To the Heads of States

Again, the tragedy in the school. Killed children and adults. God shows again, this time for President Obama, the need to changes in the American jungle. The U.S. is the highest level of development of the capitalist jungle. There, everything is already tolerated. Homosexuality, killers and a number of others. This assassin was  created by American jungle. Here, you can not blame anyone else outside the United States. Americans are happy and do not want anything to change. My project will never be accepted there, if Americans do not wake up. They are sleeping and seems to them that can not be better, that  their jungle is the only way of development. And this is their fault. I am writing about this in my articles you do not want to read. This is all controlled by God. He alone can not change anything. He can just only something to show and in this way to wake up Americans. Already gone too far with the approval of many opposed to God and the nature of things. I have sent a lot of my e-mails to the U.S.. No effects. They can not understand anything, because they are absorbed by the jungle. They are educated by the U.S. Universities. Universities, which convey the knowledge in accordance with the rules of the jungle. And that’s why God has no exit. They do not want support me here in Europe. I wanted it all to start later this year, but I see myself, that it’s still too early. Waiting for the next tragedy signals designed by God. Not only the atmospheric but have shocking horror of murder. The shock must be as big as ever. Maybe it will wake Obama and others. Maybe they will start to read my texts and will help me to enter my project to the implementation as soon as possible. The project is the only possible solution. Many times, repeated that working for God, who accepts my proposal. I was sent to the Earth to perform the job. Like the others before in history. I just want to act. It turns out that it is all to early. Americans need more tragedies to eventually support me. They are the vanguard, and without them nothing will go forward. God will force them to understand that what I write about. How many more tragedies need before they will understand? I do not know, and they also do not know. If they could predict! In the jungle you can not predict anything, because in the jungle there is the freedom for all. Freedom for some means death and disease for others. Arrangement  is abnormal. Just as abnormal is the acceptance of gay marriage. Who can change something? Who may agree to show the others  my project. Only Obama. He is responsible for everything. He may decide. Waiting for Obama. If Obama and the United States will accept something, others will go after them. Then will accept it Europe, and consequently Russia. Obama needs to understand that he has a great chance. He can to do something for the future of Europe and later the future of the World. Why there are no such tragedies in Russia and the new countries of the European Union? Because God chooses only those countries that are needed to push my project. God do not need at the moment Russia. Putin is waiting for Europe and the USA. Russia is sick and will be even more ill because of diseases, which were brought to her from Europe and from the USA. I am looking at the photographs and read that Obama cried. Here you can not help crying. You have to support my project. Only then God will help him and stop tragedies, which, I think, will be continue with the participation of the United States. I hope that Obama believes in God and then believs in himself. Not vice versa. Self-confidence he needs. Like earlier Polish pope, is so far only an actor. Cry? The U.S. is not a stage for the next presidents. You have to do something. You need to replace the jungle with the garden. Pope has changed nothing in the Catholic church, though he could do something. Is Obama the first black president who is going to do same – nothing? I no longer have the strength to ask for the support of the boors in Poland. They are waiting for Obama. These are the people from the countryside. Boors. So they were called by the creators of Polish Romanticism. They are shepherds. They are not interested in the future of Europe. Even if God would brought them tragedies, similar to those which occurred in Europe and the U.S., they will only wept and will not be looking for something that has to solve the problems of Europe, Russia, and further of the whole world. God knows this and gives signals where necessary. I did not know, why recently I have hair longer and dispelled.  I reminded myself a portrait of Mickiewicz and Slowacki and understood. They wanted the liberation of Poland. They suffered. It was in this very period, predicted that Poland will perform one day with the idea, very important. This idea will win. In this way, Poland, and the nation will see its position, that  have never had in its plaintive history. Everything was and it is in the hands of God. God will decide what to do next. After this tragedy, God is waiting for action from the United States. Tragedies come from the jungle. These signals force the U.S. to accept something new. It must begin in the heart of Europe in Poland. I can not start it without the support and help of Obama. Well, it would be good if President Obama support my project. This is the only way to finish the tragedies in his country.

God bless the United States and President Obama!