I would like to finsh the story

Kingom of Europe and Russia. I know that idea is for all people over their imagination. They are normal stupid guys, who are busy with their everyday stupid work that makes them what they are. I can understand that. Without Russia in that combination one can do nothing. Russia with her areas empty and preapared to new construction Kingdom of God is necessary. zag-rivneOtherwise everything will be not possible. I would like to finish the story. My girlfriend does not want to see me. I have no money. One hundred Euro from Dewelokum company is not enough to by something in women day. I ask again Transsystem, Mirbud, Cezet and AIM if they still exist to put something on my account. If I have no money and I will have not my woman I will day and I will not finsh that story. Everything will be lost. I know. It is difficoult to understand for you. But just belive me, I do not explain it as my explanation looks stupid for you. You are just not preapared to that at the moment. Edward and Ramina = Europa and Russia. Just do what I ask you now and will be everything OK!