What role does the man in the Garden of God.Man is neither plant nor animal. Man is something more than these two species. Man is neither plant nor animal. Man is something more than these two species. God has created man that he by using his brain develop himself, and further created new technologies, new inventions, which finally will lead to space flights to other planets. Man, like plant gives fruit in the form of children, but also gives the fruits that stem from the brain and using of other elements of the body.descărcare (5) Children are the fruits that parents look after till the time when children are mature. Here it is not just about physical maturity. You’re a man, not a dog or any other animal. You should know that your fruit – children should also ripen mentally, as well, as it is only possible to acceptance by their brain. You can not say that you have given them all the if you are a man of no education and you know nothing more than a dog about life. If you do not have a huge knowledge, and you can not pass on to them more, it’s your job to take advantage of other people, just like a tree roots dating back as far as it can to get food for itself and its fruit. You’re obliged to look for food, for the development of your fruit – children. Your task is to find teachers, books, etc. Your task is to show, from where they can learn. You can take advantage of of other services. Such a place is a school service for example. The school deals with many children, and is not able to give adequate development for your child. We shall change the school methods in the future. Children leave school and do not have this knowledge that are able to accept. We can say that these fruits do not reach fully maturity. They may be physically mature because it is made regardless of the participation of others, and depends only on food, but they are not mature mentally. descărcare (6)Mental capacity of your children is your task as the task of tree, which bears fruit. If you can not give your child as much as needed, because you have not received it before, you should take advantage of other opportunities. In KERKG it will be everything you need for children to receive a maximum of education and physical development. Physical maturity, and particularly healthy body, is also part over which you need to work. There are different possibilities to ensure proper physical development of your body. One of these is sport. Your duty is to ensure proper development of your physical body and for your children (fruits that you born). Your duty is also your mental development. Improvement of the mind, gaining maximum knowledge that in aftermath create, born inventions and new solutions suitable for development. Fruits of your mind can be in the future seed for the birth of another, more-developed technology, new inventions. And in this way, is going the development of the World. In Kerkg will it be very fast, because what am I going to lecture you is a part of a new religion. descărcare (4)In a similar way Mohamad probably explained. Islam, however, is already outdated religion and therefore like other religions of the World will be replaced by this new religion. This new religion and a new system, the project, which will replace capitalism, the EU and the jungle, will radiate from the center, where, in Warsaw, will be high tower, reaching for the sky and looking for a relationship with God. The development will be the faster the sooner will be born the fruits of your mind. The development will be the faster the more mature physically and mentally will be your children. They further provide greater maturity for their children. Women in Islam do not need to be covered. Just that they will have a sign on their clothing and it will ensure their safety. Nobody touches. It was necessary in the old days maybe but now it’s funny. Man will not be a slave of another man. It is against this new religion, which I am giving for you gradually explanation. If you do not fulfill the obligations for whom we have been creating, you do not try to reach, like the tree with its roots the food (the knowledge of our mind) and you do not try to issue the best fruits (children), you commit a crime against the laws of God. God, the future owner of the Garden, expects from us a new organization on the planet. Jungle with the whole evil, which it produces, we have to liquidate. Your duty is not slave labor, which you currently are doing for his Lord. You’re a slave and that you can not hide. You work because you have to eat in order not to die. Work does not give you pleasure. It is not the aim for God has created you. You were born to give fruits, not for your Lord as a slave but for God. images 45The aim for you is to give fruits, which have the seeds of development, so as is doing this every plant of the Earth. This is the only way of development of the world. Such a development and the system is the essence of the project – KERKG. Knights of the Cross and the Sword will controll the observance of the laws of God in KERKG. The main task of the Knights will be control over the people. They will help the sick individuals find the right path. Patients will be directed for treatment to treatment centers, individuals incorrectly-developed mentally and physically to the centers of physical development and learning. Such activity associated with the new religion will be stimulating the development of the world. Man (slave on the Earth) is now lost (does not give fruits he might give for God) and do not know how to help himself, in contrast to plants that give fruit. Plants and animals are of the lower order. From man God requires something more. The man has to find a way out of the Earth and move there if it is possible plants and animals. Not everyone can be a genius, however everyone should strive to maximize the development of mental and physical maturity. I appreciate the Arab images (13)countries and their religion but that what I offer here is new and improved. This will replace your outdated religion. Allah has sent me to help you. I have many people in the LinkedIn from Arab countries and from Iran. Perhaps they know it (have predictions) and are waiting when I will start this project. It is not enough to wait, you need support me, everywhere wherever possible. I believe that soon I will explain further elements of KERKG and we will begin.