I have understood everything today. Burgas city of God. Yesterday I went so far into the sea as never before in my life. If I get to that place and come back I will be Russia’s Tsar. That’s what I said. I could say that I will be the king of Poland because Poland is in the center of Europe but I did not say it because I no longer want to have a crown on this Jewish cemetery. That was the direction I was going to see yesterday.

This morning I understood everything but some things I will not reveal because people will read it. I have no time and place here to give all the data related to my life since I started learning Russian in Poland. This relationship with Lenin. This Russian woman from Mariupol and this landmark point. This is not about Poland. Mickiewicz was not about the Poland we have now.

Mickiewicz was not born in this country. Fryderyk Chopin was not born in this country. Mickiewicz was concerned about the Tsar of Russia and about a system that was bad. Pushkin was also about the system and about the tsar. That’s why I was there in Moldova where Pushkin was and now I’m in Burgas where he was and was Mickiewicz. But here’s not what’s at the moment. It’s not about democracy. This is a system that is directed against people. This is a return to the Romantic period, but with the Pole on the throne in Russia. Wieslaw but in Leningrad, not in Warsaw.

The Duchy of Warsaw was and it was these times but the tsar was not in a position to rule. Lenin prepared it all for me. They liquidated the Tsar with his children and now I can easily be crowned in Leningrad. In Moscow, I was even baptized in the Orthodox church and it was in 2008. Everything is arranged. Mickiewicz confused me and I walked in the wrong direction.

​It is important that I came to Burgas and understood everything here with the help of Mickiewicz. It was about connecting the Slavs and we will of course do it. He was about a Pole on the throne in Russia. Stanislaw August Poniatowski gave Poland to Russia and was then in Grodno. I was there. That is probably enough for today. It will have to be translated into Bulgarian Cyrillic and, of course, and above all in Russian. I will give the Duchy of Warsaw to the Grand Duke of Russia and Wlodek Putin if he wants to.