Generally, judging, we’re animals. Some are closer, others farther from the race. Of course, an education, science brings us closer to humanity, but here are needed huge changes. Earth and what surrounds us is important. Something we see in the night – the stars. They are far away and have no meaning for us. We are part of the wildlife on Earth, which surrounds us and with which we are closely related. Further the gate is closed. We are not ready to open it. Outside the Earth there is nothing for the animals. But animals keep multiplying, and soon will not be space for them. What can we do – self-destruction? This is possible in the jungle in which there is no control. e7dd8498fafcf722b5b1c597a2ef77d7.jpgThere is no low. We have no rules, neither moral nor any others. Animals do not believe in God, have no religion, do not have anything that would allow them to believe in something what is outside the Earth. The animals do not need a religion. There is no religion that can transform animals into humans beings. The jungle the tell you there is freedom, but there is no freedom. How can you be free, if you interfere with the others. You are driving through with difficulty with increasing difficulty. And finally you can completely not get through. You’re closed, you do not have work. You’re a prisoner of jungle. You can only go out into the streets and shoot to others, or take drugs, or assault who is close to you, or get drunk into unconsciousness. tumblr_nemqxpfkLD1rh6gk6o1_500.jpgA complete mess. How does it in the jungle. India, China and other Asian countries have problems with population growth. It’s getting tight. You have to solve the problem. But animals have limited possibilities of analysis. Blockade in the sciences. They can only see what is around them. Further gate is closed for the animals! Jesus sent by God, carpenter, had as his objective to calm down animals that were not on the level of education  as the present animals. Jesus had the task to transform  aggressive animals into sheeps, obedient to the owner. Presented the religion, in which was the only one thing important. You must believe and not ask. Besides, you would not understand.  Jesus, the carpenter did not understand himself more and would not understand even if he would get more information from God. This religion was maybe useful in the Middle Ages. But now it is not only useless, but is an enemy to man (allows homosexuality and other bad things). And that is why will be closed! Secret service has the information exceeding the Earth sciences. They can not, however, pass on this information to animals, because they do not know what would happen.