Jungle man is unable to understand that what I’m still writing. A man of jungle can understand only jungle. This is what I am writing, so I if were write about life on another planet. That no one cares. The jungle human being can not suddenly turn into a man from the garden.This man can understand only small transformation. I propose substantial, dynamic changes. This is a revolution. This peacefully can not be done. But it needs to be done. It is not possible to cross this barrier. Too high you need jump. The jungle man’s mind is not educated to the point. His mentality, his ability to the distinction between what is good and evil is limited so much that he immediately rejecte my project. Brought up, trained in jungle universities is mentally limited man. He is incapable of understanding and accepting something so new. 292290__91306.1350039734.380.500.jpgExit from the jungle. Fly to another planet. He is also unable to come up with something really new, exiting out of the jungle. This is why, despite of the, it is necessary to change the jungle garden. To liberate him, that man with the restrictions, and slowly transform him in a garden human, human of free and thinking freely, without limitations, the open space and the open, not locked mind. Clean the jungle, remove part of the plant, that interfere, hinder the development of other useful for humanity. These plants just you need temporarily move to Siberia and treat them there, help them. Then when you give the plants an healthy living space, they will be the engine of the development of Europe and Russia. Jungle educated people who are all doing well only in the jungle. Jungle educated homosexuals, corruption, criminals, people thrown out on the streets, beggars. Jungle, evolved human into the animal, which is not able to think like a man. Jungle caused a mental illness. These people are afraid of change the jungle in the garden. For them, the jungle is something normal and garden something from another planet. Homosexuality and other diseases is freedom, and I propose something abnormal. For the human of the the jungle my project will never be normal and never will be accepted. My mailbox rambler, from which I could send a lot of letters, was locked. I do not have access to the Internet. UNHCR in Moldova also blocked me. I was not given a ticket, as other refugees. They did not give me money, as opposed to others. I have to leave. My passport is holding man who allowed me to stay at home, when I ran out of money and then expelled me to the streets, taking earlier passport and documents. Demands thousand euro. I complained to the police on the street in Bulgarian, in Chisinau, but I know that will not do anything without international pressure. I want to leave from Moldavia, take care of some sort of job to earn money and win back a girl from Moldova – Romina. I do not earn a thousand euros here. My hands fall down. bond-girls-picturesI see no point in my work here. I never convince people of jungle. Too early. I shall die earlier, somewhere on the street, as a beggar, in the jungle. I tried to show for people of the jungle what is bad. Knights of the Cross and the Sword, who eliminate all weeds and move to treatment, to Siberia. Raised by jungle, believe only in the jungle. And can not be otherwise. They have never seen the garden and they will never see it. Blockade of minds. Blockade of everything. You can just go out into the streets and shoot. Otherwise will not understand that something is going wrong, something you need change. And so, my theory and my project will be stopped indefinitely. I lose only my time and life given to me by God. I do not have anything. I do not have my girlfriend – Romina. Only something very dramatic, something very drastic, can get away the jungle human from lethargy. Something like that, what did the Norwegian used by God. Can not see any changes. They keep sleeping. Coat with a cross. It was as if announcement of my project. The action of God without any result. Everything has been the same. The jungle is a medieval organization. People gather together to defend themselves against other wild and against animals. Then, capitalism was born and does not want anything to change. Capitalist jungle is a form of outdated and unnecessary. Blockade of everything. God does not want human from the jungle on the other planets. God is waiting for change. Mentally ill human being can not leave of jungle.

To be continued or not.