The jungle has its characteristic evil traits and all that is hidden under the big word freedom. The characteristic feature is the lack of interest in others. Of course, apart from their own children, but that have all animals within their body. This what we call God, and what gives us the body (for some time to use) does not accept this freedom, which does not lead to any positive changes in the jungle. On the contrary, this freedom leads to the destruction of various yet completely unforgettable values. On this principle of freedom are various private companies. chisinau-moldova-all-saints-church-13These are individuals or groups. Let’s say it comes here about work. Anyone, who work does the work for himself and not thinking of others. In fact, the products that are produced, are for others, others again produce for him. Animals like the system of freedom and do not want to change, especially those that have already estates. But only few of them have planes. Others will not use them as their own, because they never will be able to buy them. This is just an example, but it’s all about whatever is on Earth, and you can not even touch. Some may touch more than others, and there are those who do not have anything. Because everything you can have, but you have to buy it. Such is the general rule of the jungle. Continue on with this principle result subsequent rule. You have something, if you steal or bribe someone, etc. This system can not be maintained and that everything what is the product of this system will be changed and it is coming soon. I promise you this. Hotmail blocked two of my addresses and I can not get my information and send you my articles. What people are sitting there in the Hotmail? I need my two addresses elbede68 and ewloboda. descargaAnimals invented fees for different things, who use together with others in the area. These include taxes and other fees. We have a democracy, the power of the people in the jungle and it is considered to be the best system. This democracy has been around a long time and this is a big shit, like the Catholic and other religions. These are all very old products of jungle. This democracy, where everyone thinks about himself and kills other throws them out of the margin so called society is a system against the divine laws. The jungle is something that is against God, who creates every inhabitant on Earth? Animals establish various parliaments and there distribute the money. We cannot expect from the democracy any good. Parliament is a pack of dogs that bite among themselves, and sometimes it can be seen on television. These are the animals which managed to get into the trough – pigs. If they were people, they would let me start my project. I would have received strong support. The lack of support confirms that it does not matter in the jungle there are other things besides private property of each animal, the place at the trough of food. If in God’s name do not take care of the animals, it’s not going to work. We will do Kerway. moldova032-1024x683.jpgThis will be the company that will take care of people, and all what people need. To all we will find a job. We will build a new cities in the new architecture. Also, the apartments will be completely different. I have these sketches ready. KERway will be available worldwide. Those who will work there will have access to a lot of things on the basis of rent (apartment, car, plane, etc.). Many things will be, for them, sold cheaply, and a lot of things for free. Finally will be no money. In the bank KERway will be an account of the symbolic value of working for the company of God. You will be able to buy in principle only goods from KERway. Church for the first time will be able to give people a job, take on to school, help otherwise. Everyone will believe in a God who can help them. In the jungle is all on its design. Let’s look at the architecture of the cities and see that we are in the jungle. It is a system that control all aspects of life and the minds of all. In the Europe, we have forests. In Africa, there are jungles. Therefore, we have to start in Europe. Hitler, jungle animal, condemned to extinction millions of innocent Jews and other people. That’s why this Earth, where they died, earlier marked with the Star of David like Jesus with crown of thorns, will be the new Holy Land. chisinau-republic-of-moldova-1024x768In the Holy Land, the new religion will be born to help people to get out of the jungle. In the church will not be allowed to show Jesus on the cross and eating his body and drinking his blood. We’re not cannibals. This is Europe, not Africa. Jesus wearing a crown and the Star of David in the foundation of the tower in which will be the Control Center. Warsaw will replace the Vatican. With W as in my name and Wroclaw. It will not be possible to show the murders in the movies or in the churches. Jungle will be cleaned and prepared for changes in the Garden of God. The prisoners will be transferred from Europe to Siberia and there will built a new cities and worked for KERway. Their punishment will be reduced in proportion to the work performed. They will also be treated at medical centers in Siberia. In Europe, the new cities will be built next to the existing urban jungle That everything will be built quickly using prefabricated elements and new technologies (about this in another article). The current private companies will be working in the company of God – KERway and will operated in accordance with the established organization of production for the section of the works. Everything will be accurate and without problems. We’ll build a huge number of apartments in the high houses (I have sketches but I will not reveal them now). For every man will be characteristic in the database. These characteristics will perform the churches and the police. Everything will be sent to the Control Center. As a part of the purification of Center of Europe we will take care about the problem of emigration. Jungle allowed to emigrate all.450_001 Jungle does not want to help Africa to create jobs there. The animal of the jungle thinks only about himself and not about the problems that will result here in the future. We are not like USA in the Center of Europe. I am not against immigration of pretty women from Africa, but I am against the emigration of men who will soon transform Europe into the Dark Continent. I was wondering whether to write about this but this morning passed beside me a pregnant polish woman with her black friend. It is God who gave me this topic, as ever about men homosexuals in Wroclaw. In Moldova, the girl with whom I was, now is with a black colleague. When we begin to change, we will send to Africa migrants with their wives. There in Africa KERway will build flats and give them a job. We’ll make new colonies of KERKG and we will be there to help them get out of the jungle. I met up with black people also in Moldova, we cannot let problems just because we are afraid of the name of racism. 5938360Young Portuguese do not wants to be in Portugal, because he says that there their women prefer blacks. He wants to be in the center of Europe, and we will make for him and other young people from Europe, we will prepare such a center, that he will like, with black girls but not black men. Western European countries must be cleaned before being admitted to KERKG. It may seem funny to someone, but just in Moldova, I witnessed these things that are not funny. The boy from Africa meets a lonely girl with a child. Doing her his child and leaves for Africa. Borders in KERKG will be open but that does not mean that we do not know what’s going on. All will be inspected upon arrival of man to the area. Residents will have KERKG paradise and not the African jungle. KERway also will enter the Africa, just as it did the different religions that now need to be replaced. Ukraine, from which I am associated, fights. I have been associated with the girl from Mariopol, from this region, which is fighting. Again, God gave me the signal. Who is to blame? There are dying people. Guilty is a jungle, which now wants to introduce its system for all. The system, which is based on private property is a system of animal, outdated medieval system. Previously, Yugoslavia and now another areas. God does not give a man land on the property and the animals in the jungle cannot understand. There will be no Ukraine or Poland or Russia. Will be KERKG and we will speak the language that is understandable to the people of the Paradise given us to use for a short period of life on Earth. Jungle to KERKG will not enter. Just as the European Union sets out conditions for admission to its members, KERKG will present its conditions. Infection of the jungle moves quickly to the center of Europe and will be a problem with the treatment, with cleaning. I wish Europe to finally wake up. This my project is a great project that will give all of Europe enormous profits. We will go to all the continents. We will have colonies. USA will be our colony in America. I like the U.S.