The money from keeping prisons will be directed at construction of new objects in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia. Prisons will be closed. Prisoners taken away to Russia for the construction of capital of the Kingdom of God. Tenders will be organized, which will be attended mainly by companies from a country which will give the money for it. It will be at first phase Poland and then the next countries wishing to join the Kingdom. Will be constructed in this manner the various objects which will be later called the Polish, German and so on. Will not be able to take part in tenders, homosexuals, thieves, corrupt, antisemitism and the other deviated from nature. They can be clean, working together with the prisoners, if they will want. Corrupt companies in Poland nobody will close. Would lose their jobs people who work in these companies. They just do not get any contracts in the Kingdom. Knights and their divine committees will evaluate the companies participating in the tender. Entirely new companies can be formed and participate in the tender. They do not need to have money. They must be engineers and the other people who know how to build facilities shown in the drawings. The will present a draft of organization of works and schedule. On the construction sites will be cameras that anyway would be necessary to watch prisoners. People for the execution works will be at the construction site (prisoners). Equipment will provide company which has the machine. Payment only for the working hours, excluding stoppages of equipment. The one who wins the tender will receive the money to buy materials and equipment at the construction site offices (computers, etc.). Cameras will show everything. If something will go wrong, the company will lose contract immediately. New company will enter the building site after new tender. In the first step will be constructed temporary buildings, factories of materials, roads, warehouses and other facilities needed to start construction of the city. In the meantime, the competition will be announced for the construction of capital city of Europe and Russia. The creation of a new big city in Russia with the new architecture. This city built quickly will provide housing and jobs for young people from Europe. Many educated people have no job, no home and can not lead a normal life. New capital of the Kingdom of God will radiate to whole world with his ideas, new inventions, lifestyle. From here go out the new findings which will enable modern development around the globe and flights to other planets.