Once again, a description of the project. In the first phase will be created in Poland the order of knights with characters of cross – sword in the crest as described in the text below. Poland will be the Center of Europe, and from this place we will start. Order will be founded in an area where in the fourteenth century was the seat of German Knights of cross. Resurrection of Crusaders to save the Europe. Order will teach the new religion of the Kingdom of God. The Knights will be engaged in searching for those who have gone from nature and infect others. Patients will be sent to treatment centers, to work camps, at building sites capital of the Kingdom of God in Russia. Putting people into cages makes no sense. After being released can not live normally. Cleaning must be made not only by the passion of the soul but also by the passion of the body. They will have work hard. This way we begin construction of the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God. Those who will not want to work there will be sent to forced labor camps in northern Russia, where atmospheric conditions will be hard due to low temperatures. The money spent in Europe to maintain the prisons will be used for the construction capital of the Kingdom of God. Europe will be purified. Prisons do not fulfill their role. In Poland, the guards are afraid of the prisoners. Director of one of the prisons in Poland clearly gave to understand to me that his house or car can somebody ignite and even he can be killed by someone. Homosexuals, drug addicts and other deviated from nature can not be among the healthy humans. This all sick is tolerated and therefore is helping the infection to expand. Catholic religion based on on lies can not continue to be accepted. I’ll make a real movie about Jesus and the Last Supper. Students sold Jesus to the Romans. Jesus was full of despair before his death. Tears bread comparing to his body and then compares wine to his blood. He did not do this with peace as it is show in the church. It is a tragedy of a man condemned to death by the people whom he considered friends. The church in this manner profanes the Passion of Christ. He had no intention die. God gave him life to teach others. Celibacy is not observed in Poland. The priests live with women and have children, for which the money gives Catholic church fund. This religion reverses from God and guides to hell. Hell is expanding to all areas of life in this country. The murders, theft, corruption, homosexuality, and other deviations from nature. I will execute the project designed with the help of God. I’ll be your manager, guide, and the king of the Kingdom of God. After this spring and summer will take place start. We will soon do it with you all who believe in God. I will arrange it, because that is my mission in this life given to me by God. I met close with the Orthodox Church and I want to marry here in the girl, Romina designated me by God. She assists me all the time on this project. I met a religion of the Arabs. For two years in Kazakhstan, I have been associated with a girlfriend, Russian, Muslim. In Kyrgyzstan, in a small village on the beautiful Lake, near the sanatorium, used by Gagarin, my friends taught me to pray in the mosque. God is one and does not matter where you want to talk to him. Religion can not be business. Can not be accepted everything and allowed to what is happening in Europe. My Polish bank account is not working and I have no money. I ask them to unlock. No response. I have no money for the apartment. I need your support. Thanks to this I will be able to make further steps.

Dear Madams,

Dear Sirs

I do not know how to persuade you. I understand that the jump to a new era now seems too much to be swallowed immediately and quickly. Continually I am presenting this project and waiting for your assistance. You in contrary are waiting again for a new messenger from God to do something bed to you as this Norwegian? They showed him photos of himself which he did in the coat crusader and then wept. Why? Maybe because had to performe this horrible task? From time to time there is someone who comes out and shoots but it’s still not enough. The Nazi Party manifests on the streets. Need a new Hitler? Invade Russia? Infect Russia with homosexuality, drugs and other diseases? Why God has saved this great and empty country till today? Have you thought about it? I must have your money right now to do designs, movies, newspapers, show everyone details about the Kingdom in Europe and Russia – the Kingdom of God. You have been waiting for this since the time of Jesus Christ. Have not you? Just nobody has believed it.