The fact that Angelina, contrary to the law of the jungle, has taken care of the baby, has long been shown on the internet. world-premiere-gala-screening-of_5013596I like what she did. It’s at the beginning of this I explain. It is in this way that you must start fighting the jungle.

This is not what some people are doing, for example, to steal money from the bank. Steal property belonging to another animal. world-premiere-gala-screening-of_5013596Here the jungle property rights have reached their apogee. Man is the property of another man. Slavery. Angelina is a woman chosen by God for me and everything that Angelina has done is in accordance with God’s law on earth. IMGPostLarge-2017-03-Marco-15-583x363I do not think that somewhere, in some other case, it broke the law of God.

Angelina is as pure as a real angel. He is pure as an angel of God in the Kingdom of God. Angelina-Jolie-Wearing-Black-Boots-March-2017 (2)At this moment, hell is here, but you have to act in such a way as to clearly show those elements that are incompatible with the divine laws. Angelina-Jolie-Wearing-Black-Boots-March-2017I already wrote earlier that the child is not owned by another person. The child has the right to the best development in KERKG. z21516585qangelina-jolieThat is why he will receive such a teacher and tutor who will be able to impart the maximum of skills and thus prepare him for creating the most possible good things in KERKG. externalOnly in this way you can lead to the rapid development of the world. So in KERKG this jungle property  will be completely reversed. Parents will not care for their children.

They may look after but it is not their right. This is not their private property. The next action of Angelina is meeting with the head of the church without a bra. 2017-03-21-2017-03-21_124526The woman has freedom in KERKG and in the present system there is no freedom and we see in reactions. IMGPostLarge-2017-03-Marco-15-583x363People who are still animals require that other people stick to the rules of the jungle. Outside there are animals and they are right. angelina-jolie-saved-new-love- (1)There is no freedom in this system and it can not be undone, because animal reactions are sick compared to the reactions of people in KERKG. 2017-03-16-6But it is necessary to show what the woman chosen for me by God did. Bravo Angelina. I need you Angelina.  I do not know what’s going on in the US. Brad wants to come back again.

He probably understands that this is about something else. Childcare. This will be completely changed  and he does not have to go back to Angelina for this reason. world-premiere-gala-screening-of_5013596I am against. I am God and I need Angelina. I will not do anything without her. 2017-03-16-3Not just in bed. All opponents will be treated in Siberia. What all this is sick and so complicated in this hell in the USA. externalI also have some problems in recent days. I do not eat and I make a complete change in appearance. Angelina-Jolie-Wearing-Blue-Roland-Mouret-Dress-March-2017This topic I wrote today but tomorrow’s idea over the sea, because today I will sleep normally. Some disturbance. 2017-03-21-2017-03-21_124508What’s happening. All this must start as soon as possible in London. These are lectures.You have to destroy it all because it is sick. I know Angelina can do it. She is under the protection of God.