too because it was all such a shit in organization that should be changed just right now. With this speed they would need another year to finish it. Mafia manager pressed me to immediately leave the office. They have not given me the official Termination Notice. There was no reason. They could not write any explanation. I was not obedient to mafia commands. I am chartered civil engineer not a fucking mafia gay. I found mistakes and I wanted help them to get out of this shit. Not only sign and confirm that shit. I have not money for this contract and I can do nothing. Polish courts, investors and all the people as you can see are working for mafias. Corrupted catholc church accept all that shit. It is normal for people in Poland that stile of life. They make the same in their families. They teach children in schools the same way. Corruption in that country is something normal, you are facing it everyday and everywhere. Polish infection spread to Germany, Norway, Sweden, Irish Republic (I was working with polish company in Dublin Tunnel) and everywhere in the world where they are dealing with something. In contrary Poland has been infected with homoseksuality and other bad things from rest of Europa. More and more people are infected every year. Who is responsible for the situation in Poland. They have their own infections and infections from Europa. Such infected country you can find nowhere in the world probably. I just do not know. There is nobody who even try to stop it. It is caming from catholic church, schools, their families shops, theaters, films, literature, newspapers, TV, radios, songs, cabarets, trains, streets and restaurants. They have it in their blood. They are just familiar with that shit in that polish hell they have constructed for themselfs. They are feelling good. They are all sick. Sodoma and Gomora. God is going to send all them to the hell togather with EU who help this hell exist in Europa. You are giving them money! The roads and highways with bad mafias quality that cost a big European Union money will be destroyed soon. Who is responsible in UE for helping mafias and corruption in Poland. I do not think you will give me the answer becouse I think that you people are paid by polish mafia too. Am I right? Will somebody help me to get my money from polish mafia company Mirbud? Mafia will give me no job any more. Without money I will loose my future wife and I will die. And you do not care, what I am writing about! You care only about your money you get in UE Parliament. Shame on you! Shame on you! I have sent the e-mails to polish government and institution and they can do nothing with that. You can do nothing to give me back my money. So, who can do it? NATO Army? I need the money now. I want my girl to marry or I am going to loose her and my life. Do you understand what I am writing? I will send you next story about CEZET company and then you will see the polish mafia more clearly. You will see how you loose your money. And you can do nothing too? There is no control. There is a big shit in EU.