This city of dreams, which the world has ever seen, and where everyone will want to live, a city chosen by God, in the country, which no man could conquer, saved by God for me, there will be a place of life of people chosen by him on this earth. Here in the capital of the Kingdom of God will live the people who manage the countries, large companies, manage everything that is most important, what is the best in the world today. People whose dream is to further develop their countries and their companies. People who want to change what they have and what have already done, what already have created in their life to achieve the even highest level. People with ambition, who set themselves goals and God is helping them to grow up and be more perfect. Apart from kings, sheikhs, presidents, entrepreneurs will be invited to live here, people of science and art – film directors, actors, scientists, the best doctors and others. These people will live here and manage, just from this place designated by God will be coming out decisions concerning the development of the world. This location must be better of where now they are located and they must believe that precisely in this place and only in this place God will help them further. People cursed by God, punished by him and the people with whom he himself can not manage, people pushed from him, exactly they will build the Kingdom of God to the people chosen and responsible for the world development. Those chosen must protect this world from destruction. These evil people, being not able understand why something is happening to them, lost, who stopped believing in God, we will teach a new religion, and instead keep them in cages in Europe employ them to build the Kingdom in Europe and Russia and in this way we begin to protect the world against what is wrong and which consequently leads to the end of your world, in which you live, you chosen by God. Now you can understand what I mean. With the help of God’s promptings to me we will continue to move forward. So I must have you next to me, close, in the Kingdom of God. You should understand now why I address myself to you.